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What it is: A nourishing highlighting cream that lights up any complexion. 


Who: You want an easy way to add extra natural-looking sheen, and glow in all the right places. 


Why it works: Nourishing oils combine with crushed mica to give all skin types an added boost of radiance and enhance natural youthfulness. From brow bones to cheekbones, it instantly illuminates skin with a dewy, radiant sheen—wherever you dab it.


*shades may vary

What it contains: *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, and May Contain [+/- Titanium Dioxide CI77891 and Mica CI 77019]*.




What it doesn’t contain: Synthetic Ingredients, Artificial Fragrance and Colors, Silicone and Parabens.


All RMS products guarantee the highest grade of ultra pure ingredients and are manufactured using a process that avoids heating oils to high temperatures, so that all healing enzymes remain intact.

How to use it: 

-Apply sparingly with fingertips.

-Dab with a fingertip on the center of your eye lid, just above the lash line, to give eyes an instant twinkle.  

-Blend along the cheek bones, brow bones, and bridge of the nose or bow of the lips and watch your entire face light up.

-Mix sparingly with Un-Cover for illuminated coverage.


Additional usage: Due to the organic nature of this product, you will need to work past top layer of oil to reveal the shimmering mica particles. 

About The Brand: RMS

After a health scare revealed toxic levels of heavy metals and pesticides in her system (many of which were linked to beauty products!), world-renowned makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift created her own non-toxic makeup collection, RMS beauty, to showcase your skin’s natural glow. 

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Customer Reviews ( 13 )

  • beautiful finish by Anne Barnett

    Was using Armani fluid sheer, but want to use more natural ingredients. The finish is subtle but beautiful. With the Armani, you can instantly see where you placed it and it is too shiny compared to this. It is perfect for me and applies easily. If I could give 6 stars, I would.

  • A Glow For My Face by victorialchoo

    I really like this Luminizer and I now see why there is such a cult following for this product. It's very creamy and sort of melts into my face. The subtle but noticeable sheen looks so great on the face. This product is better than the W3LL People Universalist Luminous Color Stick #2 because it's creamier and a little more noticeable.

  • I like it by Samantham44

    I like it, but don't love it! Glad I purchased it though

  • Not what I thought it would be by LisaYelv

    Product was too greasy. I wanted it to highlight around my eyes but couldn't use it. Hated to have to return it.

  • Subtle Yet Significant by SpencerA02

    I had to buy this product after hearing glowing reviews on IntoTheGloss. First the pros: - Subtle; I can't really see it on my skin, but it makes all the difference in photographs and on camera and glows just enough - None of the usual glittery "shimmer" that comes with most highlighters, and perfect day and night - Great on the usual areas you'd use a highlighter - brow bones, above the cheeks, cupids bow, etc. - Lovely on lids for a "no-makeup" look (but beware of a "con" - see below) - Elegant and environmentally-friendly packaging Cons: - Pricey for such a small container (although it seems like it will last a while) - If my lashes hit it on my lids or brow bone (a real issue w/ long lashes), then my mascara smears on the skin - I think it's the oil in the product; even my waterproof normally unstoppable Dior Iconic mascara smears when it comes into contact w/ the luminizer

  • It's just okay by Stella1917

    I expected a little more intensity in the color. It barely shows up.

  • Love this by WHITEM

    I am totally sold on this product. I truly does brighten my whole face this the tiniest, little bit. The girls I work with keep saying that my clothes are making my face glow. I'll never tell my little secret. The smooth texture makes it so easy to use on other places than suggested. I like the look that it gives my collar bones. I am a breast cancer survivor. Reconstructed breasts are an adjustment and they will never be like your own but using Lunar just above my bra line and up toward my chin makes that area glow. That's very good for me. Thank you

  • Incredibly flattering by Leahmichelle

    I am obsessed with this highlighter. I use it daily on the inner corners if my eyes, the bridge if my nose, my cupids now, and the tops of my cheek bones for a subtle natural glow. It looks small but seems to last forever. I have had mine for a year, use it almost daily, and still have plenty if product left. I will definitely repurchase.

  • best product ever! by amandaferris

    I know some people have said this is pricey, but I think its worth it. Not shimmery at all, best for a great dewy highlight. I will never go back tto any other product again. All natural makes it worth the price.

  • very nice by Lara

    i have been hearing about this product for years and finally tried it from beauty sage. it is very nice and subtle. hard to use too much. it give s a nice sheer glow. it is pricey but still a good product. i don't know if i would re-purchase due to the price point but i would definitely recommend.

  • Luminizer is a great product by judyyack

    I really like how subtle, yet effective this product is. It really brightens my eyes and adds just enough shine without being shinY. I use a little for everyday, and a little more for a night out. Feels good on, too!

  • Lovely ... Too small for the money ... by DianeE

    This is soft and moisturizing. It is reviewed well in the first comment even though that one sounds like they have a personal interest in the company. I like it below brows and on cheeks. If you put it on lids it can crease a bit so do it lightly. The only drawback is that you need a lot to show up at all and this is a tiny package .. Almost like a sample size. For $38 it's not a good value...that's why only 3 stars here.


    I LOVE all the RMS products. The RMS Luminizer is sheer and gives you a natural and dewy glow. It is NOT glittery or shiny or greasy. And, like all of the other RMS products, it is totally natural with good for your skin ingredients. This products has won multiple awards including from Allure Best of Beauty and Best in Natural Beauty. I use it on my brow bones, on top of my cheeks, on my eyelids. It can be used anywhere you want a healthy, glowing look.

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