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What: An antiaging body moisturizer.


Who: For all skin types.


Why it works: This head-to-toe hydrator offer all the benefits of a face treatment for your entire body. Exfoliating unbuffered glycolic acid and antioxidant kinetin growth factor promote cellular renewal, regeneration and microdermabrasion, while antioxidants green tea and rice phytic acid protect against free-radical damage. Intensively hydrating glycerin leaves skin soft to the touch and super supple.



What it contains: Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-25, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycolic Acid, Glyceryl Laurate, Butylene Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, C12-15 Alkyl Lactate, Triethanolamine, Glyceryl Caprate, Sodium Phytate, Kinetin.


What it doesn’t contain: Fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens and preservatives.


How to use it:

-Massage a generous amount over neck, chest, arms, elbows, legs, knees and other external body skin.

-Can also be used on face as a moisturizer.

-Reapply as often as desired or needed.

-Avoid eyes, nostrils and mouth.


Proven! Our team of chemistry whizzes has analyzed this product’s label claims, and the ingredients that deliver them. Here’s the science behind why it works.


The Claim: Exfoliates

Ingredient: Glycolic Acid - The alpha-hydroxy acid present in glycolic acid helps remove flaky skin cells by dissolving the gunk that holds them together on the skin. Read study.  


The Claim: Reinforces Lipid Barrier

Ingredient: Glycerin - Used commonly as a moisturizer, glycerin helps prevent water loss and improves skin softness by acting as a humectant, meaning it attracts and retains water (read the clinical study).

About The Brand: VMV Hypoallergenics

Family-run VMV Hypoallergenics’ simple and safe formulas, featuring meticulously studied ingredients, are the only products out there validated as hypoallergenic and backed by clinical studies. 

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  • Really nice product by Leahmichelle

    I use this on my body and have used it on my face. I also use the re everything face cream now but at first I used this product a couple times a week and built up to using the re everything cream in my face about 2x a week. I now mostly use it in my arms, chest, neck, and back to exfoliate and moisturize as needed.

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