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What: A deep-cleaning, non-foaming cleanser made with natural clay. 


Who: Great for normal, oily, combination and mature skin types.


Why it works: We normally don’t think of clay as a cleaning agent (last time we checked it was actually dirt), but this formula is astounding proof that it works. A combination of pink and green clay, it penetrates deep into the skin to pull dirt and oil from the pores. Meanwhile, DMAE helps to firm and tone, and vitamin C ester protects delicate skin from free radical damage. Win-win, and win again.

What it contains: Aqua (Water), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocopolyglucoside Tartrate, Sodium Cocopolyglucoside Citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum (Polysaccharide Gum), Tetrasodium Edta, Montmorillonite (French Green) Clay, Montmorillonite (Pink) Clay, Dimethlaminoethanol (Dmae), Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester), Edta and Citric Acid.


What it doesn’t contain: Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrances and Dyes. Not Tested On Animals.

How to use it:

-Shake bottle first, as product may separate naturally.

-Massage small amount into skin for 30-60 seconds; rinse.

-For external use only. If skin or eye sensitivity occurs, rinse immediately with water and discontinue use.

Proven! Our team of chemistry whizzes has analyzed this product’s label claims, and the ingredients that deliver them. Here’s the science behind why it works.


The Claim: Cleans Pores
Ingredient: Green Clay - Powerful absorbers, clays naturally attract substances (like that icky goop in your pores) and suck them up into a single layer, which you wash away when you rinse it off. This cleanser uses mineral-rich French green clay and pink clays, both proven to kill bacteria Read study.


The Claim: Firms Skin
Ingredient: DMAE - Short for dimethylaminoethanol, it's been proven to strengthen the collagen and elastin fibers that make up the skin’s support structure, helping skin stay taut. It also supports water retention, which means firmer, plumper, and more moisturized skin for you! Read study.  


The Claim: Combats Free Radical Damage
Ingredient: Vitamin C Ester - 
Our little citrus friend decreases free-radical damage induced by UV rays—a nasty process that breaks down collagen and elastin (your skin's support structure) and causes pre-mature aging Read study.

About The Brand: Bayberry Naturals

Seeking non-toxic products for her babies, Nancy Liddell kept coming up short. So the new mom created Bayberry Naturals, a line of all-natural skin and hair products wooing babies and grownups alike.

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Customer Reviews ( 6 )

  • Pleasantly Surprised ! by kimber59

    I'm a 50-ish Beauty Sage Panelist with normal to combination skin type. I used this in my nightly routine for over two months. It has a slight scent that is rather herbal/medicinal, but not unpleasant. A quarter sized amount fully covered my entire face & neck, & was easy to massage on my skin (don't forget to shake it up). It felt cool and rather tingly, and rinsed off nicely with water and my hands, or sometimes I used a soft washcloth for gentle exfoliation. I did notice in about one week that my skin looked really fresh, like new skin, & as I used it more, my pores did seem to reduce in size. I can't say if it firmed my skin or not. One problem I did notice was it caused my face to sting a bit if my skin was excessively dry. I remedied that by spritzing it with Phyto pH Opt. Rest. Toner. It calmed the skin on those times. For this reason, I would not recommend it to those with very dry skin. Otherwise, I recommend it, had visible results, & since the price is great, probably be ordering more soon.

  • Decent, But Caused a Breakout by kiaratb

    I'm a 30yr old female living in Virginia and am also a BeautySage Panelist. I have pretty normal skin that doesn't dry out easily. I have a usual cleanser that I put aside to test this product out. A little goes a long way with this! After gently rubbing in, it appeared that it immediately mostly "absorbed" into the skin. It easily washed off and left my face feeling somewhat smooth, clean, and soft. However, after 3 days of use I began to break out around my nose so I stopped using it. I've never experienced breaking out from trying a new product before, so this was new and alarming to me. I don't know if I'd recommend this to people who break out easily, since who knows how it'll interact with your skin; it seems to be hit or miss...

  • Good for Older Skin by Lucilew

    I'm a 55 year old woman who has spent QUITE a lot of money for cleansers, so the Pure and Smooth Clay Cleanser worked for me. I have very dry skin, so normal soap products end up drying out and even wrinkling my skin. I love the fresh scent as well. I don't know if I would recommend it for my daughter, who is 18 and has very reactive skin at the moment, but it works for me!

  • Bad reaction by Diamond Alexis

    I'm a 20 yo from Cleveland, OH with oily/combo skin. This was actually a nice cleanser (while it lasted for me). It didn't dry my skin out or leave my face still feeling greasy. Unfortunately, it did cause my skin to breakout around my chin. I had to stop using this product within a week of starting.

  • Lives Up to Its Claims by Robb1n

    This cleanser lives up to its claims. I am a 51 year-old Beauty Sage Reviewer from Ohio. I have very oily skin and this cleanser controls it very well without drying my skin out. It does leave my skin feeling very much firmer after I rinse. It actually feels like I've had a mask on but I only have to wash for 30 seconds. I usually don't like to spend a lot on cleansers, but I will for this. It's worth the cost.

  • Works Great! by Robb1n

    I am a 52-year-old from Ohio who has oily skin. This cleanser works great with oily skin. It doesn't dry your skin, but it really does make your skin feel firmer like after you've had a facial mask.

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