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What: A sample box curated by Prevention magazine for better sleep.


Who: Anyone who wants to get more quality shut eye.


Why it works: Sleep is the world’s best beauty treatment. That’s exactly why Prevention Magazine is guest-editing this sample box for us. This set features five deluxe samples of products proven to help you sleep prettier—chosen by Siobhan O’Conner, Prevention’s executive editor and author of No More Dirty Looks—plus a redemption card for a free one-year subscription to Prevention. Sleep tight! 


What it contains:

1. Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist: “Don’t knock aromatherapy ’til you’ve tried it—this flower-essence spray really helps you unwind.”

2. Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call: “Moisturizers, CoQ10 and a truly non-irritating retinol plump your skin so you wake up looking like you had a facial.”

3. Shea Terra Organics Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Beauty Serum: “Packed with antioxidant-rich oils, it’s more hydrating than eye cream—without the stinging sensation.”

4. Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask: “Spot-apply this dry (split ends, frizzies around your hairline), let it penetrate all night and rinse in the AM.”

5. By Nieves The Balm: “A nightstand must-have that heals cracked elbows, chapped lips, ragged cuticles … the list goes on.”

6. 1-year Subscription to Prevention Magazine

About The Brand: BeautySage Sample Boxes

BeautySage is an online store selling only beauty and wellness products proven to deliver on their claims. How do we know? We put every product we sell through an intense vetting process that would make your high school chemistry teacher proud.  Whether you want samples proven to solve your skin concerns, or just want to try what our editor obsessions, we’ve got the perfect box for you. 

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Customer Reviews ( 5 )

  • Love the box by Kristennocera

    I absolutely love this box. It was worth every penny and can't wait for more offers like this one. Thank you so much!

  • nice items to try by lynmarsh

    I love the Balm, use it nightly, and will be buying this one. The hair cream isn't my favorite, but I don't consider it a sleep item either.

  • LOVE by michelepriamos

    I immediately bought the balm, and liked the eye caffeine! It really works

  • Love the kit! by smbrath2006

    I will be purchasing The Balm. A great all in one head to toe moisturizer.

  • Not impressed by Jenae30

    While I have not tried the Mind mist or the MD Wake up call, I did try the eye serum, the hair mask and the Balm. The eye serem smells funny and feels good going on but I didn't notice a huge difference in my eyes after using. some days it made my eyes itch. The mask didn't do much of anything to myhair. Didn't leave it as soft as i thought and fo rpeople who had really long hair, not sure there is enough. the balm...hmmmm It feels really good going on lips. but doesn't do anything. It is nice for a while but wears off quickly and I sure didn't feel like it repaired anything. I've used it a lot. I"m glad I was able to try these products before buying and it was a good deal. I would not purchase these products individually.

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