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100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil (Certified Organic)


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What: A certified organic, lightweight anti-aging oil that repairs and protects the skin and hair.


Who: All skin and hair types.


Why it works: Naturally high in vitamin A and E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil is an anti-aging rock star, used by women in Morocco for centuries to ensure supple, youthful skin and hair. It delivers a full day of moisture protection while softening and decreasing wrinkles with a high dose of plant squalene and healing sterols. Bonus: It also has proven antibacterial properties, making it effective for acne-prone skin. 

What it contains: 100% Pure Argan Oil.


What it doesn't contain: Chemicals, No Refining.


What else you should know: Though argan oil has recently become a sought after anti-aging ingredient in the U.S., this pure fruit extract has been the Berber's beauty secret in Morocco for thousands of years.

How to use it:

-Massage several drops of oil into skin daily.

Proven! Our team of chemistry whizzes has analyzed this product’s label claims, and the ingredients that deliver them. Here’s the science behind why it works.


The Claim: Hydrates

Ingredient: Argan Oil - A buzz-worthy ingredient that burst onto the skin care scene in the last decade, Argan oil is a fatty acid-rich oil derived from the fruit and seeds of the namesake Moroccan tree. While there's a laundry list of nutritional benefits when consumed, the verdict's still out on whether it's high Vitamin E content -- excellent for hydration and combating wrinkles -- holds up topically. A 2007 study did find, however, that a cream containing Argan oil effectively reduced sebum production, meaning it may be a good moisturizer for oily-prone skin. Read clinical study.


About The Brand: Shea Terra

Seeking out little known ingredients in remote parts of Africa, Shea Terra founder Tammie Umbel is on a quest to reveal and preserve the region's ancient skincare remedies, while sustaining local economies.

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Customer Reviews ( 16 )

  • Wonderful onHair! by Butterfly Bloss

    I love how this makes my hair feel and react to heat styling. Wonderful product

  • LOVE IT! by mybosley

    My skin is very dry. I use the argan oil under my moisterizer day and night. It really keeps the dryness away. Wouldn't be without it.

  • Love, love, love it! by jamieann73

    I have dry skin that is prone to eczema throughout the year, and was skeptical about how well this oil would work. Boy, was I wrong. It doesn't clog my pores and even seems to be helping the eczema improve. I use it in combination with Shea Terra's Black Soap and my skin hasn't looked this great in years!

  • best argan oil product by LaughingGirl

    I love this product. I use it all over - scalp and hair, face and body. My skin has become extra dry (I'm over age 50) and I'm super sensitive to fragrances, so I was thrilled to find this wonderful, natural product. 5 stars!

  • Argan Oil- Zeus of Oils by ckelly88

    Transparency is key. Everyone knows that moisture is the best preventative to skin conditions. And natural moisture is better than synthetic or manmade moisture. Argan oil is natural, the thinnest (that I seen), and most potent oil out there. I have used other Argan oils, and Shea Terra is by far the best. And seemingly the least expensive. Josie Maran is almost too thin and actually doesnt absorb as easily as this. Plus the is hand cold pressed, not expellar cold pressed.

  • Amazing and worth the money by Tialoren

    I love this product and it works so well on my skin. Having a normal to combination skin type, this Pure Moroccan Argan Oil hydrates and leave my skin feeling soft and healthy. I am so glad i found this site. I'll definitely recommend this product and this site to my family and friends.... sorry Josie Maran, you're just too expensive me.

  • Worth the money by maggie

    Moisturizing for my skin, and works well on my hair. Three stars because it made my face break out and smells odd. I am trying a new brand once this is gone.

  • Great Argan Oil by debrabeauty

    I'm 31 yrs old, with combination-oily skin and this argan oil has been a great addition to my nightly skincare routine. I've tried a couple other brands, including the more expensive Josie Maran argan oil and I definitely prefer this one. I use it alone, or I add a drop or two to my regular night cream and it makes my skin feel super soft. Would definitely repurchase!

  • very nice, slightly odd smell by sistersings13

    I have an oily t-zone, hormonal acne (I'm 33), mild rosacea, and some dry patches. This is a nice product for adding moisture and surprisingly, it does not look oily; rather, it absorbs. The smell is a little odd but it's pure, so fragrance is not added. I have not tried it on my color-treated curly hair, but I may do that since I have read some good things about argan oil on hair:)

  • Great Facial Treatment by Ashlynnonetree

    I am 26 years old with occasional hormonal acne and a physical outdoor job and lifestyle that does take its toll on my skin. I had never even thought of using Argan oil as a facial treatment, though I have been using products with argan oil on my needy curly hair for quite sometime. My boss, who is near 50 and whose skin looks AMAZING, suggested that I try Argan oil for my occasional hormonal acne outbreaks as it had worked wonders on her skin and her minor hormonal acne issues primiarly because it seemed to keep her own oil production better "in check". The brand of argan oil she reccomended was quite a bit more pricey than this brand, so I thought I would try the "cheaper" version to see if it gave me any benefit (I admit I was worried about "oil" on my acne prone skin). I have been using this every day now for a little more than a month and I have NEVER been as impressed by a facial care product as this. My skin is definitely clearer, the few cystic hormonal nodules I have had have healed much faster (within three or four days, instead of the few weeks it used to take), much of my sun damage and freckles have faded and the few lines I had around my eyes and frown lines on my forehead have softened immensely. My overall skin tone and texture seems more consistent and less oily in the t-zone. I like that I can use it occasionally with a retinol based product and not have to worry about things "interacting" or making something less effective (a common problem with other acne treatments and acne prone skin moisturizers). It also does a wonderful job of keeping my skin protected from the winter cold and wind. This product and the african black soap from this same line have become my "go to" skin products and have replaced several other exfoliants, cleansers and moisturizers and together have been so effective on my skin. It did take me a while to get used to the scent of the oil, not that it smells bad, just unusal, which keeps me from using this particular product with any regularity in my hair. But I only use a drop or two on my face twice and day and used this way, the odd smell is far outweighed by the awesome results I have seen.

  • Superb Skin & Hair Treatment by whitesquaw7777

    This has been my first experience with an Argan oil. I've seen different types everywhere but this is the only one I felt comfortable with purchasing due to it being organic and high-quality. If my face gets irritated from the cold weather, I smooth in a few drops and it calms things right down. I also like to put some in my hair, sometimes as a pre-shampoo treatment and other times to just add a little moisture after I've washed and styled it. I even use it on my hands and arms since we've had some pretty cold weather this Winter. It feels light, sinks in immediately. I've really enjoyed it.

  • Awesome Product! by Trixpuffs

    I have been using another brand of pure organic argan oil happily for a while before I tried Shea Terra's. That experience had elevated my expectations about argan oil as a beauty product. I'm pleased to report that Shea Terra's argan oil has lived up to my standards. I'm nearly 60 years old and my skin tends to be oily and it's sensitive/prone to break-outs. This product is not greasy if used properly. Argan oil is primarily for hydration. It is not intended to treat blemishes, therefore I do keep a blemish fighting product on hand for those times when it's needed. After cleansing I use one pump to cover my entire face, neck and decollete. For me argan oil has elminated the need for separate creams for face, eyes, and neck, so I like the money saving aspect of the product as well. I will definitely buy Shea Terra's Argan Oil again and I'm very happy that I took a chance and bought two bottles on the day it was offered at a special price!

  • beautysage#1fan by Irene

    not to dismiss the benefits of argan oil, as I'm sure it is an excellent product; however, it did not benefit my skin significantly. I will continue to use it for its beneficial reasons, but it did not help with breakouts nor is is light weight. It's quite greasy. Good under make up for a dewy look.

  • Perfect by Joanie

    I have tried almost every product out there and this is the best I have seen. I am 60 years old and my skin was starting to look thin and very dry. This product has given my skin a nice glow. It looks soft and plump now. I love Argan oil. I first tried Argan oil from a drug store that had so many preservative in it that I didn't want on my skin. Then I went looking on the Internet for an organic version of this products and very happy I found shea terra products. And the sage / you beauty site. Thank you!

  • Good facial moisturizer. by Dee

    I'm a 62 yo Beauty Sage reviewer. I have dry skin and live in the Pacific Northwest. I've used a considerably more expensive argan oil previously and can say that Shea Terra argan oil absorbed better. It has no scent and has a clean feel. I applied on my washed damp face at night including around my generally sensitive eyes for seven consequitive nights. My skin felt & looked well moisturized in AM without any sensitivity issue to eyes or skin. Shea Terra also moisturized better than the more expensive brand I'd used previously. I can't speak to long term benefit, use other than on face, or use other than at night, as the sample size limited my use.

  • Very nice by Marlaneal

    I have only been using this for 1 week. It is nice and light, my skin has always been difficult. I am 42 still have combination skin prone to breakouts and this product is very soothing. I have been using at night and after washing my face in the morning my skin is very smooth and soft.

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