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What: A foot exfoliate product that will naturally peel the dead skin cells off your feet, leaving your feet as soft as a baby’s foot.


Who: Anyone that has dry, cracked, rough, smelly feet problems.


Why it works: Did you know that some of us can have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on our feet?! And regular pedicures, filing and use of a pumice stone or razor does not mean you’ll be able to remove these dead skin layers. Baby Foot’s gel-filled booties contain 17 different natural extracts that penetrate the dead skin cells and dissolve the Desmosomes (adhesive fibers) that are between those layers—allowing the peeling process to begin gently and naturally.



What it contains: Aqua(Water), Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Arginine, Parfum, Butylene Glycol, Peg-60 Hydrogenetad Castor Oil, Glucose, O-Cymen-5-Ol, Citric Acid, Malic Acid (Apple), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis(Orange) Peel Oil, Citrus Grandis(Grapefruit)Peel Oil, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil(Camel Grass), Nasturtium Officinale Extract(Watercress), Arctium Lappa Root Extract(Burdock Root), Saponaria Officinalis Leaf Extract (Soapwort), Hedera Helix(Ivy) Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage)Leaf Extract, Citrus (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Clematis Vitalba Leaf Extract(Clematis), Spiraea Ulmaria Extract (Meadowsweet), Equisetum Arvense Extract (Horsetail Herb), Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (Bladderwrack), Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract(Chamomile), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Tea Plant), Houttuynia Cordata Extract (Chameleon), Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Nitrate, Glyoxal, Disodium Phosphate, Linalool, Limonene. babyfoot babyfeet


How to use it:

-Each box contains one time use only gel packs. 

-Remove toenail polish, and wash feet thoroughly to remove lotions and oils. 

-Place foot in pack, secure with tape and place socks over gel packs.

-After an hour, rinse the gel solution off of your feet.

-After your treatment, your feet will feel highly moisturized.

-Starting around 3 to 5 days after your treatment, your dead skin will begin to peel away from your feet.

We suggest for you to use this product about every 2 months. Individuals with excessive amounts of dead skin on their feet might require a follow up treatment of Baby Foot within 1-2 weeks after their first treatment.


Do not use this product:

- If you are a diabetic.

- If you are pregnant or nursing.

- If you are allergic to any ingredients in this product.

- If you have open sores on your feet, or other foot damage.

- If you are using any other foot products.


About The Brand: Baby Foot

Saving soles since 1997, the Tokyo-based brand Baby Foot removes dead skin—so you can eliminate cracked, dry feet in the comfort of your home.

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Customer Reviews ( 359 )

  • Great to get rid of that dry and cracked skin on my heels!! by Pokedot

    I must admit that I was skeptical but now I am a believer in this product. I kept the booties on for 1 1/2 hrs. By the 6th day the peeling started and kept going up until 2 1/2 weeks later. It worked wonders on my heels. I still have some areas that didn't completely peel enough but all in all it did a good job considering how dry and cracked my heels were. I would purchase it again.

  • Average at Best for Tough Men's Feet by jgladness

    I didn't see any results early on. Eventually, it began to work. It definitely took off layers of dead skin on top of my feet and some on the heal and toes, but it did not remove the tough layers at heal and in-step like I expected. May somewhat of a difference, but didn't remove all rough layers as expected.

  • I love love love this product by lleslie001

    I bought this product to see if it would work! I soaked my feet for 10 to 15 minutes and a Listerine and vinger soak.. Put the baby foot on as directed. Took a shower to get it off, went about my business forgot I had used the product.. A week later I thought this stuff is not working.. I looked at my feet and saw al the peeling! Yippee I was so excited.. I love my feet now.. I have ordered the product for my son and daughter.. Now I got the the Nail Salon for a polish change on. I will forever use this product.. I'm sold.. For the people who did not not see results, I think they did something wrong. I'm waiting for my next one chemcal peel. Its 2 weeks today and I do have some peeling on the top of my feet. I'm following the instructions not the help it alone. Im thankful the product is around.

  • I'm a believer by Acoyle59

    Before I bought Baby Foot, I read all the reviews, watched the video, looked at the photos, read all the helpful hints etc. I was excited to try it for myself. I followed the helpful tips and after 5 days my hopes began to fade. I knew some users said that it took 4 or 5 days or even longer, but I was beginning to have my doubts. A week after I used it, My feet started peeling. They were peeling from top to bottom. It was like the photos. Later that night I soaked for about 15 minutes and then even more began to peel off. It has been almost 2 weeks now and My feel are still peeling a little. I bought 2 boxes, 1 for me and 1 for my husband. My husband wanted me to try it first but now he is ready.

  • MY FEET ARE IN LOVE by acaprietta12345

    This product actually works. It was amazing to see the old skin peeling off which looked extremely gross to the 3rd power. The prize was earning baby soft feet. My feet were pretty bad because of years of dancing but I will definitely use this product at least twice every quarter to maintain my newly discovered baby feet. If anyone is on the fence about this product don't because you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Best product for your buck! by acdo74

    Baby Foot is an amazing product. I only wish I would have known about this way sooner. I do my own pedicures religiously every two weeks, but nothing leaves my feet as soft and supple as Baby Foot. I have raved so much about this product and recommended it so much that I've gotten many other people (both men and women) to give it a try. As many other reviewers have stated, do plan accordingly because the peeling will last approximately 14 days (Although this may also depend on how much exfoliating your feet will need. The first time I tried the product, I was peeling for 3 weeks!). Once the peeling is done and the new skin is revealed, you will notice that your feet will look amazing, pedicures will pop and skin will be more even toned. After trying this product a few times, I've come to the conclusion that using Baby Foot twice a year is enough for me. Anything sooner than 6 months between applications is a waste of product (for me). So with $50 a year I can sport great looking feet. That said, I think the best times to apply are in May right before sandal season and then again in November right before any holiday outings/vacation. This is definitely my "Go To" product!

  • OMG--Best thing ever for the feet!!! by ctsanders04

    I first learned about this product on YouTube from watching a young African-American lady. I was very skeptic that this would work on my feet (I'm African-American too), but I ordered it anyway. I pay 35-40 for deluxe pedicures anyway, so I thought what do I have to lose. When I first out in on my feet I did not think it would work. Within 7 days my feet started peeling. I was amazed when I saw how the crusty old skin was just peeling off, leaving behind SOFT/SMOOTH skin on my feet. It did look gross, but I was amazed how they begin to look. I do Karate and it kills my feet, but I will be doing this treatment once a month to my feet looking good. I am almost tempted to stop going to the nail shop for pedicures. THANK YOU BABY FEET FOR MAKING A BELIEVER AND A NEW CUSTOMER OUT OF ME. IT WORK SO WELL MY HUSBAND WANTS TO TRY IT TOO. THANK YOU--I TOOK PICTURES OF MY FEET THROUGH THE PROCESS TO PROVE TO OTHERS HOW WELL THIS WORKS!!! THANK YOU--CHICHA SANDERS, MILLER BEACH INDIANA..

  • This product actually works! by cherri11

    Put the booties on Friday night, relaxed for an hour. Washed my feet and went about life. 4 days later the peeling started. I'm talking a nice deep peel that took off all the hard ugly skin that I couldn't even pumice stone away! The peeling continued for about 12 days. Yes, your feet do look pretty awful, but just wear shoes that cover your entire foot and you'll get through it. After the peeling, my feet look and feel soooo much softer. It's a breeze now to wash them and put lotion on, as it is able to absorb into my skin. I'll do this treatment again when my feet look like they need it. I highly recommend this product. Thanks for my pretty feet!

  • This product REALLY works! by simplycynthia

    I stumbled upon this product on one of the message boards I post to...someone had posted a message asking if anyone ever tried "Baby Foot." I was curious, so I clicked on the link to this website and read about the products and the reviews. I was sold IMMEDIATELY...purchased, and, within a week, I was baby footing away. I soaked my feet beforehand, and kept my booties on for an hour, more or less, followed the directions...within four days, my feet were peeling like crazy! To help with the peeling process, I did use a sugar rub (dry) and the peeling came off easily. I also used my callus shaver for the heels, and let me tell you, the heels of my feet have never looked or felt better. Seriously, try it. I get chemical peels on my face, and they work, so why wouldn't a chemical peel (this is what this product is) work on your feet?

  • AMAZING RESULTS!!!! by sandy95

    My heels were so deeply cracked....dried out....I was ashamed to wear sandals. I'd go get a pedicure and in just a couple days, the cracks were visible again. A pedicure was just a "quick fix." I never imagined there was a product on the market that could absolutely GET RID of those horrible cracked feet. Believe me, I was skeptical...but thought I'd try it. The booties were easy to put on, and I did as instructed and put socks on over them. I kept them on 1 1/2 hours, though instructions said one hour. Several other users said it worked better if left on for that time. After seven days, I saw no change in my feet...they appeared a little more "dried out." BUT on day nine, feet started peeling. I had started soaking my feet for an hour each night on day seven. And after they started peeling, I soaked them every night, and used a wet wash cloth to rub over my feet to remove the dead skin. It was a little gross, but the dead skin DID come off. My feet NEVER GOT SORE OR TENDER AT ALL..... never. I was surprised at that. It took about two weeks for the skin to peel (just a slight amount of peeling) on the top of my foot. I would say that the next time I do it, if necessary, I will wrap a cloth around my ankle. I had a reaction to the gel, and my ankles were extremely itchy....even had a rash. The gel really doesn't need to come all the way up the ankle. Even in light of this.....I would DEFINITELY do it again if I need it. My feet are SOOOO baby soft. I can't believe my heels....there are NO CRACKS and so soft. Someone wrote that the American version has salasylic acid listed way down the list of ingredients and the foreign original version is listed only 14th, so there is more of it. Not sure about the foreign version but the American version it IS listed way down the list. I just want to say again....this is a fantastic product....but just watch the ankles....that skin is more tender....might want to wrap something around them.

  • Baby Foot bucks$$$ by doriswilliams

    I have saved sooo much money, I would generally get a pedicure every two weeks for about $30. I have used baby foot twice since January 2014....and I AM HAPPY!!!! My son's girl friend gave me my first Baby Foot for Christmas 2013.

  • Finally, something that works!!! by Yeamon210

    This is the only product that has worked for me. I wore sandals to work for the first time ever!!!!! I have to repeat once a month but it works. If you have tried everything like me, you won't be disappointed in your results.

  • Amazing by alex_huguelet

    This is the most amazing product I have ever tried. Based on reviews, I soaked my feet for an hour and then wore the Baby Foot booties for an hour. 4 days later my feet started to itch and then peel. I was at a waterpark so my feet were wet. I think that is the key. You need to soak your feet for the skin to come off. They would peel every time I was in the shower or would soak them. My feet are the best they have been in years. Even the callouses on my little toes are better (although not completely gone). I cannot wait to do it again in two months.

  • LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! by pugmom7

    I've never written a review on a product. But I am so impressed with this one that I had to tell you how pleased I am. Baby Foot is a product that I will use for the rest of my life. I have dry cracked/bleeding heels. That was 75% of the reason I tried Baby Foot. 25% was wanting nice looking feet. I did not soak. I put my feet in the bags, taped them and put a pair of sock over the bags. I sat for one and a half hours. Rinsed off with warm water. Nothing. That was Friday night. Absolutely nothing until I got up on Tuesday. Dry looking skin on the top of my feet. By Wednesday morning I was peeling like a snake. I was so excited I took my shoes off at work and showed the girls in the office. Everyone was grossed out. I started using a loofa on my feet in the shower to help remove the skin. Friday at work the girls said they couldn't wait to see my feet on Monday. Come Monday...the big reveal! My feet looked AWESOME!!!! The girls at work were amazed. I plan on doing this about every 4 months or so. Now that I have nice feet, I want to keep them that way. Just make sure you plan on doing it during a time that you can kind of hide your feet. The peeling and flaking is really bad. I was afraid people would think I had a bad fungus. I have started using a foot lotion since my peel. It's called Epoch. You can find it online. Also great stuff. I put a little on every night at bedtime. I could be wrong, but I think this will prolong my results.

  • Awesome! by toristamps

    After reading the reviews, I knew that this worked differently on different people (time and experiences can vary). I've used this twice now... 1st time in the winter; 2nd time just before spring hit. I'll do it again come summer! I'm not really fond of big, huge peels, so I tended to pick, and made sure to scrub in the tub. It does a really good job of getting rid of dead skin. If you have really, really bad feet, you may need to do it twice - but be careful, because when you remove ALL the callous, your feet become VERY sensitive (the the point of hurting - think BABY FEET). Both times, I soaked (once with just water; once with a product called Pedi-Redi) for about 1/2 hour prior to using the peel and then left Baby Foot on for about 1.5 hours. It took about 4 days before I started to peel; and then it peeled for a good 3-4 days after that. Wear socks at night or your sheets will be NASTY in the morning. :o)

  • Never thought it was possible by jink

    I have had dry thick cracked heels that no amount of lotion and socks, scraping, or any other solution was going to work. I tried this as a long shot. I used it as an excuse to sit on the patio with a margarita and a book, and not be able to be disturbed. Worth the price no matter the results. I soaked my feet in plain old warm water for 30 min prior. Dried them and then managed to get my size 10.5 feet into these little booties. My only negative comment is if you have size 12 feet I don't see how they will fit in these. But my size 10.5 did manage to do so-no room left in the end after. The little tapes worked adequately to secure, since my feet filled the booties. I put woolly socks on over, just in case I needed to arise from my paradise. Left them on for an hour. Be sure to use soap and water to rinse feet. I tried just water, but a few minutes later I went to bath tub and washed with soap and water as skin was stinging slightly. No worse for the wear. Day 7 early morning-- no sign of anything going on. I thought, well it was a nice afternoon on the patio. took a shower that morning and WOW-my feet turned into a collection of peeling dried skin that continued for a week. Result the softest feet I can ever recall. I now am using nightly lotion and socks to see how long I can maintain this. I was a skeptic. But it really did just what it promised to do.

  • great product by kas3355

    I had read all of the reviews about baby foot and was eager to try it out. I was hoping that I would not be one of the people that write about it not working. I followed the directions exactly. Soak feet for an hour, dry them off, put on the booties for the time shown on instructions, and then washed and dried. Nothing, I mean nothing happened for the first couple of days. I noticed some mild peeling after about 4 or 5 days. Didn't put on socks, big mistake because I woke up the next day with a lot more peeling! After about 4 days the process was over. My feet were so soft, it also peels skin off between toes. No discomfort. Love this product, my personal recommendation is-----PUT ON SOCKS as soon as you see the first signs of peeling.

  • This product is amazing! by Petey Parker by peteyparker

    I use this product quarterly and for the first time in years I'll allow my feet to be shown in public!!!!

  • So surprised and sad by kathhubba

    I ordered two; for my daughter and me. From the reviews we read, we expected nothing but total success, so we were really surprised that neither one of us experienced anything but light peeling/flaking around our toes and edges of feet. I left my solution on for a hour and 15. She left hers on for an hour. She soaked every day for 1/2 hour, I did not. I can say we both did the procedure in slightly different ways with little results. We are both SO dissapointed!!! We were looking forward to some really gross peeling because our feet (mine mostly) are really calloused and harsh looking. Will we try again?........we're discussing.

  • Very cool! Gross...but very cool by jlgansen

    It worked very well and 3 weeks later, my feet are still baby smooth. Highly recommend this

  • Finally!!! by Prettyleodia

    About five years ago the bottom of my feet became soooo scratchy, rough and with cracks on my heel. Some pretty painful. I have tried the usual methods, pedicures at home and a salon, salicylic acid creams, special egg shaped scrapers. The cream worked ok, better than the rest as it lasted longer, however my feet would always get gross again. I finally ordered Baby Feet after several months of debating. Didn't know if it was worth the hype! I had some extra cash last month so went for it. I am glad I did. My feet didn't peel as much or as smoothly as some of the photos and it did take about six days to happen. I had to help the process along by massaging my feet after a soak. A month later and my feet are normal! There are a few spots that could use more work, but overall I am very pleased! I may order another one if my feet get beat up this summer.

  • Great Product by cirogers

    I soaked my feet in hot water for a half hour before using the booties. The tape they give you is insufficient - I used packing tape around my ankles. Hint: Go to the bathroom before you use the booties because you cannot walk in these things! I left them on 1 1/2 hours - I had pretty calloused feet. It took about 5 days for the peeling to start. Peeled for about 2 weeks. They also peel off excess cuticle, so your next pedicure will be faster - won't have to cut off too much excess cuticle or use their scrubbers on your calluses. Do this well before any event where you will be wearing sandals! I will definitely do this again.

  • Miracle gel by staceykelly46

    After having 2 kuds 18 yrs ago i noticed my heels were getting dry and started to crack. I tried pumice stone,ped egg, acid by perscription, razors, cheese graters. You name it i tried it. My feet would kill me sometimes i could hardly walk. I was lookibg on the internet and came across baby foot. I figured i would try it just like everthing else. I thought it wouldn't work. To my surprise it did! OMG its only day 6 and sooo much skin is comibg off. I am shocked. I am recommending this product to everyone. Thank you.

  • Love, Love this product! by jackjoeymason

    I go for pedicures every 3 weeks and even though the soles of my feet are not terribly calloused, they had some cracks at the heel and side of big toe. I used this product with a recommendation from a friend but was skeptical. I was amazed after 1 week to see how the dead skin just flaked off. Now when I go for a pedicure, I am always told how soft my feet are and that they are in such great condition. Bring on the sandals!!! I am ready!!

  • I'm ordering my next kit! by annerstanner

    It worked so well the 1st time, I'm ordering it again for this spring! My pedicure girl can't get close to the results I get with this...

  • Meh. But FUN. by geekygranny

    This is the first beauty product review I have ever written. I have now used product 4 times at 4-6 week intervals, and do not get the spectacular results mentioned by many here. Also, even when it does work, I re-calloused significantly within a month. Read to the end to get the “secret” that had me give it a 3-ish score instead of a 1 or 2. My heels are calloused enough to have some cracks, callouses on ball of foot and side of big toe, age 61, foot size 6, I do not run around barefoot. The first time I did it exactly by the instructions, nothing happened for 5 days, then the skin that was NOT calloused started to peel off, ankles, instep, toes (except side of big toe) places I was not worried about. Those places were wonderfully soft and smooth. Pretty much had no effect on callouses or cracks. 2nd try, using hints from these reviews. I soaked about 45 min, duck-taped the booties around my ankles, left the product on for hour and a half while I sat., soaked in hot water every other day or so. Still no result until 5th day. And again the whole duration of peeling was not more than a day or two and nothing much happened after that but this times PARTS of the callouses and cracks started to peel on my heels, but a little on ball of foot or side of big toe. Weird. 3rd try. I had to admit the process of peeling was kind of fun in a gross way, like peeling a sunburn back in the days before sunscreen, so I tried again. This time (by now $75 of product), again soaking first then leaving on for hour and a half, I started to get pretty good results, MOST of cracks disappeared or diminished and heels amazingly soft. Peeling started day 4 but still only continued for about 2 days. If it hadn’t happen by then it didn’t happen at all. Encouraged, I went for 4th try a month later. By then I had a suspicion that the one thing in the instructions I HADN’T done, which was “don’t peel the skin, let it peel off by itself”, might be important. Following THAT direction produced a dramatic result, though there is no way to determine if this was due to it being the 4th treatment, or the “letting it peel by itself”. I managed to leave it alone, and lo and behold, REALLY big pieces of thick callous came off by themselves, very impressive. Minor peeling continued for a couple of weeks on top of foot. The depressing thing is, it’s only 6 weeks later, and the cracks are starting to come back. Nevertheless I’ll probably ordered again just because it’s fun.

  • Baby Foot by platowilli

    I followed the instructions, wearing the booties for an hour. After four days nothing had happened. I read other reviews recommending using the product for two hours, soaking feet first, etc. and thought maybe I should have tried that, because it appeared that nothing was going to change. The next day the peeling began without any assistance from me. It continued over the next several days and when it finished my feet were smooth, callus-free, and all that rough and sharp-pointed skin was gone. Miraculous!

  • Best Product Ever by Irisdawn

    I have a circulation problem with my left leg/foot. This causes me to have dry cracked heels that split & bleed. This is painful and embarrassing and pedicures even weekly have done nothing to resolve it. I have tried it all, vaseline & socks, other products, pumice stones, name it. I read about this product in a beauty blog and while I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try. I did not follow directions about soaking my feet. Even so, within about 5 days the skin started coming off the soles of my feet in sheets. My right foot is now smooth as a baby's foot and totally without callus. My left foot has some residual callus. It hasn't been quite 2 wks but I realize that the incredibly poor condition of my left foot & the fact that I didn't follow directions are jointly responsible. What I do believe is that a second application will totally remove the callus from my left foot. It has been 20 years since I injured that leg and the callus began. Baby Foot is the only product that has actually helped. So, to the nay sayers, I wonder if their foot condition was as bad as mine?

  • Sceptic by st4350363

    But not any more! My feet were hopelessly crusty. then three days later when I was taking my socks off after coming home from work all these flakes fell out...Cha Ching! It was working and kept on working for the next 5 days or so. I will buy it again for sure and have sent boxes to my daughter and daughters-in-law.....sorry, but bye-bye to the local spa I frequented where a pedicure can cost $40+

  • Amazeballs! This really worked! by mrs_goatman

    Yep, I was one of the skeptical ones when I read about this product. I have to get pedicures at least twice a month, otherwise my heels painfully crack. For the cost of a pedicure, I figured, why not? A friend of a friend had tried this, but otherwise I didn't know anyone who'd actually used this. I soaked my feet in warm water about fifteen minutes, then applied the gel booties for an hour. It was cold and squishy! I rinsed my feet, than waited. On the third day, I noticed my first peeling, then it took off after that! The entire process was completely painless, otherwise there was NO way I would have done this. And yeah, I totally picked at the skin even though they tell you not to (that was the fun part!) I expected the thick callouses on my heels to peel a little more than they actually did. I did a couple heavy-duty at-home exfoliations, and followed up with a professional pedicure a few weeks later. I then purchased the "Healthy Feet Anti-Callus Salve" and have been applying that daily and covering with socks. My feet have NEVER looked or felt better!

  • Shrug.... by Sharonrose

    I followed the directions - including soaking before application. After 5 days my feet began to shed dead skin - BUT - it did not affect the callouses on my feet, and that was the reason I bought this product. So - yes, I am disappointed.

  • buy this product! by teamthomas

    I used this product two weeks ago in preparation for a vacation in Mexico. Admittedly, my feet weren't awful, but they could use some deep exfoliation. Within four days of donning the booties, my feet started to peel...and, they kept on peeling in various stages for the next week. Two weeks later, after using the product and walking around in only flip flops for an entire week, my heels are ridiculously baby smooth. Do not hesitate to buy this works!

  • I still can't believe it really worked! by Gruntswife

    I have terribly dry skin and calloused feet. This is probably due to the fact I rarely wear shoes. My heels are cracked. I've tried pedi egg products, sandpaper, soaking in all sorts of concoctions, you name it. I bought this product but did not have high expectations to be honest. I followed the directions to the letter to be sure I would get a result if one were to happen. As stated, nothing happened for a few days. I figured oh well, add it to the list of things that didn't succeed for me. I did see some peeling on the sides of the top of my feet, and a little on the arch for a while. Then about day five, I looked at the bottoms of my feet and noticed what an improvement there was! I also bought this for my adult son who has had an awful time with some unknown skin problem he came home from a deployment with. I truly hope it makes some type of improvement for him as he has also tried everything on the market. Thank you for the quick ship of this product and please, please, don't stop carrying it as I will be purchasing it again in the future.

  • Baby Foot by suz

    I did not care for this product. It didnt work for me but the company gladly refunded my money.

  • Oh I HATE this ... by nettiebelle

    Every place I go, I leave flakes. I have used a pumice stone but it just keeps peeling. Not only that, I peeled some skin that I thought was dead skin and it was good skin, so now I have a huge sore on the bottom of my foot. I am thankful I only used it on one foot or I would be going through this double. I won't ever buy it again. Coconut oil is better for my feet and I don't leave snowflakes everywhere I walk. I am sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer but I really REALLY hate this stuff.

  • Neato & Yukky at the same time by drmerri

    Well, I must admit- I saw a similar product on TV then read reviews where Baby Foot was mentioned... Don't know anything about the other brand, but I'm very happy with my results with Baby Foot. I don't have yukky feet, but thought, "Why not?" before sandal season. I couldn't believe the amount of skin which came off my feet- mostly the soles & insteps... so surprised! Even the tops of my feet flaked (as opposed to peeled). I went for the 1st pedicure of the season & he (my pedicurist) was wowed!! Really happy with the results... I have learned NOT to do this so close to sandal season- my feet were so warm in enclosed shoes during the warm temperatures. I'm thinking right after (1st day of Autumn) sandal season, another right before (end of February) sandal season. I have found the perfect girlfriend (although guys can benefit, too) gift!


    I've probably written three reviews in my entire life. The only time I write them is when a product is REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD. If it falls somewhere in between, as most of them do, I don't bother. My feet (from childhood) were a disaster ... huge calluses that were hard as rocks. Every three weeks, I'd soak my feet in a warm, soapy solution for a good 15-20 mins to soften the skin and then I'd literally take a single edge razor blade (encased in a safety device) and shave off layers and layers of skin. Needless to say, I was extremely skeptical when Baby Foot said it would take five to ten days to see the peeling start. I thought .... 'yeah, right!' The ONLY reason I decided to spring for it was because of all the fantastic reviews I had read here. I put on the booties on a Tuesday, washed/rinsed my feet afterwards, checked out the feet to see if anything was happening and nothing was. I then forgot all about the feet figuring I'd wasted $25! Would take my daily showers and notice no peeling UNTIL the following Tuesday (one full week later) and man, the skin was coming off in SHEETS. My feet are now softer than they've been in 50 years and I am sold on this stuff. I'm ordering another kit right after I finish this review so that I have it on hand when needed. If you have calluses on your feet, BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  • great buy by khaliquesmoms

    I have to say it did exactly what it said... WARNING it does take about 3 -4 weeks after initial application for the ASHY look on top of your foot to go away..

  • Unbelievably Happy by EvaLee

    This product WORKS.....I sat in the Booties last Wednesday Evening for about 1 1/2 hrs. Today is Monday and my feet started peeling. It is awesome. My feet feel and look so much different already. I am looking forward to them peeling more in the next week or so. I WILL most definitely be purchasing more of this product. My feet will never look and feel like sandpaper again, not, as long as this product is on the market. I have spent hundreds of $$'s trying to get rid of the sandpaper feet and NOTHING ever worked. I used potions, lotions, ointments, salves, scrappers, acidic gel, callus cutters, pedicures, EVERYTHING known to man, and then I FOUND Baby Foot, Foot Exfoliate. My feet will Never, Ever look TERRIBLE and FEEL TERRIBLE again. It's a must in my home from now on...... ;))

  • Didn't believe it for nothing....and now... by PrincessPoetres

    ....I will get the Baby Foot Peel and do it every two months or so. I swear by this. I don't understand ANYBODY saying that this product didn't work. I HAD TONS OF SKIN COME OFF...and my feet haven't been this soft since I was like 10! I also have noticed that my feet are softer...even weeks after. You can best believe I'm sold and hooked on the Baby Foot Peel!

  • A must try! by Ladlerlewis

    Unbelievable results. I was afraid to leave this on my feet for 60 minutes, and only left them in the booties for 15 minutes. However, still got amazing results. Fortunately, I ordered 2 boxes and will definitely follow the directions this time and leave them on full 60 minutes My feet haven't been this soft and free of scaly, dead skin for decades. Better than any pedicure I have ever had!

  • Aaaaahmazing! Finally, a foot softening product that ACTUALLY works! by goldenlox

    I RARELY write reviews or highly recommend products, because I'm the kind of customer who actually expects products to live up to their promises in advertising. (Is that too much to ask?!) I have a real issue, and take great offense when I've been bamboozled by a product that is best used as a paperweight. I'm not a fan of companies that over commit and fall short when it comes to proving itself. This. Product. WORKS!! Although you do experience the storm before the calm (intensive skin peeling), that's exactly what you expect and are prepared for...and it's worth every flake of peeling skin. The end results are the smoothest, softest, most beautiful feet you'll experience since birth! I'll NEVER let a nail technician use a pumice stone or any other unnatural method to beat my feet into smooth submission again! Baby Foot is the only product for me from here on out, and I can recommend to friends, family, and colleagues with complete and utter confidence, knowing that the end result will be complete user satisfaction (happy feet)!! No need to look any further. If soft, supple, moisturized, smooth feet are what you're looking for, Baby Foot is what you want to use. Period. Point. Blank! Enjoy!

  • Try it ! by Reneebennett

    Try this product! While my feet were not terrible, they did have dry skin and some thick skin on my heels. Seemed like regular pedicures were making them more dry. It took almost a week before I saw peeling and I should say I wasn't sure it was working. I never saw sheets of skin or extremely visible peeling but did notice flaking skin and that the skin on my heels was peeling off. I also used a foot file after my shower after a few days to speed up the process. Didn't even realize just how how much it worked because I didn't see the sheets of skin but wow after a week and a half my feet were sooo soft and my the hard skin on my heels was almost completely gone.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by martaimorales

    I am so happy I happen to see this!!!! It is truly an amazing product and I ordered for my partner and have told my sister!!! Exactly what it states to do!!!! Like every one else I was not sure it would do what it said, but I was proven sooooooo wrong!!!!! Try it, try it, try it, you will not be sorry!!!

  • Really Works! by Loueman

    I am a cynic by nature, but my feet are SO bad and reviews were so good that I had to try. Soaked on a Monday and by Friday my feet were flakey and beginning to peel I began soaking them every night and then giving them a good rub with a coarse cloth. This helped expedite things and NOTHING went without peeling, even around my toe nails. It is a bit disgusting for a few days but then .... wow - could these be MY feet?! YAY!

  • AMAZING by Bubbles3

    I'm a huge skeptic and would not have even thought about purchasing this product IF my close friend didn't tell me. My feet were I terrible condition! The peeling was disgusting but I could immediately see the beauty! I did a a second time and I do have 'baby feet' The person that made the comment about her feet looking worst than before is LYING! No way! Perhaps English isn't her first language but the instructions were clear, ' leave on for 1 hour' NOT TWO, so perhaps not following through on directions is the reason she isn't satisfied with her feet. The directions also state that this DOES NOT help with callus, so she should not have been 'SURPRISED' when her callus were still there, smh!!! Dull Read the directions CLEARLY OR GET A TRANSLATOR! And use common sense! Realize that each pair of feet are unique!

  • Absolutely Awesome! by ddcompton

    I followed the instructions and immediately had peeling between and under my toes on day 1. Slept in socks and notices a some flaking in the morning. I soaked my feet day 2 and the flaking got intense. I wore socks again to bed and when I removed them day 3 my feet looked like they were molting. Not wanting to go thru a couple of weeks of shedding I soaked again and cheated a bit by rubbing my feet with my hands while soaking and the skin rolled off in great sections with the friction. I repeated over the next couple of nights and with the rubbing while feet were in the soak~ BAM...done and 2nd kit already ordered for my next foot peel as I garden and can't seem to keep my shoes on. LOVE me some Baby Foot. Thanks telling all my family and friends.

  • Still AWESOME! by happyathome

    I forgot to mention, I don't waste money on pedicures anymore. Baby Foot saves time (travel and waiting) and money. Besides, no pedicure ever did for my feet what BF does!

  • AWESOME! by happyathome

    EVERYTHING positive you've read is true! I read 50 or more reviews and watched several you tube video reviews before my 1st purchase. When I started the soaking and watched the snake skin shed, I immediately ordered another box. Now, I keep a box on hand so it's there when I need it, Three things that I learned, from other reviews, after my first treatment : (1) soak your feet about 15-20 before. (2) Keep the booties on for two hours. (3)MOST IMPORTANT FOR EARLIEST RESULTS: soak feet everyday for 15-20 minutes. I do 30. Prior to Baby Foot, I had to wear socks to bed to keep from cutting my husband with my feet. Now, I rub them on him just because I CAN!

  • amazing... by debmcleod13

    i was pretty sure this would work, but i had no idea how well it would work... i soaked my feet for half an hour before i used the booties, kept them on for an hour and a half. then waited. on the 3rd day, the skin on the tops of my feet was a bit flaky, but nothing like i was expecting, so i decided to soak my feet again... oh. my. god. a week later, my feet are still peeling, my dried out, yucky heels are smoot... i soak my feet every night for a half hour in warm water and then rub them dry, losing layers of dead, dry skin... i cant remember the last time my feet were this smooth and soft. i am ordering 6 more, for friends. this is the best product i have ever ised on dry, dead skin. i cant wait to do it again. !!! womderful.

  • Was skeptical, not anymore! by HCharles

    I ordered this product with much skepticism. I got my boots, wore them for an hour, took off the boots and starting the waiting process. At day four I figured I'd wasted $25.00. But then day 5 came - holy cow my feet started shedding like a reptile! I was peeling off huge hunks of skin for about 3 days. I finally ended up soaking my feet in water and rubbed them with my hands. The rest of the skin came off. I was shocked at just how well it worked. I am hooked!

  • Gobsmacked! by Jewelz

    I was EXTREMELY skeptical about the product and it sat for almost a month before I finally broke down and tried it. Colour me impressed because I amply shocked when after a few days, my feet began to peel. I actually forgot that I'd done the treatment and initially wondered what was happening to my feet. Naturally, my feet didn't peel exactly how it was depicted, but I understand that everyone responds differently. I'm a little gross and would sit and peel the skin off, but in between, I'd use a damp towel or an exfoliating glove to get to the finer skin that was peeling from the tops of my feet and ankles. This product definitely shouldn't be used too soon before a special occasion, but is definitely good for preparing feet for the summer or a vacation in a warm climate. I've already recommended it to friends and will be purchasing more as future gifts.

  • Results less than dramatic by awalkerdesign

    First of all, product claims to work in 7-10 days. It was at least 2 weeks before any peeling started to occur. The skin came off in uneven patches and did not even affect the calloused balls of my feet. I ended up having to file off the rough patches and some parts of my feet are as rough as ever. DON't WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • Good God! Works but be prepared.... by Madugas

    I donned my booties ten days ago, in preparation not just for summer but for my wedding and honeymoon which are going to be at an island location (yaaaaa!). After reading various reviews from this site and others I put them on with socks on top and settled in for a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey leaving them on for two hours total. I patiently 3,...4... I saw some dryness on day 5 and decided to soak my feet because a review I read said that this could help the sloughing process. Holy balls - did it ever!! My feet have been peeling for days now....they are ragged but the skin revealing itself is smooth and pink. Beware I would NOT do this during the summer or directly before an event you are planning to wear sandals it well before! My wedding is in 20 days so I'm hoping that all this hideous dead skin is gone by time I get my pre wedding pedicure!! OH!! Also, because it's winter and I'm going to a tropical location I'm tanning.....I have discovered the new fresh skin is easily burning! So be warned of that sensitivity also....and the gel in the bootie did not just stay on the bottoms of my squished up all the way around my ankles so I'm shedding from my ankles all the way down! Thank god it's still cold here so all this is covered up with shoes and socks! I'm not saying I won't do it again but definitely not until next winter.

  • Cannot believe this product!!!! by carol campagna

    I have always been pretty much of a "skeptic" when it comes to "miracle products"...."if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is" sort of person. But, I've also always been one who is willing to try anything once! So, when I read about Baby Foot Exfoliate , I researched it a bit on my computer. Being a retired nurse, I knew that glycolic acid, which is in the product, is not harmful and is often used in varying strengths in face peels. So, I decided "what the heck, try it once". I have had dry skin on my feet all my life, so dry that my heals usually crack and cause pain. I have pedicures every 3 weeks, but by the end of the first week after one, my feet are back in their usual shape...dry, cracking and painful. Being a South Florida girl all my life, "closed shoes" are not in my vocabulary. I wear sandals year round, even in our "2 or 3 day winter period of maybe 40 to 45 degrees", it's sandals for me! So, I used the "booties" on a Friday night, exactly as instructed in the package. By Monday...nothing! By Tuesday, nothing! Well...when I woke up Wednesday morning, I was shocked at the peeling process taking place! OMG!!!! It's like a snake shedding it's entire skin! Unbelievable! By Thursday evening, the peeling is still going discomfort is a bit weird to look at, and certainly not attractive at this point, but SO worth it! The areas that have already peeled are so soft, so smooth, light baby pink like they should be....not dry, whitened and cracked! I AM wearing socks around the house to "contain the shedding", but otherwise, absolutely amazed! I have gone online and ordered more of the product to have on hand for future peels already! It will be interesting to see how long my feet stay looking so nice, and next time I would definitely soak my feet in water first to soften up the skin and help the product absorb better....also might leave it on 15 or 20 minutes longer than the 1 hour recommended next time, depending on HOW dry the skin is. Today, 1 week after application, the bottoms of my feet continue to peel off and the tops of my feet are peeling a little....never realized how much "dead skin" was up on TOP of my feet until now either! Everyone in my family who has seen the "peeling in progress" is also amazed and I think we might have a few more "converts from skepticism" among us now! Thank you for making this product available and reasonably priced....cheaper than a pedicure even! I will DEFINITELY be trying it again in the future when needed! Carol from South Florida

  • Great Product by moondncr3

    This was fabulous! My foot look much better. I wish it gotten my heels a little better which is the only reason it's a 4 and not a 5.

  • Answer to my prayers by gmpoliskey

    After years of money spent on lotions, scrubs, masks, ped-eggs, and whatever else you can imagine I found something that works. Not only does it work its works better and easier then anything I've tried. I have had issues with my dried, cracked, calloused feet for years. So much so that I won't get pedicures and won't wear sandals in the summer. This is the first year I am looking forward to being able to do these things again. I have only used this product once but plan on using it regularly from now on. After one use my feet look like they did years ago when I was younger. So happy to have found something that does everything it says!

  • 2nd time around....Fabulous by ksan30

    I bought this product originally in January. My heels needed a peel. They'd been hard, cracked, and scaly. Enough had been enough. After reviewing the product on YouTube, I purchased it. Followed the direction and Voila! Feet started peeling within 3 days. Feet were much softer and less scaly and cracked. However, the long winter months of wearing heavy boots had proven a challenge for this product. About a month later, I tried my second peel. All I can say is great job! Feet started peeling sooner (2 days). They were done within a week. Now my feet are baby soft and smooth.

  • FABULOUS FEET by jbplanken

    I bought 2. My daughter was the guinea pig. Her feet started peeling after 3 days. I tried a week later, it took about 5 days for me. Note: lotioned my feet/ wore socks everyday due to my feet feeling dry. My daughter wore shoes with no socks. Her feet started peeling sooner than mine. (Friction?) By the 6th day my feet were peeling like crazy. This product works really well. You have to be patient cause it is different for everybody. Well worth the $$. Ready to order again. This is easy & sure beats soaking and using a pumice. Can't say enough...

  • Does What It Says by ABallow

    It does what it claims to do. My feet aren't bad, I like to pamper them often and especially give them a little extra love between Winter and Spring because I don't get my pedicures as often due to the snow and very cold weather here on the East Coast. My feet started to peel 2 days after treatment and continued to peel for a week and actually are still peeling a little today which will be going on the second week. The soles of my feet feel a little softer, but nothing amazing. The skin on the top of my feet however do feel smoother to the touch. It definitely deodorizes, and exfoliates so for that I have to give it five stars. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to give their feet a little extra love, if you need or are looking for a miracle though...podiatrist maybe?

  • Great Product by teammaj

    This product is awesome. It did exactly as advertised. My feet started peeling within 5 days and all the callouses and roughness peeled right off. They are now baby soft and I am thrilled. I soaked them before applying then soaked in bathtub about every other day. It worked perfectly. Will be ordering again for my husband!

  • worn hard feet - Made NEW! by memyself&I

    I am a firm believer in this product. I am the type of person with thick sole feet, running barefoot - yet I have resolved to daily care of my feet in the last 5 years. After using scrubs, scrapers, professional pedicures, sanding boards & every softening cream & oil known to man - This is the 1st product to toally take down thick old dead skin and return my feet the the newness condition that truely feel like BABY FEET. I am now ready for sandles & foot rubs without embarrassment! Thanks BeautySage - Please DO NOT quit selling this product. (I suggest Pure Murula Oil (African Botanicals) after peeling begins to seal in - new skin moisture & follow up with( Active Repair) - "Babytime" coat .Do this directly after each bath. All 3 products can be bought from BeautySage. I am not connected with marketing - merely have found a solution for severe feet issues.

  • Product is ok... by ADRIENNE

    I have bad feet also, so this was definitely something that caught my eye. I decided to try it based off the reviews because I had nothing to lose. It did exactly as stated, started peeling about 2 days later for about a week. But my feet weren't baby soft afterwards. I would recommend this to others but I probably wouldn't use it again. I guess I just have really bad feet.

  • Heaven Sent by chichi

    First I have to say I'm a born skeptic when it comes to beauty products, especially those online. But OMG!!!!! This product actually works just as the website says. For me, this product is heaven sent. I'm a diabetic, so my feet are absolutely disgusting. Hard and very rough skin. The results that I got from Baby Foot are the same results I get when I get a pedicure. My normal pedicure routine : 2hr foot soak to soften them, then scrapping /cutting all the dead skin, then a 20min paraffin treatment. Please keep in mind that this process is done every 2wks. Baby foot alleviates that who process......thank goodness. My new regimen is now baby foot once a month and my feet are beautifully soft.

  • What a feeling! by heatherhammer

    I read a review online and thought "too good to be true?" To my amazement, it was just as described! Feet began peeling on Day 4. Two weeks later and they are still oft, skin is even and much more appealing...Time to order again! Thanks for a great product!

  • My New "MUST HAVE" product by msNYC30

    I love this product!! I even recommend it to my family and friends. After two weeks, my feet are still soft. No more scratching the technician's hands with my heels :)

  • WONDERFUL! by Linda Crowder

    This stuff is amazing! My left foot started peeling after 4 days. My right foot didn't start peeling until 8 days, but when it did, it all peeled off in 2 days. My feel feel sooo soft. I will definately use this stuff again.

  • Love it! by ckahuena

    Made my feet look way better. I am more confident to wear sandals now.

  • Baby Foot Peel by tchris5615

    This product was effective in removing the callouses and dead skin on my feet. I will definitely order this product again. It's amazing how much dead skin I peeled off my foot but it was actually fun, it grossed my family out lol. I loved it! My feet are soft and smooth & I keep them mosturized at night with socks and vaseline. I make sure I get a pedicure every other week.

  • Did not worked for me by erichardson2005

    The only parts of my feet that pealed were the tops. My heals did not. I am going to give it one one try. Someone suggested I leave it on longer....I will give it a second shot.

  • Happy Feet by llacrette

    This product is so amazing. My feet are beautiful again.

  • Unbelievable Results! by LZEE1272

    Baby Feet delivers exactly what it promises! I have always had pedicures done, but since being Dx with Multiple Sclerosis they have become a nightmare. My feet literally have a mind of their own anytime someone touches them. My feet had so much dead skin and I dreaded having to let someone give me a pedicure. All that has changed since trying Baby Feet. After only 1 treatment, my husband was amazed! He said they looked 100% better. It has been two weeks and I just did it again yesterday, because of really bad callouses on the ball of my foot. I can't wait for the peeling to begin again!

  • Baby Foot Foot Peel by santamariaranch

    I think I ordered my first Baby Foot around Thanksgiving. Eleven days after using it I immediately got back online with Beauty Sage and ordered 4 or 5 more. I...N...C...R...E...D...I...B...L...E!!!!!!! I have tried everything on my heels and nothing has really helped except a grinder. My heels have thick tough calluses (a fungus actually) that cracks and can be very painful. NOTHING, i repeat NOTHING has ever helped them until I used Baby Foot. I am no longer embarrassed to wear sandals and am looking forward to pretty summer feet. The peeling on my feet does not begin until the seventh day. After that it is just a whole bunch of fun going on watching the skin come off. Learn from my mistake and don't try and pull the loose skin or for some reason it will go too deep. Guess that's why they put that info in the warning! I am so in love with the benefits of this product that I have given two away as bday gifts! Order right now, don't think twice, do it! You won't be sorry!

  • Worth it by Lizbit

    This product delivers as promised. It takes time, so be patient. After using the product, it took about 4 days to start peeling. During the time before peeling, recommend against using any lotions, even though you might want to since your feet will feel dry. But resist that urge if you can because it will delay peeling. Once the peeling started, it really started. I wore socks to bed to capture the peels and used a washcloth in the shower to gently rub off the dead skin. Do not recommend picking it off. Let it fall off on its own. It never hurt nor felt uncomfortable. The bottoms of my feet peeled first, then the tops. After about 12 days it was done and my feet were softer than I had ever imagined. All callouses on my heels and big toe were gone. I used lotion for the first time even though I didn't really feel I needed to. I used this product in late Winter, in advance of the toe-emerging/sandal-wearing season and now my feet are ready for The Grand Reveal! Plan to use again and again!

  • it really works! by creativegirl

    i used this product on a Sunday night and by Wednesday I still wasn't seeing results. I wasn't too worried because I had read reviews that said it took a little while for it to start working, but by Friday morning, I was still not seeing anything. Then Friday night when I slipped out of my socks, low and behold the peeling had begun. It continued to peel for several days. Don't make the mistake of trying to peel stuff off yourself. Let it happen naturally and maybe after your shower when the skin is soft, use your towel to help buff the dead skin away. I cannot even begin to tell you how soft my feet were, the thickest calluses were gone, any sign of cracking on the heels - disintegrated! It's amazing. I have to say if you are single or in a committed relationship then the gross nature of your feet for a few days won't matter. But be forewarned you probably don't want to use this stuff if your feet are going to have to be on display to the world or in flip flops, cause it's pretty gross when the skin starts peeling off. But the end result is totally, totally worth it!

  • Not as good as I hoped. by QASS

    I saw this reviewed and thought it might help my feet. As a man I don't normally care about this kind of thing but my heals get so cracked and dry sometimes that they hurt. I was hoping to get a good peel and be able to start fresh in an attempt to keep them from getting so bad. For most of my feet it did work pretty well, but I think this was designed for smaller less crusty feet. Maybe if I had purchased two and poured all the stuff in one set of booties it would have worked better. I got minimal improvement.

  • recommend 100%! by krastentee

    i'm a regular pedicure-getter but i never do the callus removal (i'll NEVER let anyone get at my feet with the scary callus shaver) but my feet always felt rough the second or third day after the pedicure. so this seemed perfect. i did as instructed, and sure enough, after 3-4 days my foot started peeling. it took about 3 days for the entire bottom to peel off, but it came off! (and was kinda fun to peel!) i've already recommended it to my friends because i stand by this treatment. i can't wait to do it again. (though i don't think i'll have to for awhile)

  • Wonderful!!! by DaCosta, L

    I ordered and used this product one (1) month ago and my feet still feel wonderful. I liked it so much that I've just ordered the product again for my husband. I plan to use the product once a quarter, just to keep my feet ready for the next pair of sandals or trip to the beach.

  • Wow by harden92

    Take it from this skeptic... the peel works. I left it on for 1 & 1/2 hours on a Tuesday... on Friday morning I got out of the shower and had huge sheets of dead skin peeling off. It's a bit gross, and you'll want to peel the skin, but don't because some of it might not be ready to come off. Wear socks during the process, or you'll be sweeping the floor constantly.

  • Money well spent! by lharper136

    I originally bought this for my sister as a Christmas gift: she's on her feet all day & I thought she'd like something to pamper her feet. She used it the week it arrived & she's pleased with the long term result. I bought one for myself & used it this past week. My feet are still peeling a little bit but the calluses on my heels are already smooth! I'm no longer embarrassed of my feet-now I can wear sandals without worrying about any ugly callouses.

  • Oh my god! by mtroy713

    Soaked, left on for an hour, soaked again, rinsed. Nothing for 3 days. Then after showering on the night of day 3 my entire foot peeled off. Kept coming off in smaller pieces for a few more days. It's been a month and the calluses haven't come back yet. I want the hubby to try next!

  • Ok not great by janetfred

    I had a few areas that were minimally calloused/rough/dry and this product peeled "around" those areas. Soaked prior like instructed but did not totally exfoliate as suggested it would. I thought these products were tested prior to being sold on this site. Otherwise it did make my feet softer but I think another application would do it.

  • Love how soft my feet are now!!! by angallen232

    I absolutely love this product. It worked great. My feet were dry and I had thick skin but no callouses. My feet are now so soft and so smooth. They look 10 years younger too. The skin all over your entire foot peels. I could not be happier with the results. I already bought a new box so that I can have one ready at the beginning of summer. I really just need to get pedicures for the polish only now.

  • AMAZING by kathy1024

    This product did as it promised . I thought I took pretty good care of my feet . It was easy to use and did indeed make my feet "baby feet"!! I highly recommend and will continue to use in the future.

  • WOW by brendamitchell5

    I took a nice hot bath, it was to much trouble for me to get the foot bath out to soak my feet, after sitting for 1 hour and fifteen minutes I sat on the tub to rinse my feet I did use soap. after 1 week nothing happen, thinking another product that don't work, a waste of money. oh boy was I wrong, 3 days later, the bottom of my feet was peeling like crazy. I was amazed. I did not know it peels the top of your feet to. I have two callouses on my right foot, although the product did not remove them, so skin came off and they are a lot softer. I can walk in heels again. the skin that fell off look like that paper tape used on shipping packages. I am 57, my feet look like they did when I was 30, and I cared about how I looked, my feet are soft, soft. I am going to order two more 1 for me, 1 for my husband.

  • Will buy again! by ValerieP

    I was anxious to give it a try after all the reviews. I must say I was not disappointed! I followed the other reviews and soaked my feet about an hour with a bath and then slipped on the booties. It didn't burn or sting like a facial peel does. After 1 hour I removed them and washed the gel off. This was Friday and by Wednesday my feet started peeling...and is Saturday and they are done! I soaked in tub and used a good exfoliant and hand exfoliation and they are super smooth. I will do it again in another month. I really don't want the tops of my toes to peek again so I will be more careful on placement of booties. My it, you won't regret it!


    OH MY GOD! This stuff has been a God send to my feet. It took one week before it started working on my feet & then once it did, the skin underneath was truly like nothing I had ever seen on the soles of my feet since I was in my 20's. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I saw you ad in Allure magazine for this stuff. I was VERY SKEPTICAL that it would work, and I am here to tell you I am eating my words now BECAUSE IT REALLY DOES WORK! Get it and you will see for yourself.

  • I'd do it again! by Jocee

    I followed the directions exactly and didn't do any prep work that others did. Nothing happened at all for the first 5 days and then....bam....sheets of skin were flying off the bottoms of my feet. Of course, peeling will occur wherever your skin comes in contact with the gel, so I had peeling all the way up to my ankles. After about a week, the peeling subsided and left my feet feeling smooth and even. It's fascinating to see different area peel more than others, not because of the gel exposure but because of the build up of skin. I would highly recommend this product and I would definitely do it again.

  • I don't think it works by phunkychikk

    I am on my second round of this. I waited a month. The first time, despite soaking and following the directions, only the tops of my feet peeled and not the callouses on the bottom, which of course are the reason I bought it. So I read a few other reviewers stories and tried it a second time. Again, the tops of my feet are peeling like crazy. Now my heels are too, thankfully. But nothing else. Should I try it a third time? It's getting pricey!

  • Disgustingly AWESOME by sandiedbella

    The sheets of skin coming off of my feet starting around day 5 were amazing! I will be a repeat customer. Nothing...not even the best pedicure...has removed as much dry skin on my feet as this product!

  • Definitely Worth It by tangerine03

    While I didn't experience the extraordinary results I hoped for, I did see a huge improvement in my feet. After a long winter, my feet were worse than they have ever been, especially my heels. I soaked my feet in warm water and epsom salt for 20 minutes, then wore the booties for about 2 1/2 hours. For the first 3-4 days, I soaked my feet for another 20 minutes in warm water and epsom salt. After a couple days I noticed areas starting to peel, and after a week huge areas on the bottom of my feet were peeling off. The soaking definitely helped to get things moving. It has been two weeks since I started, and my feet are pretty much done peeling. The tops of my feet got dry and flaky but never actually peeled. The entire bottoms of my feet peeled, but I do still have calluses and some rough areas on my heels. Overall, my feet are still much softer and in much better condition then before. I am planning on trying this again in a week or two, and am hoping that now that my feet aren't quite so bad I will see the "baby foot" results.

  • Mind = BLOWN. Sooooo worth it! by mlbaskett

    One application of Baby Foot costs $25, which is more than most pedicures, and it does so much more. I wish my experience had been as dramatic as my boyfriend's - I bought two applications and we did them together on the same night - and neither of us started peeling until a few days later. Soaking our feet each night for about 10 minutes seemed to help speed the process once the peeling began. It was unbelievable, the layers and layers that came off! And there was no discomfort at all - no itching or dryness like you would normally associate with peeling skin, and the product was so gentle that the peeling was comfortable with no worries about peeling too deeply. I'd recommend Baby Foot to anyone; I'm even thinking about mentioning it at my pedicure place. And I must say this is a kind of sweet and fun bonding experience for a couple who likes to take care of each other.

  • Amazing by klinej80

    I soaked my feet for 10 minutes before putting on the gel filled booties then left them on for 2 hours (quite by accident, I fell asleep). Then the following evening I soaked my feet again in my foot spa and the skin started to peal off. It worked amazingly! I also soaked my feet every night and slightly rubbed the skin off with a wash cloth. My feet feel soft and all the cracks and built up layers are gone. The only downfall I found, was I live in a house with tile floors everywhere. Holey smokes my floors are cold without all those built up layers of skin. ha ha ha

  • Pros and Cons by corfiela

    This product is really messy. First you wear the plastic slippers with your feet sliding around in the cold gel. You skate to the bathroom to wash the glop off. Then you wait. My peeling started on Day 4, but was at its height about Day 7-9. I liked the exfoliation. It even loosened excess cuticle around my toenail. My heels feel much smoother and softer. I have some thick callouses on my big toes that it started to peel, but then quit. I was hoping to dissolve these, so that was disappointing. The peeling skin every where was gross. I suppose my feet weren't so bad that I could see a dramatic difference. It was a lot of mess for the results. I doubt I'd do it again.

  • Amazing Product Ever!!! by tmayo214

    I had rough patches on my heels, toes, and small parts on my sole in general. Baby! Let me tell you, this stuff works! There is no dead skin on my feet anywhere. It even got the hard toe skin around the corners of the nail. It even got the dead skin on the cuticles and everything. I will never go to the salon again. Ok maybe in between to maintain. I will be purchasing again. And so will my friends!

  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! by reereeking42

    THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!!! I have had very thick callouses on my heels for as many years as I can remember...until I tried BABY FOOT!!! The key to getting maximum results (in my opinion) would be to soak your feet at least 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of your feet. Apply the baby foot as recommended, and place socks over the booties. It says to leave on for an hour, I kept them on for an extra 30 minutes. Three days later I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes, the rough dry skin was simply peeling away, leaving behind skin as soft as a baby's foot. The peeling continued for a few days, even the skin on the top of my feet was renewed, my feet are a shade lighter and they even look younger. This product is well worth the money!!!!

  • A Must Try by Myra53$$

    I purchased this item and received it within 3 days. I used it the same day that I received it. I soaked my feet in warm water for 1 hour and then I put the baby feet bags on for 2 hours. After the 2 hours were up I washed my feet in warm soapy water, dried and lotioned them with baby oil. Every night for 6 nights I showered and did the baby oil treatment to my feet. On the 7th night when I was getting ready to shower, I looked at my feet and to my amazement my feet looked like they had fish scales all over them. I know the directions states do not peel but I could not help it. There were layers of dead skin that came off of my feet as if I had put glue on my feet and let it dry. This is an amazing product and the end results are I will be purchasing it again. My feet feel velvety smooth. My husband watched me and now I am purchasing one for him. I love my feet and I am a diabetic. Thanks Baby Feet

  • This really works! by kimmaw07

    So the palms of my hands and soles of my feet tend to get dry and feel rough - especially during the winter. And of course, because it was winter, I was not getting pedicures as much as I would in the Spring and Summer months. Therefore, my feet were suffering - just cracked and dry. No amount of moisturizer, Vaseline, or lotion seemed to penetrate the dry layers to moisturize and soften my skin! So I went on YouTube and saw a review for Baby Foot. Let me just say, my feet were as soft as the day I was born. Well maybe not THAT soft. Lol. But they were darn near close! When thet tell you it works in 14 days or less, they aren't kidding. The choice of essential oils or extract used in the booties in the kit smell so fresh! And that's another great aspect of this product - its ALL NATURAL!!! Now, I'm not a vegan, vegetarian, or anything, but I love the fact that something that is 100% natural - from Mother Earth can do such an amazing job on my feet! Now as some of the reviews say, you have to be patient. Everyone's body reacts differently, so you may not see the peeling process begin for a few days after you have soaked your feet in the booties. Follow the directions carefully and to the T and your feet will feel brand new in a matter of 2 weeks. The peeling may look gross - which it did - and you may feel tempted to just start peeling away the dead skin. But try and let it take its course. Oh, and it isn't painful AT ALL! I loved it so much, I bought 2 more - one for my boyfriend, and one for me to do one more one more soak before the warm months come. It really works ladies and gentlemen. Give it try and you'll use these every winter.

  • Unbelievable by Pebbles

    I have tried countless products through the years to soften my feet. Pedicures works but the results usually last 2-5 days and the dry skin returns. I bought one Baby Foot. I was excited to try it as soon as I received it. Honestly I had doubts I would get results as good as most reviewers said they experienced. I felt I had bought yet another product that was a waste as after 7-8 days I had no results. Then on day 9 my feet started mildly peeling, day 10 more peeling, etc. I could not believe the results I was getting. The skin on top of my foot was even peeling. At night I put cream on my feet and wore socks. I think my feet peeled for 4-6 days. It has now been over a full week since peeling. My feet are so soft I just can't get over these results. My feet have not been like this in over thirty years. I have placed a order for five more Baby Feet. I think I am placing another order to turn my friends onto this product. How refreshing to use a product that does exactly what it says. I have read some reviews where people bought the product that had a picture of not just the feet of a model but her legs as well and did not get great results. I purchased the product that showed only the feet. Obviously I can't say enough of what a miracle this product is!

  • Fantastic! by Krennll

    I was searching on the net for something to make my feet soft and smooth. I had very thick callouses on the balls of my feet and just below the pinky toe's. I ran across Baby Foot and read the reviews and watched video's to see how this product works. I will admit I was very skeptical. I really couldn't believe there is a product out there that would make my feet smooth and soft. After careful consideration, I decided to order Baby Foot. I figured what did I have to lose? Getting a Pedicure once a week wasn't helping and pedicures are much more expensive than the $25.00 for this product. A week or so after placing my order my product arrived. I followed the directions to a "T" and lo and behold about 3 days later my feet started peeling. Word of warning. It would be beneficial to have a towel handy when you start peeling your feet. I could not believe the results and how soft and smooth my feet were. The peeling continued on for about a week, I do still have callouses, but as I said, I have VERY thick callouses. I plan to purchase Baby Foot again and apply to my feet in hopes to work on my callouses. All in all, I would highly recommend this product!

  • unbelievable !!! by honeyj555

    I was skeptical about trying this product. The reviews changed my mind. The product out performed my expectations. Three days after following the instructions, my feet literally shed like a snake !! My feet have improved by 90 percent !!! I will be doing this 2 times a year, better than any spa pedi I have ever gotten, except for the pampering. lol.

  • Takes a little patience but it works! by Miss Lady

    I love the product. Essentially you just wear the booties for a short time and viola! In a few days your feet will be baby feet! I was skeptical because I don't have rough feet in the first place, so I didn't think my feet would peel. Boy was I wrong! and they felt great after all the peeling was over. Give it a try.

  • My amazing feet by AuntJacks

    God...I LOVE this product. I am always barefoot, I guess that's why my heels are so awful. My first application of Baby Foot was unbelievable, my second application was amazing! My feet are so smooth I can't believe it. I tell everyone possible about Baby Foot, my new favorite product.

  • Pretty Good Product by hopelessr

    As everyone else has said, it takes 4-5 days for the active peeling to start. My feet were extremely soft for about a week and now they are starting to harden up on the heels again. I think it's a temporary solution that cost quite a bit. I did purchase another box to use in the future but really your feet regress back to being dry and cracked in time, unfortunately...

  • Review of Baby Foot by joltster

    When I heard about Baby Foot, my first thought was that it was too good to be true,and then I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I found out that this works. After about a week, my skin began to peel, and peel, and peel. Now, about 2 weeks after I first used it, the peeling has slowed down, but my feet are still smooth. I just bought my second box of it. I'll wait a while before I use it again. Next time, I will soak my feet first prior to using it and see what results I get.

  • Messy but works by zarmaxia

    This treatment is a temporary solution. My feet peeled for about one week...messy, messy, messy... My feet were soft for about one month, then went back to sandal feet, even with regular peds... I'm not sure if I really want to spend an extra $25/ month on this treatment..

  • Excellent by Rhonna

    I have been going barefoot most of my life so I knew it would probably take more than one application for my feet to really look great. Just finished the first application five days ago and my feet are flaking like crazy. Worked exactly as advertised online. I can't wait to see my final results and I knew it was going to be a process, my feet didn't get this way over nite so I don't mind. Nearly 59 years old! Still cheaper than going to a professional.

  • Awesome!!!! by TerryK

    I had 22 years of combat boots and wool socks! my feet were tough as leather. Three days after using this product my feet began to peel just as the directions state, and the sensitivity began to return to my feet . I soak my feet in warm water everyday and the more I soak them the more dead skin roles off even the calloused areas dissolved as I rubbed my feet while I soaked them. Well worth the money!!

  • INCREDIBLE by sueann

    Before usiing this item, I literally could have walked on burning coals my feet were so calloused! The product worked exactly as stated on the packaging. I soaked my feet about 7 days after the initial application and the rest of the skin just peeled off -- lots and lots of dead cells. I will now start rubbing them with mineral oil and wrapping in hot towels every day for a week, then 3 x a week and then once a week to keep them Baby Soft. I have just ordered another 2 kits so that I don't ever have to have these AWFUL feet again. Thank you for bringing this product to us. Would recommend to anyone.

  • baby foot junk by nurseinsomnia

    did everything as per directions, and all the skin on my feet peeled except the callouses. wasted $25.

  • love by shanclarke

    I love this product. I use it once a month and before each use I soak my feet in water for 30 minutes for best results. its not necessary to do this very month but I am addicted to this. It leaves my feet super soft when the process is all done.

  • So worth the money!! by SheriGirl

    The "shedding" is a little messy, but who cares.... overall my feet are so much softer than they have been in decades. I plan to buy another set when my feet get rough again. When you think of the price of a pedicure this is pretty close to the same cost, but with "Baby Foot" your feet get way softer. I do have pretty bad feet and this didn't take care of the calluses on the outer side of my big toes 100% , but they are way better than they were. I did soak my feet like it says to and also soaked them about 10 minutes a day (plus the old skin would come off when I'd get out of the shower as well. TIP: You may have to vacuum a bit more often while in the "shedding" stage. I have told a number of my friends about it.... they can't wait to try it :)

  • IT WORKS by kevanoff

    So I thought the first time that it wouldn't work. Took over 10 days. Finally I started shedding like a snake. It's best if you soak feet first, then put booties on. Then rinse. Once you start to see some peeling, start soaking your feet each day about 20 mins. You will then only have to rub off the dead skin - it just rubs off. Even dead cuticles around toes. I have regular pedicures and this beats all callus removal techniques. to keep it up, you should do monthly. The more you do, the less shedding because it's becomes maintenance.

  • Will the third time be a charm? by tcooper22

    I HATE my feet. They get so callused and gross and blah. I also have a bad habit of peeling the dead skin off my heels. Don't judge. When I saw this product, I felt like it had to be made for me. I bought three during the Cyber Monday special. I have only used two so far. I'm not sure how I feel about it though. I want to like it SOOOOO bad. I'm just not sure it can help me. I'm sure it has to do with my feet more than the product. I really would be so happy if my feet looked like the example. Anyway, the first I used it, I had soaked, then soaked after the treatment. I also noticed the peeling accelerated if I soaked every day. But it got boring. So when I stopped, I noticed the peeling stopped. So the third time, I might do some things differently, like just soak and rinse the day of the treatment, and let nature run its course. Unfortunately though I think my feet are beyond repair :(

  • Yes, this absolutely works! by Donnabanks1

    This product worked 100%. I've recommended it to my friends and family. Will definitely purchase again.

  • Beyond Impressed!!! by burriss33

    I just purchased my 2nd treatment and with the 1st one I did was about a little over 2 weeks ago. I came across this product via a youtube post and all I can say if it didn't work for you then your feet must be solid brick...period! In prepping for the 1st kit about 2 days before it arrived I soaked and scrubbed my feet to try eliminate as much dead skin as possible prior to using the kit. When it arrived I soaked my feet for about 15 mins and cleansed them, did the the treatment, and on the 3rd day it started peeling. I also left the booties on for 2hrs and soaked my foot in Episolm Salt every other day thereafter. By the end of the week I was beyond impressed because it brought my feet back to a condition I couldn't ever get with the best pedicures and scrubs. Trust me I've tried EVERYTHING. I did notice that my most troublesome spots while they weren't completely healed it had removed soooo much skin that my foot now looks like the before picture on the box. So you can imagined how jacked up my feet With that being got rid off so much! I've shared this product with my friends and family and after seeing my results they are believers!

  • Miracle Product by tkmeaziam365

    At first I was skeptical because I thought my feet weren't going to peel, but they finally did and boy did they peel! I kind of helped the peeling and used a body scrub in the shower. The skin was coming off everywhere so make sure to wear socks 24/7. Overall this was a fabulous product! I'm going to buy repeatedly.

  • 5 STARS FOR BABY FOOT ! by lovmyroo

    A 5 star rating for a 10 star product! I love love love this product. Worked a miracle on my dry calloused feet. Left the booties on 2 hours while reading and on the fifth day, all that ugly skin peeled right off. I will absolutely buy this product again. My feet are so soft I can't believe they are mine. Bravo!!!

  • LOVE IT!!! by progressisbeaut

    Man! This stuff actually works. And my feet were so busted that my children teased me every chance they saw them. I didn't sit for the full hour. Why would I use it on a night that I didn't have much time, I don't know. But it got most of it off. And I was totally unable to resist "helping" along the peeling process by peeling skin myself. It was too fascinating. I just ordered a second package. I will soak my feet in warm water for 10 minutes first as other users have recommended, then sit my butt still for at least the full hour. I might even put a tad of it on my elbows that I have noticed could use some exfoliation.

  • Holy cow! by winkiebear

    I read all of the reviews on this, and prepared myself that my dry and calloused feet would need 2 treatments. I soaked my feet for about 25 minutes, and then had the booties on for about 75 minutes... I could feel the treatment working on the top of my feet (where there isn't much dead skin). 3 days later, I noticed the top of my foot was peeling. Then the bottom started. I know they tell you not to "help" the dead skin come off, but I admit I did. The last day, I still had a large section on the balls of both of my feet that had dead skin on it - when I took my socks off at the end of the day, they were both gone. I would totally buy this again, and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for help with their feet!

  • Love it!!! by lasond2471

    This peel is wonderful. If you soak your feet for about 10 minutes in warm water first, the peel works even better! My feet are soooo soft!


    I was amazed at what this product did to my feet. No calluses on my feet anywhere. I washed my feet, put the booties on (DO NOT TRY TO WALK) sat for the hour, washed my feet again and within one week the dead skin was falling off of my feet. the calluses just came off in strips. You can't believe it unless you see it for yourself. JUST AMAZING I plan on doing it at least once a month all year. I love how my feet feel now.

  • Worth EVERY Penny!!!! by Short894

    I think I have read just about every review regarding this product. Well, I must say, this product is doing just what it said. I got the product last Friday and did the process on Saturday. My feet started to peel on Monday 2/10. Today, Tuesday 2/11, my feet are peeling like crazy. Other than my initial soak before applying the gel, I did a soak a few minutes ago and oh baby, the skin is just peeling. I am a customer for life! Thank you for the great product. These babies are going to be ready for all of my fabulous sandals!!! Happy peeling.....

  • More effective than a pedicure by Emilyd1216

    This definitely works--I've tried pedicures (which only seem to last a few days or do in terms of softness) and I put lotion on my heels every night...still had cracks and dried heels. This worked--peeling started on the 4th day and kept peeling for a few more. It was kind of gross, but they are still pretty smooth 2 weeks later. I'll probably do this one more time before the end of winter. It would be tough to do this during the summer, given how much peeling occurred.

  • Works pretty well by AsiaFan

    I was scared to use it because I don't really have time to deal with peeling feet for days on end, as the other reviews have mentioned. So it took me months to find a week when I would not be crazy busy and wouldn't have to walk in sandals a lot. Finally tried it - feet peeled on the 4th day, and the peeling lasted another 4 days. The hardest calluses on my heel got softer than any pedicure would provide, though they did not get "baby soft" - which might be a good thing given how hard I am on my heels. But at least I can maintain my feet with moisturizers and less drastic measures for a while. I will be buying this again, when I have another "rainy week" to spare.

  • Best Ever by Divadlyte

    Im so pleased with the results. I soaked my feet first left the foot bags on with socks over them for 1 hr and 30 because I was cooking dinner. In about a week my feet were peeling and all the dead skin was ready to be peeled off. I will definitely repurchase this. My feet look so great and feel so soft. It's worth the wait and hassle of pulling off dead skin. The results are worth it.

  • Works Like A Charm by Alikhat

    I was dubious about the claims, but thought it was inexpensive enough to give it a whirl, anyway. It took several days after application, but just as advertised, the callouses started peeling off and in a little over a week, my feet were smoother than they've been since I was ten. I have truly awful callouses; the kind so thick that when they crack (and they do) they catch and tear stockings and even socks. So this is no small thing for me. Granted, they do grow back, but only after about three months. Believe me, an application every three months is worth it to have smooth, comfy, callous-free feet. Amazing product!


    I read a few reviews that said Baby Foot did not work for them and I was afraid I would experience the same disappointment, NOT! I soaked my feet for 1 hour in plain water then wore the Baby Foot for 2 hours. 5 days later after all the peeling I have new feet. They are so soft!! I only wish they had baby hand and baby elbow. Remember to soak before using and you will not go wrong.

  • amazing by josie65

    I want to add something to my original review. I think you will have better results if you bath rather than shower. I noticed much more skin sluffing off during and after a bath then after a shower.

  • Sold! by Amzuccarini

    As everyone else probably was, I was skeptical of the overwhelming numbers of 4-5 star reviews. I soaked my feet excitedly and soon forgot about the process entirely and went about the rest of my week. 5 days later, I was in the shower after the gym and realized it felt as if I were standing in a pile of dirt. I picked my foot up to see what it was, and lo-and-behold my feet were peeling! I was so giddy that I called out from the shower to my girlfriend who was just as disgusted and intrigued as I was. It was truly an AMAZING process. I had to wear socks for 3 days straight because skin was literally just falling off of my feet. Buying another for myself, my sister, and my mother.

  • Amazing by josie65

    I was very skeptical when I purchased this product. I read all the reviews and tried to do what other users said worked best. I soaked my feet first before puttiIng on the booties and kept them on for one hour (might consider longer next time). I kept watching for something to happen and suddenly one night when I removed my socks (five days after the treatment) bingo, my feet were peeling. The bottoms of my toes are even peeling.Two days later they are still peeling. I wish that more of the harder callouses were gone; but after sixty plus years of developing what could I expect. I am going to order and repeat the whole process in a few weeks.

  • TRIED IT TWICE by WiddoMouse

    I purchased two kits. After watching the video and reading the reviews I thought it would work and I wanted to have a second kit on hand for the Spring. I followed the instructions exactly and waited. On the fifth day there was a little exfoliation on the top of my toes. I continued to wait and nothing more happened. I was so disappointed. After about 3 weeks I used the second kit. The results were the same......NOTHING happened. I have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with me. So many people had good results. I guess it will be back to the pumice stone for me.

  • Really works!! New believer! by Minda7777

    I ordered & tried this product with hope that it would help, but not necessarily be life-changing. Before ordering, I read the reviews, looked at videos,etc. but still wasn't completely sure. So, I tried it...put the booties on, left them on an hour, and rinsed. Sure enough, 5 days later after a shower, the skin started to peel! It was not uncomfortable, but was kinda gross/amazing at the same time!! It continued to peel for about 3 or 4 days, and now--- super baby feet!! My husband thought that this was crazy... The whole precession & peeling-- however, is now considering it for himself!! For reference, I had dry feet and am a runner. I wasn't sure how effective this would be compared to others who say they have "super dry & cracked" feet....but I couldn't be happier with the results!! If you are considering it...try it!!

  • Wary of Reviews by scaryfeet

    After watching a news story about paid reviewers for online products ($4 per review) I am a skeptic shopper. HOWEVER, this is one product I will personally endorse. Baby Foot absolutely performs as advertised. My husband and I now have the cutest baby feet. Gone are the effects of running around barefooted and many years of golf shoes. The only possible way to make this product better would be to sell in a multi pack. We plan to treat ourselves to a quarterly peel.

  • foot peel by carolynhhunt

    I thought I had been taken only alittle flaking, but after 4 days I got in tub to soak because I hadn't felt good thought a hot tub will feel good and my feet started pealing like crazy. And they are getting pink which haven't been since forever. Will buy again.

  • True to word by debgannon

    This product really does work. At first nothing happened, then around 4th day skin on feet felt tight, then the peeling began. I was a little freaked out at the volume of skin pealing off my feet. Took about 2 weeks to completely stop pealing and then my feet felt like "baby feet skin". I am going to order another (3 months later), skin on my feet is not as soft as after treatment. I live where it is sandal season almost year round. I would recommend this product, but not for the squeamish with all the dead skin pealing off.

  • Multi-applications by qoqo

    I tried, I liked. For me, I think multiple applications will give me the results I'm ultimately looking for. My first Application of this product gave me the results advertised. Since everyone's skin is different and everyone has different levels of dryness (& sensitivity)-- for the kind of skin and dryness I have it generated positive results w/out irritation. So it will become a part of my pedicure regimen. I think over The next six months or so I'll have the skin that I'm looking for without the other stuff I don't. Another thing I like about this product is that it takes less effort then when I do my own pedicures.

  • Good product by Manama

    This product really works!!!

  • Nothing Short of Amazing!! by itsmedrea

    I used as others here have recommended: 1. soaked feet in warm water for 30 minutes. 2. Put the booties on for 2 hours with socks over them so I could walk. 3. washed off. 4. Peeling began! Tons and tons of dead skin. This is the first product I have been truly satisfied with! No work at all! This product absolutely does work. All dead skin came off of every area (I squished my feet around in the booties quite a bit). This product leaves your feet beautiful. I definitely had a lot of thick dead skin on my soles. I could not be happier and will re-order this product often. I am telling everyone about it! This was the best $25 I have spent in a long, long time!

  • Unbelievable Results by Jadzaluk

    I have had a lifetime of dry, cracked, calloused feet. My heels in particular could be painfully cracked. No amount of soaking, moisterizing or scrubbing helped for long. I used pumice stones, razors, files.. Yes, the skin would flake off but not to the point of ever being soft. Baby foot is a miracle. I have sensitive skin on my feet as well. There was no discomfort with the booties. In fact i fell asleep with them on! As others have said, nothing for days... Then it began! Soaking seems to make the skin peel off more easily. That said, it is crazy how much skin there will be everywhere. Make sure you can have socks on for those days. Dont plan on sandals .. No discomfort but it is gross. I am a believer. I still have some rough spots on my big toe and heel, but more like what normal people have, so i am doing one more treatment.

  • Sloughs right off! by lindseynader

    I was skeptical about this product at first, but after a few days, when nasty dead skin started falling off of my heels - I was addicted.

  • This product really works!!! by lsatojkl

    I read all the reviews on this product and had to try it. The bottom of my feet was so dry, cracked and rough from all the prior years of walking around barefoot, wearing high heels, etc...Even the pedicurist couldn't peel off all of the dead skin. I followed the instructions and soaked my feet for 1 1/2 hours instead of 1 hour and then washed my feet afterwards. I didn't see any peeling until the 5th day on the top of my feet. I was wondering if this peel would really work on the bottom of my feet where the problem was. Sure enough about the 7th day, the bottom of my feet started to peel. It was amazing! The hard, dry dead skin started to peel off. I did help peel off some of the loose skin and couldn't believe how much was coming off. This is my 9th day and the bottom of my feet is smooth and pink again. There's a few small spots that is still rough but it is still peeling and it's the worse part of my feet. I will tell everyone about this product. It really works!! I will continue to use this product as needed. Thank you for an awesome product!!

  • Skeptical, then surprised by ximmise

    It's surprisingly done what it states. Although I'm definitely going to require a 2nd use (heels of doom), my feet themselves have been peeling for the last 3 days. Of course, Now I spend a lot of time vacuuming:)

  • Crossing my fingers!!! by bigcat

    I'm a 58 year old guy with god-awful feet plagued by dryness, cracks, etc. Not that I'm afraid of a pedicure, but I wouldn't subject my worst enemy to working on my digits. So I was delighted by the excellent reviews for this product. I just used it. Let me give you my preliminary thoughts. Before I used Baby Foot I did a week of Kneipp Healthy Feet Foot Crystals. Another great Beauty Sage product, my feet looked and felt better immediately. But the jagged, cliif=y edges remained. This morning I followed a soak with Baby Foot. The boots were easy to put on. I secured them with duct tape. Why? Because the tape strips that come with the product aren't that effective and I'm a guy, duct tape rules my world. I did put a pair of socks over the boots and that not only helped but let me walk when I had to. I showered after my hour in the boot. My feet did feel moisturized. And energized! I will likely do a soak tomorrow and then be off for the weekend. They say it doesn't rain in California: hope it peels. Will report next week.

  • It really works!!! by tsd41011

    I thought I would be one of those people that it didn't work for because It took 7 days before my feet started to peel. I did this 11 days ago and my feet are still peeling. I soaked my feet for about 30 minutes before I put on the booties and I left the booties on for two hours. I suggest to everyone that they soak their feet everyday to help the process along. Also, I suggest that after taking the booties out of the package that you let the solutions flow to the bottom of the booties before you put them on ( unless you want the top of your feet to peel like mine lol). My feet have been transformed. I did not realize how MUCH dry skin was on my feet. I can't wait until the process is done. I would recommend it for anyone to try!!

  • so far so good by Kacey1030

    At first I wasn't sure what this product was actually going to do. But as I am typing my feet are still peeling. I do think that I need another treatment. I have had callused heels for two years now and I am not naive enough to believe that any product will get rid of that at one time. But the rest of my feet are starting to look and feel amazing.

  • No need to look further...seriously!!! by juanita01

    I have been looking for a product to help my husbands dry heels. My mom gifted a kit to all of us this past Christmas. We had a foot exfoliating party. My search is over. This product is next to a miracle. One peel was enough for me. He has very little left. I am ordering another one for him. I have never, ever seen his feet so smooth. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it's been for him for years. Before he left for work today, he thanked me for making his feet feel so soft. I have you to thank :)

  • This stuff works - yay! by lisaragsdale

    This stuff really works! You have to be patient to see results. I followed the directions exactly -- including soaking my feet for 30 min in warm water before I started the treatment. I didn't have any problems with the tape for the booties. On day 4, I noticed the tops of my feet peeling slightly. My day 5, they were peeling significantly. I was completely finished peeling one week later. On the last day, I stayed in the shower a few extra minutes and then pulled off any remaining skin on my heels. I was amazed how thick the skin had been on my heels. I did not have any problems with itching. I now have beautiful, smooth, pink feet. Love it!!!

  • Love it!!! by MDivina

    I've used everything to get rid of rough skin and calluses on my feet.. Like many of us I was very skeptical but decided to try it... Let me tell you... This product his has been miracle!!! It has been two months since I first used it and my feet still look and feel soft... I truly recommend it!!! A+

  • Love It!!! by Armanix

    I absolutely LOVE Baby Foot! It does exactly what it says it's going to do! At first I didn't see any results which made me feel very disappointed, but then after day 5 I started soaking my feet in water for an extra 10-15 minutes in the shower and that's were it all began! My feet started peeling even in the spots which I didn't think needed any help, obviously I was wrong! After about day 7-9 my feet were changed, DRAMATICALLY!! My feet have never felt so soft, I had baby feet!! This product is AWESOME!! I recommend it to EVERYONE! BETTER THAN PEDICURES! You will not be disappointed!

  • Yes Yes Yes! by vmems56

    At first when i used this product i was like it not working after a couple of day OMG ! My feet started to peel and it was like WOW!!!!!!!!! i love this so much really works !♥

  • ruff feet gone soft by cookiefeet

    I order baby foot before or around Christmas nothing for 4 -5 days I was like man!!!!! this doesn't work but before I order it I looked at youtube videos and saw different reactions. I decide to order it because my feet were horrible didn't want my boyfriend touching them. I was please with the outcome but I will say the peel process was about 10 days and my feet weren't that bad but I say also PLUS GIRLS this is a girls best friend especially when hard to scrub them heels to get them soft LOL . I AM A HAPPY CUSTOMER AND WILL ORDER MORE AND TO THE OTHER REVIEWER MS. Miztrial ILL TAKE THAT EXTRA BOX :) so if your thinking about ordering this product please go ahead and do so I suggest you and some girlfriends have a party night and all do it then communicate to see what each person did and see what way works best!!!!

  • It does work by aliciastill

    I used as directed. After seeing reviews that the tape wasn't good I used packing tape to secure the booties and put socks over them. I would recommend this practice. It took about 4 days for my peeling to start. The most interesting part was when I was 11 (I am now 36), I had a bad blister on one of my small toes that has since caused excess skin, callouses, and the nail to grow in lumpy and at an odd angle. All of the dead skin and callouses came off and now the nail is growing in normally. I wish that I had a before and after of this.

  • Foot Peel or Foot Flake?? by Deborah123

    This product left me with severely itchy feet that flaked everywhere for weeks!! I would not recommend this product

  • Wow. Fantastic Product! by joy2u4ever

    I walk around in my bare feet ... all the time. I am 56 and even my Pedi's stopped working ... taking off the callouses on my feet ...... the way that they use to. I read a lot of your reviews so I was prepared for it all. I soaked my Feet before I put the Booties on. I put the socks on after. I let the boots and the socks stay on my Feet for about 2 hours instead of one. I soaked my feet every other night and Wow, My feet peeled on the 5th day like everyone said that they would do. It was the most unbelievable experience. It took all the hard callouses of the heels and the balls of both of my feet. It works amazingly well. I think the most important thing to do is soak your feet and put a moisturizer on them, so it makes the peeling process work so much better. Instead of small pieces of skin coming of a little at a time. You will have large pieces of Skin coming off in a shorter length of time. I had thought that I may need more product but I don't think so. It has done the Job. I am totally amazed. Thanks so Much!!!!! Loved the Experience!!!! Happy New Year ... My Feet are like a Baby's Butt!

  • It works but it's totally creepy and not green by Contessa

    Like you, I was directed-marketed to; someone's making a fortune off this stuff! I decided to try. "Negative" observations as follows: It smells nothing like lavender at all; it smells like rubbing alcohol. It is the opposite of "green." You get two thick plastic "booties" that you must throw away after one use. The booties full of alcohol-smelling product will sit in landfill FOREVER after. The tape doesn't work that well to keep the booties on. The process is messy, and it gets WAY messier once your feet start to peel all over everything. I did not have the pictured experience of large chunks of skin coming off seamlessly. I had tiny pieces of skin coming off constantly all over everything, and it was only a few layers at a time instead of thicker peels. Also, one application does not "baby foot" you. "Positive" observations: It does work, and even though I do not have baby feet, my feet are softer than they have been in perhaps 15-20 years. If there were a more green/less wasteful way to use and apply, I could see making this a semi-regular affair for myself. I will say to the skeptics: It actually does work. When on day 5 nothing has happened you're sure it won't...but for me when day 6 arrived peeling began. Seemed to finish by day 9.

  • don't give up by jendunn

    I used this product 2 Friday nights ago and was disappointed because I thought it wasn't working. The following Tuesday my feet started to peel. They are almost done and I can't wait to order more! It really does work, great product!!!

  • Not bad, but will have to try again by JVin1172

    I purchased this product for my son. He is in his middle 30's and works as a cook, as well as going to school. His feet take a beating, he's on them all day, up to 7 days a week. He had some success, but will need second treatment. His feet were very calloused and were causing him pain, even with very expensive shoes for work (Birkenstocks) and the workboots he wears at school. I think he would like to try a second treatment, as the first was only partially successful, but he did say that he thought that it was an improvement over the original condition of his feet. I think the most important part of the treatment is soaking your feet very well, prior to use.

  • It works! by vs250093

    I must say that this product works! It's helpful to let feet soak for 10-15 mins every other day or so to encourage the peeling; for 2-3 soak sessions. Also, I couldn't resist the urge to peel it. The first application, I left product on for 2 hours, with socks on. Peeling was complete in 7-9 days. My feet were baby soft. The 2nd application was to get the remainder of the calloused skin off of the heels. This product gave results that I've never gotten in a pedicure. Hope you try, use socks during application and let feet soak in water to get the best peel!

  • OMG!! It really works by mscam79

    I was skeptical but tried it and I must say after five days my feet started peeling it even got rid of the callus and the dry skin around my toes. I recommend it to.


    What a hoax...followed this to the letter and not even a sliver/shed of skin. There a more dislikes than likes and that speaks volumes!! In order to post this review I HAD/FORCED to pick a star, otherwise I would not give it even a 1/4 of a star....DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND $$$$

  • Disappointed by shinesign

    My feel did peel A LOT, but the places that were the roughest (heel and ball of big toe) are a bit better but far from smooth. My feet were not in horrific condition, so I expected to have really "new" skin. Didn't happen.

  • Really works!! by Cysor

    At first I was skeptical, but I tried it anyway and was pleasantly surprised with the results!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! I am getting more of it for my family and recommend for anyone!!!!!

  • Works but.... by Miztrial

    I bought two treatments based on reviews on this site. The peeling did happen after about seven days, however the new look was not long lasting and that was very disappointing after several weeks of peeling. I will use the second treatment but I don't have high expectations. Maybe some have had better lasting results, but I sure didn't and will not purchase this again.

  • I LOVE Baby Foot!! by Miyah21

    I used this product 2 weeks ago and the results were amazing. My feet did indeed peel but not too much, i don't have a problem with super dry feet usually but my pregnancy has left them scaly cracked and dry. I read that you shouldn't use this product while pregnant but i was determined and took the box to my doctor and she gave the okay, i had no weird reactions to this product when i used or after while being pregnant.The peeling stage was very cool although i did not peel a lot of layers it was soothing to pick it off (yes i know you are not suppose to and yes my belly was in the way most of the time lol) . Baby Foot did exactly what it said, i have really soft feet again and i'm not ashamed for my husband to touch them now . Great product!!

  • Not the results expected by rdsimpson

    I ordered two pair of the gel booties. Was very excited to get them, used them right away that day following all the directions. Saw a little bit of peel on one foot, was getting excited about results, but that was it. Just a small amount of peeling. Used second pair with no real visible results. :(

  • Don't expect too much. by tcraig1431

    My feet were not that bad but I did have some rough heels it took a while for this to work and I lost faith but after the 5th day it finally started to work! I think ill have to use a few more to get rid of the roughness on my heels but I recommend these to everyone!

  • SOFT as a BABY......... by ateasley

    This product does just what it states it will do. It is amazing. I just love it. I brought two. One for me and one for my boyfriend and his started working on day one and it took mine 4 days but once it started boy did it work!! Great product I have told all my friends about it!!

  • your pedicure won't get your feet this smooth by gocafnp

    AMAZING! I'm a believer. It really works, you have to follow the directions as printed. I messed up and used my nightly foot cream for the first couple of days. NO! only use an oil free moisturizer if your feet start itching too bad.

  • It works! by marieeray

    I was skeptical - I soaked for 30 mins then sat in the booties for a little over an hour on Sunday and by Friday morning, not much seemed to have happened and I was losing faith. But then I soaked my feet on Friday night and then the fun began! They've been peeling for about 3 days and I think they are almost done - my feet were not that bad to begin with but now they look very nice - including the cuticles and skin around my toenails. I don't know how long it will last, but I've ordered more and sort of can't wait to do it again - it was strangely satisfying.

  • Less than expected by marketface

    Followed the directions exactly and did get some messy peeling after 5-6 days, but not dramatic and the calloused areas were mostly unaffected. I think if you're looking to deal with hard, thickened skin and callouses, this is not the way to go.

  • wonderful by Ringer22

    I loved this product. I am ordering again because does what it says it going to do for your feet.

  • lets see if it works. by freespirit

    I did not believe this product would help me, but soon realized how wrong I was. I love love love this product, my feet was a crunchy mess, discolored, hard and scratchy. I followrd the instrutions and low and behold I had be givien new supple feet. By the way my Husband notice right away, that my feet looked an felt so good. Lets just say, it was like my honeymoon in HD. I will be recommending this product to everyone. Yours Truly Satisfied....Stephanie H.

  • High expectations. by impyjan

    Perhaps I expected too much. I soaked my feet for an hour and sat for 1-l/2 hours with the booties. My feet felt smooth after the treatment. On the 7th day there was a slight shedding - not a peeling. Feet were soaked each night. The feet are smoother but the callouses on the ball of the feet, although smooth, were barely affected. I have ordered 2 more treatments and hopefully will see more improvement. Messy to use.

  • Support our Troops by sgtlopez2

    After 25 years in the military the U.S. issued Combat Boots really tore up my feet. after one use my feet are baby smooth again. I wish this was a product that could be sold to our troops in their local PX. If you have a loved one serving in our military, this is a product I would strongly advise them to use to reverse the damage that the combat boot does to their feet as far as causing callous' and dry skin.

  • Skeptic No MORE!! by Missladypla1

    I too, went on a leap of faith and tried the Baby Foot.. being I saw a lady do a YouTube video on her feet.... that in itself made me curious.. In my head it made sense that we have dead skin on our feet, we don't exfoliate our feet as much as our face and hands.. HMMM so I got it.. I washed my feet, not so much as soaked them... sat with the booties on for an hour and bathed and went on with my night... I did this on a Thursday night, by Sunday I noticed some peeling. Monday morning OHMYGAWD!! it was the most disgusting thing I ever witnessed. so for the next couple of days I tried to keep my socks on.. by that Wednesday it was done peeling and I have BabyFeet for once!! This is a GREAT product I love it and I will definitely be getting some for gifts and for myself.. Thank you for this product….

  • surprisingly effective by jmrous

    I followed the product directions precisely - so not sure where the instructions for soaking are coming from but don't doubt that it might make an additional difference... Within a few days, my sensitive and blister prone feet felt tight and itchy. And then wham! Peeling! Crazy peeling!!! It was gross for sure but the feet underneath are ones I haven't seen in 30 years. The process took longer than a week for my toes and the tops of my feet (not pretty) but totally worth it. Bought as gifts for all my girls and will use again!

  • Really works by nbarcelona

    This worked exactly like advertised! I cannot wait until I can order them again!!

  • Excellent product by musashiboy

    I bought two because I want to use one on my husband. He is always either bare foot or in flip flops, so his feet definitely need work! I didn't pre-soak, as some have done. Wore the booties for an hour and a week later, it began! Very happy with how much dead skin came off. I did soak for 15 minutes a day. I don't think I have BABY feet after one use, but I definitely would give it another go. Now to convince my hubby.... Thanks for a great product.

  • Incredibly impressed! by KayKay

    Although skeptical, I bought 2 because if it worked I wanted to send one to my sister since we both have extremely dry and cracked heels. Her husband told me her feet actually cut him at night in bed they are so bad! She just tried it a week ago and her feet are still in the peeling process but, I know she will get great results with it. I can attest this is the greatest product ever, and I have told several people about it already! I received my order at the end of October and my feet are still looking and feeling baby butt smooth! My husband told me just this morning how he could not believe how soft my feet still are! I soaked my feet first, and not only taped the booties closed around my ankles but also wore socks over them for the entire hour you wear them. It took my feet about 5 days to actually begin peeling and once they did it went on for a week. This is the best product for even the worst of feet- I highly recommend it - would make a great gift for someone for the upcoming holidays!!

  • It Worked by half03fuse

    It worked for me. I am 100% satisfied with this product. I will definitely use Baby Foot again.

  • Now I have perfect feet! by karrietak

    This is my second go-round. The first was six weeks ago. This time, I wanted to get rid of the little horseshoe ring of hard skin still on my heels and it worked! I still believe that soaking is a must and the key to the best result. I soaked my feet before I put the booties on and every night for a week. Again, the peeling started on day 4 and my feet peeled like crazy every day. Something I forgot to mention in my first post was that I wore tube soaks over the booties to hold the gel as close as possible to my feet and to hold in body heat as well. I plan on using the booties every two months to maintain my baby feet. Thanks BeautySage for bringing Beauty Foot to America. My daughter is fluent in Japanese but she wasn't able to locate a Japanese online source for Beauty Foot for me.

  • It Works! by CDW66

    I have used it two times, and am now waiting for the arrival of my third order. I had read a recommendation before my first use that said you should soak your feet (epsom salts) before use. I did, and would say that my feet "flaked", more than peeled. But they were definitely softer, so I tried it the second time, without soaking first. Peeled like crazy, and were amazingly soft after. And I have fairly significant calluses on my heels. Am now waiting on box number three. I am a huge fan. If you haven't yet - try it!!

  • baby foot sage by marksmen

    I must admit that I was a little aprehensive when I decided to purchase this item. The product began working after 3 days, and I must say that I was more than pleasantly surprised! This is excellent and most importanly works, I am still awaiting the skin to stop peeling. My heel is still a little rough, however, since a lot of dead skin already came off, I will have no problem if I have to do a "touch up" in a few weeks. I have already recommended this product to my coworks and friends. I am very happy with this product, it is better than going and getting a pedicure that only lasts two weeks:) I pay $25 just for a pedicare, so this works out just fine, I can have my toes painted or paint them myself. Excellent Product!

  • Did not work at all by butterflygrandm

    Sadly, this did not work at all for me. I purchased it because of so many good reviews, but I had almost no peeling. The only area that peeled at all was the arch, which was not dry. Very disappointing.

  • No pain just a little time by Dossey

    Great, baby feet like it promises!!!!!

  • My "Life Guard" feet are fixed!! by maddendo

    I am a 55 year old woman who was a summertime, outdoor life guard all through my high school and college years. Needless to say, I developed tough feet from walking on hot concrete pool decks for years. Five years ago, my feet suddenly went from tough to thick callused, cracked and bleeding. They were both painful and ugly. I went to dermatologists who prescribed creams and ointment. I went to podiatrists who shaved off the outer layers of the calluses. I had weekly pedicures. But nothing seemed to work. Two months ago, I saw the Baby Feet product mentioned in several magazines. I went online and did a little more research and decided to give it a try. Why not? I had tried everything else. I ordered 2 sets. The first time I used Baby Feet, I followed the directions perfectly. 10 days later I had very minimal peeling. I was kind of disappointed, so I went back and read other users’ comments. Several people suggested soaking your feet in warm water prior to using the product (which I had not done). Most importantly, one user suggested keeping the booties on for 2 hours instead of the 1 hour listed in the directions. Knowing that I had tough, tough feet with very thick calluses, I decided to try the 2 hours and see what happens. I also planned on soaking my feet nightly in warm water to help speed things along. I SOOO wished I had taken pictures…but after only 2 days, the calluses on the balls of my feet and the calluses on my heels were just hanging. It was amazing. The product seemed to just attack the areas on my feet with the thickest and hardest calluses. The rest of the foot did peel, but not to the extent of my problem areas. I was thrilled and my husband was even impressed. Knowing that I had years of damage to undo, I have continued to use the product about once a month. Each time, I continue to get results, but to a lesser degree mainly because the calluses are so minimal. My shoes are even fitting differently! I can not recommend this product enough!! I wish I had found it years ago.

  • Works like Magic by cathylynn1953

    The review I read on some other website really hit the nail on the head. The found that the person who took a bath had much better results that the person who daily showered. So, they found that if you soak your feet after a day or two, the results are more substantial. I also had a pedicure about a week after I used the product. Nothing much happened up to that point. The next day, I had tons of peeling, so I attribute it to the soaking. The nail tech used a product to remove calluses and the"cheese grater". Even after that I still had tons of peeling for about two full weeks after using the booties.

  • Not Just for the Ladies by BobHermann

    I had rough feet, truth be told, my spouse even stated this. So I gave this product a try and at first didn't know if this was going to work. To my amazement, like the product states, in a few days after using it for about 5 days afterwards, the hard callous and layers of thick skin came off. And I must confess for someone in his fifties, my feet are looking pretty darned good. Now I need to find that product from you all that will keep/sustain what you've given back to me……oh and the spouse, well let's just say we're rubbing feet again!! :-))

  • Finally a product that does what it claims to do! by EadieC2

    Nothing irritates me more than people giving me inferior products in exchange for my hard earned money, BUT THIS PRODUCT IS FAR FROM INFERIOR!!!!!! Finally, there is a product that actually does what it says it will do. I wish I could post pictures, because I took them knowing my friends would never be able to imagine what took place on my feet, and I wanted to shock them!! On night 5, I soaked in my tub and after a few minutes of soaking, I looked down at my feet and could not believe my eyes: SKIN WAS PEELING OFF IN SHEETS! Now, I'm not embarrassed when my husband touches my feet. I plan on giving this as Christmas gifts to my girlfriends who love Pedi's. No salon has EVER been able to get my feet this soft.

  • This works! by hngland

    love, love, love this product! Baby Foot is the first foot exfoliation product I have tried that lives up to its claims. My feet feel like my baby Grandson's feet. And I no longer make runners in my pantyhose because of dry, cracked feet ! Makes me feel very pretty and feminine !

  • I love my feet now by Fantine123

    This product is AMAZING. It works best if you soak your feet in water (not necessary if you take baths instead of showers) for a few minutes daily after your feet begin to peel; it accelerates the shedding. I have another box that I will use in a few weeks or maybe a month. My husband rubs my feet and says they look as good as the Russian pedicures I used to get back in Michigan before we moved. Great product!

  • OMG!!! by Suzdan

    Serious OMG! I followed directions... Day 1 nothing, Day 2 nothing, Day 3 a little dry maybe, Day 4 a tiny peely spot and dry feet. Then, on Day 5, 40 years of dried skin and callouses just started peeling off my feet. I had to wear socks to bed to contain it. In two days it was all off and my feet were perfect. No kidding... perfect! I had tried everything. I have already bought more, to be sure I never get into that mess again. PS: 3 weeks later and still fabulous feet. Yes, this really works!

  • I wish I had the same experience... by jnstolbert

    I used it as directed, nothing happened for the first ten days, and then a little bit of peeling. Not much difference from when I began, which makes me sad. I had such hopes for this product, with such great reviews. I will give it one more shot, someone mentioned to soak your feet for a while before you use this product.. It smelled delicious though!

  • Best product I've bought in a long time by kb1ltt

    It's been such a long time that I bought something that I didn't mind spending money on. This product is truly a great product. It does what it says!! My feet have not been this soft for as long as I can remember! Everyone should get this product. Don't spend that money in a salon on a pedicure. This is much better and cheaper too!!

  • Awesome Product!!! by SharonMck

    This product works great. I have had rough feet for so long and had tried everything. Nothing worked until I got this. My feet have never looked and felt better. I just put in another order to get more. Love it!!!!

  • Love, Love, Love by terriyates

    I first say this product on yahoo, I watched the video and knew I needed to get it. Since I turned 40 everything has dried up and this product does work the way it says it will. After reading all the reviews, paying close attention to the reviews that weren't so good. I did what the directions stated, then keeping in mind that the complaint I read most was that the heels were a disappointing place that most people did not see results, I put the booties on and then my socks. I let my feet sit in the booties for about 15 min then I started rubbing my heels, the sides of my feet and under my toes, these are the areas that I have the most hard dry skin. This seemed to help because 4 days later my feet started peeling and now I really love my feet , they are soft and look great! I will be purchasing this product again to maintain my feet and I think I will purchase this for my husband also!

  • Amazing Foot Product by isiskaty

    My boyfriend has horrible callouses on his feet so we though we would try this product. Wow, does it work well. It took about 3 days before the skin started peeling. It takes a little getting used to seeing all the skin coming off. We just used the 2nd box and I just ordered 4 more so I can try it as well. Excellent and well worth the price. Highly recommend it.

  • Finally! Something that works! by ddayka11

    I have had rough, cracked heels most of my life. Pedicures only last a couple of days and never get as soft as when I used this product. After using the product and nothing happening for a couple of days, I thought I wasted money once again. Then about the 3rd day, I noticed that they were starting to peel. After 2 weeks, they were so soft. I have bought a 2nd package for when they start to get rough again. I have recommended it to so many people. Money well spent.

  • Better than a pedicure by khurley614

    My feet were pretty hard and dry before using this product. While pedicures would leave them softer for a day or two, this product has made a huge difference that (so far) seems to be lasting! I was skeptical like most of the other reviewers said, but the product worked exactly as it claimed to. I'll admit, I was a little grossed out when the peeling started, but it only lasted a few days and was manageable if I kept socks on at all times. Definitely worth it if you want to improve your feet!!

  • I have Baby feet now! by lcolunga88

    Yes, this product does work. My feet are super soft. I will admit that I grossed my boyfriend out when my skin was peeling, but even he wants to try it out. After I finished my two weeks, I order him a pair to try on. We are both convinced and I will be buying again.

  • Great Product by SharonMck

    This product really works. I read all the reviews before buying and was not really sure it would work but it works great. My feet have never looked better. They feel great. It took about 4 days before the dead skin started to come off and within a 7-8 days all the dead skin was gone. I will be buying this product again and plan on buying some for the females in my family.

  • Not hype, works!!!! by Dossey

    This is a miracle in a "bootie" , takes a little time to start peeling but the wait is worth "brand new" feet! Never will I play for a pedicure at a spa , as long as this product is available.

  • Worked great by Faithstribute

    I was a little worried on day 3 because I didn't have a lot going on until that evening and then it went crazy. After 1 week my feet looked beautiful. It did help to soak my feet while I was showering to help the excess loosen. My husband is eager to try.

  • Worked Well by hlsmith33

    I got this product for my husband because he has really dry, cracked feet. He wasn't very sure it would work, but was really surprised when about 4 days after using it, his feet begin to peel, not just a little, but a lot! There were sheets of dead skin falling off his feet. It was a little gross, but his feet were much softer after the peeling stopped. His feet are still dry and cracked a little, but we have another treatment still left to use. They definitely aren't as bad as they were before.

  • Very Pleased!! by JamieCGraham

    Using this product was a joint effort of myself and a friend of mine. We both used the product and it was amazing to see the results! I wish I could post a picture or two. My friend used the product a day before me and left it on for two hours. The next day I used the product and left it on for 2 1/2 hours. We both waited to see who was going to peel first LOL. She began her peel about 3 days later and I was soon after that. We compared results daily and could not believe our eyes on what was coming off our feet. The end result was amazing and I can't wait to use it again and again. I think the my next use will be right before sandal season.

  • I'm A Believer by Miztrial

    I ordered this and used it as soon as it was delivered. I soaked my feet each day for five days and on the fifth day the rough skin started falling off the top of the foot, between the toes and the bottom. Today is the fifth day.. My feet look as if they are diseased(ha) but I can see the beautiful soft skin underneath. Where has this product been all my life. Glad I took a chance and ordered two treatments so I'll be ready for the next time it's needed.

  • FANTASTIC by grams1198

    This product is a rare find! It actually does what it promises and more. When you first take off the booties you will be skeptical...your feet feel soft but the callouses remain, HOWEVER, wait a few days...that's when everything begins to sluff off in super gross sheets of dead skin. I have worked on my feet for 27 years and have built up some of the toughest callouses imagineable and they peeled right off. Simply AMAZING!! Be prepared to be a little freaked out by the process because it does look like your feet are suffering from a flesh eating bacteria but you will LOVE the end result. This is a MUST BUY for anyone struggling with rough and calloused feet.

  • This totally works! by stefdawn99

    I followed the directions and waited. And waited. Then on the 5th day, I took a shower I felt like I was stepping on something. The "Something" was huge hunks of my thick skin peeling off. SUPER GROSS & Fantastic. This massive peel went on for three days on the bottom of my feet (the worst/most callused parts). Then the tops of my feet started peeling. My feet feel super soft now - the big toe areas is still fairly thick but it's expected since there are years of dead skin there. The rest of my foot is smooth. I've been putting vaseline and thick socks on and they feel SO MUCH BETTER. Bought this for my husband because of the success! Telling everyone about this. My new fav!!!

  • Cool product by mricci286

    After 5/6 days my skin started to come off. For a good 2 weeks that happened and my feet feel so much better! Of course I had 2 problem areas that are still alittle dry but do feel better than they did originally. I might do this every 3/4 months.

  • fantastic baby feet by pappy1946

    i love baby feet. i have tried many things, as i used to be a professional pedicurist, but nothing works to exfoliate the feet like baby feet.

  • Awesomely awesome! by holexingtoniii

    I've always had dry feet, especially in the summer when I wear a lot of sandals. I hate that feeling when you put socks on or get under the sheets and you can feel/hear the dry skin scratching against the fabric. I'm constantly putting lotion on my feet, pumice stones, scrubs, but nothing worked. I got the email about this and thought may be too good to be true, but worth a shot based on the reviews. I got the booties in the mail and picked a night my husband was out. It couldn't be easier! Nothing to rub on, just open the booties, put socks over and relax for an hour. I took them off and they smelled nice but otherwise weren't too different. I did put lotion on once or twice as they started to dry out, but mostly waited. Oh. My. God. On the morning of the fifth day, it was like sheets of skin just peeling off! Super gross, but cathartic. It took awhile, probably because it's cooler now and I've been wearing socks more. But now after 2 weeks my feet are as soft as ever! I am definitely doing this again! Feet saved!

  • Wow! It REALLY works!! by KevinJLewis

    I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical when I first read about what Baby Foot could do, but since I have had typical man-foot for years (very dry, scaly soles along with thick "trouble spots" on the sides of my big toes and outer heels), I thought it was worth $25 to try it out for myself and see what happened. Following are my results: 1) Ordering was easy. 2) Product arrived promptly (within 6 days). 3) VERY easy to apply - just slip the booties on your feet and sit back for an hour. I suggest doing something that doesn't require you getting up during this time. 4) Wait about a week and WOW - the dry, thick skin starts peeling off your feet in sheets!! I took the time each day in the shower to use a loofah on my feet and even more old, dead skin would slough off. I did not use a moisturizer during this time as I didn't want to curtail the products action. Within another week my feet were baby-smooth and felt great!! In the month since the initial application I have gone back to using a daily moisturizer and my feet continue to be smooth and silky with no hint of the bothersome trouble areas, cracking and discomfort I used to experience. I don't know yet when I will need to use the product again, but I've already ordered another one to have it handy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BABY FOOT - YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!

  • Doubting Thomas by emkay

    I was skeptical about product, but tried it anyway. It actually worked! I live in the desert and wear flip-flops most of the time, which dries my feet and develops tough, dry soles. After 7 days, voila! The transformation began. Be prepared for the sluff off...looks kinda ugly for 3-5 days until all peeling is complete...

  • Great product. by Trishy

    It really does work. I have already made a second purchase.

  • it does what is says by cag3gregory

    the best $ spent. Didnt think it was going to work but on day 5 took off my socks and OMG. Im sold and will use serveral times a year. You wouldnt believe the pictures. I knew had bad feet but all i can say is WOW


    I am writing a review (which I rarely do) because it would be an absolute crime if the whole world does not start using this product right now. I tried this product for the first time and I am SO thrilled with the results. As someone that has always hated their own feet (smelly, athletes-foot prone, ugly cracked heels) I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about BabyFoot... but after using it just once, my heels are so soft and my athlete's foot is GONE. My feet look brand new and I NEVER have an odor from them anymore, even after a long day on my feet. I am writing, not only to applaud this amazing product, but to inquire about where I can write more positive reviews. I am telling everyone I know about BabyFoot and would love to keep spreading the word! If you have dry, cracked heels or athlete's foot, this product is a MIRACLE WORKER. Thank you thank you thank you BabyFoot!!!

  • Works great, except on super thick heel area by tiacog73

    Yes, it works like is says...but I have some super thick areas on my heels that never did come off, like horseshoes around the back of my heels. Since my heels were the only part of my foot that I was really concerned with, it was a bit disappointing. But I'm willing to give it a second treatment to see if that does the trick.

  • Meh by pamkinn

    I have extremely thick, cracked skin on my heels. I actually use a Dremel with a sandpaper attachment every week or so on them. I also have a prescription salicylic acid lotion from my derm for my feet for when the heels get too cracked. This product did not touch the skin on my heels. It did peel the skin on the top of my feet and my toes. Those areas were already soft and did not really need much exfoliation. I followed the advice in another review for maximum effect and soaked my feet daily (for about a week after the peel) in hot water for at least half an hour. I then could rub the upper sections of my feet and my toes to slough the skin off. I never experienced a true peel anywhere but that could be because I vigorously rubbed off the dead skin on my feet after each soak. If you don't have severe skin thickness, this product might work for you. I unfortunately purchased two kits so I will use this product one more time and then never again. The soaking and rubbing are just an ongoing pain and not worth the trouble.

  • Amazing!!!! by Silly1

    I have never seen anything like this ever before. So amazing!!!! Within 5 days my feet started to peal. So easy and works like a charm. Don't do this when wearing open shoes. Does not look so good while pealing but after it is soft.

  • finally, a beauty product that does what it claims by mybarbiehead

    I am diligent when it comes to foot care--pumicing daily, lotions, and regular pedicures. My feet usually look pretty good and well-kept. I thought I'd try Baby Foot to get a few minor rough spots under control. I'd didn't think that too much would happen because my feet didn't look bad. Was I wrong! The peeling started on day 5. Today is day 8 and it looks like it's mostly finished. The secret is to spend 20-30 minutes a day really soaking your feet. Showers are too quick for the water to soften the dead skin enough for the peeling to begin. The results are amazing baby-smooth, soft skin. I will definitely use this in the spring a couple of weeks before sandal season.

  • OMG!!!! by Cynthialuc

    Let me say that this product is amazing and frankly I wish I had stock in this company. My feet are mainly dry, they crack on the heels and I have to get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks. Why more people are not using this is a surprise to me. Now, I also want to say that I have never read the directions, but actually followed someone else's instructions exactly and I can not believe how much skin is falling off my feet! I will tell you what I do and maybe it will help. First I soak my feet for about 45 minutes in warm water (nothing else), then I put the booties on and sit for an hour. After the hour is up, I wash my feet with soap and water. Then in two days time, I put my feet in warm water again for approximately 15 minutes and I continue to soak every other day. Around the second or third soak, the skin comes rolling off my feet. Even as the skin is coming off I continue to soak and then dry my feet with a rough towel and gently rub the towel around my feet. THE AMOUNT OF SKIN COMING OFF IS UNBELIEVEABLE! Do not thinking getting your feet wet in the shower is going to do it - for some reason you have to immerse your feet in a bowl of water. Not to sound gross, but the skin comes off in sheets and my feet feel and look amazing when this product is finished doing what it does. This is my second time using this product and I thought the first time it took off a lot of skin, the second time is crazy. I highly recommend this product and actually bought it already for a few friends of mine. Oh, don't forget - no nail polish - take it off before you use the booties.

  • UNBELIEVABLE!! by Aangeljazz by Aangeljazz

    My feet were so bad that I would give myself a pedicure before I would go for a professional pedicure. My heels were so hard, rough, and the skin was very thick and yellow. BABY FOOT is a Miracle! I left it on for 1 1/2 hours washed it off and waited for the magic. On the 5th day my feet were feeling weird in my socks. I took them off and a whole sheet was coming off. I bit gross, but it is SO worth it!! I am going to stock up for the summer!

  • It really works great! by cathy1

    I must admit that I was getting a little discouraged around day 3 when nothing was happening. Then around day 5 the magic happened! You just have to be a little patient, that's all. Can't wait for my sister to try these too. Every year we send each other our own hand picked basket of "our favorite things". This will definitely be included!

  • No. by Sundance58

    After following directions to the letter, I had no results at all. I can only surmise that my feet aren't that bad. I'll stick to a pumice stone.

  • Middle aged feet feel young. by jmgaines1122

    I used the booties on Wednesday and had them on for about an hour and a half. It stung and tingled a bit on the tops of my feel even after I washed it off but wasn't too bad. Nothing happened until I was in the shower on Saturday, and when I toweled off my feet, the skin sloughed right off. I ended up with a couple handfuls of dead skin peeling off at once. I have soaked my feet a couple of times since then and more dead skin has come off, and finally the tough skin on my heels and the top layers on a few calluses is gone. My feet have never felt this soft before. I don't know if the peeling will continue but so far I can't complain. I am going to keep using this.

  • The Best foot softener! by dmwilliams

    I love this, I didn't think it would be so effective, but it is amazing! I got it, and waited a few days, nothing and I was thinking this isn't going to work, but Oh boy was I wrong, it literally took of layers and peeled for 5 days. I found that I could use lotion which helped remove peeling by rolling it off. I am a fan, and I have passed this onto to my sister and will be using this once a month. I am going to buy it as gifts. Thank you for a truly great product. Donna

  • Pre-Soaking is a Must by karrietak

    Saturday - I soaked my feet for 20 minutes before putting the booties on. I left the booties on for 65 minutes and washed my feet afterwards as instructed. Sunday- I soaked my feet for 15 minutes, I saw no change. Monday - I soaked my feet for 15 minutes, my feet looked a little dry. Tuesday- I forgot to soak. My feet looked dry. Wednesday - I soaked my feet for 15 minutes and started to rub my feet. To my surprise, pieces of skin began to roll off and expose pink soft skin! Thursday and for the next 7 night afterwards- I soaked my feet for 15 minutes and rolled the dead skin off! The dryness eventually dissipated and my feet became more and more baby soft. Saturday (2 weeks later) 99% of the peeling is done and my feet look great. I have a thin layer of calloused skin on both my heels but it's nothing like it was before. The brochure says it doesn't removes corns, but it actually peeled off layers of dead skin off my corns so they appear much smaller now. I plan on using Baby Foot within the next month and every couple months going forward. I love Baby Foot!

  • I was skeptical by soshiny

    I was skeptical before I tried this product, but after trying it and waiting a couple of days for it to take effect, it REALLY WORKED! I am not a paid reviewer just a regular person, and I had not too bad feet, just wanted to check this out and it's really amazing! So smooth and fresh. Suggestions, I kept my feet well hydrated with cream after doing treatment, slept with that and socks on and soaked them in the evening while watching tv . It helps skin slough off more readily! Now to my Hubbys REALLY bad feet!!!! Thanks for a product that really does what it claims! I'll be a repeat customer!

  • Really Works!!!! by MsCee21

    I will use this product again and again. My feet feel so soft.

  • Great Product! by mandy20000000

    I couldnt wait to get this and try it. All I can say is Wow, this stuff really works. It took almost a week before my feet started peeling but two weeks later it started and they still are. They feel nice and soft like they said they would. Definitely would recommend this product.

  • Awesome product by unhapft2

    Works like a charm,husband tried it too and it worked beautifully.Tried just about everything on his but this was only one that worked!

  • Absolutely Amazing! It Works!! by Keepetti

    I am a very impatient person and although 99% of the reviews and the "usage" section on Beauty Sage say it will take about 3-5 days for peeling to start, I was very discouraged during my first 3 days. The 4th day after doing the peel was miraculous, I had peeling in big patches, one was almost 3x3 inches, GROSS! But that's what I signed up for. Great product that actually works! NOTE: I pre-soaked my feet in a foot tub for about 30 minutes using warm water, epsom salt, and baking soda . Then I used the Baby Foot Peel as directed. Not sure how the product would have worked without a pre-soak, but I will do the same thing on my next treatment.

  • My new favorite product!! by beautifultiger

    As with some of the other reviewers, I had no results for three days. I was starting to think this product was a sham. Then on the fourth day, the peeling started between my toes. I have never had the tops of my feet peel before. I indeed, now have baby feet! I will be ordering more for my brother, who may need several rounds to achieve baby feet.

  • dead skin is peeling off in sheets by megan77

    I have to tell you that this product is amazing. I have the worst feet in the world. Pedicures at least twice a month. I used this one time and the dead skin is peeling off in sheets. The new skin is soft and pretty. Thank you for this product. I saw your advertisement on Face Book.Thanks again

  • Fabulous! by maureenwynn

    I used to have to shave the callouses off my feet because they'd get so thick. Now I just use Baby Foot! I was skeptical at first; just couldn't believe anything could remove those massive callouses. And the first time I used it, I thought at first it wasn't working, because nothing was happening after several days. But when everything finally started peeling, it was peeling off in literal sheets. I've since discovered that it helps to soak your feet not only before putting on the booties, but also once the peeling starts - the soaking really helps to remove the dead skin more easily. I now use it once a month to keep the callouses from coming back.

  • So happy it worked! by sarasmithjane

    I bought this for my boyfriend because he has really bad feet. I wasn't expecting miracles, but this stuff really works! The booties just barely fit his feet (he's a size 13) and it started peeling within three days. I mean it was peeling like crazy! It was kind of gross (little flakes everywhere), but it only lasted about 5-6 days. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry, peeling feet.

  • Baby Foot by foncie

    I am a tom boy and go barefoot a lot. I have callouses and try to have regular pedicures and put cream and socks on at night but feet are always a bit rough. Tried the baby foot product and after several days of seeing nothing thought it just wasn't working on me. Then my feet got very dry and scaly, then started to peel and after three days or so my feet were baby smooth. It's a bit of a process but it does work as described. Just used again for the second time. Also, once they peeled, my feet stayed smooth. Usually after a pedidure my feet are back to rough in just a couple of days.

  • Definitely works! by genesismuse

    I have mega bad feet. I'm on my feet all day at work (sometimes all night) and the floors are concrete, so even the most supportive socks and insoles don't really help. My right foot in particular is much worse than my left, for reasons I haven't yet unraveled. Pumice stones, 'grater' type skin tools and moisturizers all didn't do anything for me, and often made it worse in the long run.. but baby foot was definitely a game changer! My left foot felt like new after one use.. the right foot could have used another treatment. The peeling was epic, I was really surprised at just how much dead skin came off. Definitely recommend this product! I'll most likely be using it again in the future!

  • I Love It! Roberta by rc1943

    I live in Colorado, very different from Texas. My feet dry out unmercifully. This product works and is worth every penny. I wore socks while my feet were becoming beautiful (and it takes care of the ugly skin peels) Caution, follow the directions completely and refrain from picking.

  • Doesn't work where needed the most by Melodious4

    I was very excited to try this product. I followed the instructions exactly. My feet peeled and peeled and peeled, everywhere I didn't need it. On the tops of my foot on the arches of my foot and the sides of my foot. However, the only place that I really needed it, my heels, it did absolutely nothing for. You have to hide your feet for about 10 days while peeling is taking place, so you can imagine how disappointing it was when it came down to the very spots I needed and nothing happened. In fact it emphasize how dry my heels were because everything else was peeled off. When I wrote the company they said since the foot peeled it worked and no refund. Be prepared to spend at least $50 if you have Tough heels. And even that snt a guarantee.

  • YES - WOW by LisaHend

    It took 2 days after using it for the pealing to start and about a week to finish sloughing off. Still have some dry cracking on my heals but the rest of my feet are pink and soft!!! That is amazing for 51 year old feet. Will defiantly keep using this.

  • Wow!! by Page1114

    Well...I tried this thinking it wouldn't work. To my surprise it does! I started on Sept. 4th....and within 2 days I started peeling. Im almost a week in an my feet are still peeling. Now my skin does not come off in "sheets" but they do peel pretty good! My feet are starting to peel on top now! I have thick skin on my heels so im thinking it may take a bit more time but so far Im impressed! I love this stuff and will buy more....only because I hate pedicures, cant stand my feet touched! Love Love Love it!!!!!

  • Amazing and kind of weird by cclee783

    I have always had rough skin on my feet for as long as I can remember so I was skeptical about this product. I read all the positive reviews and decided to try it. It took about 5 days for the peeling to start and the process took twelve days total. It was weird to see all that dead skin when I took off my socks. I did two treatments two weeks apart and soaked my feet everyday for at least 10 minutes. I plan to use this monthly for the next 3 months to get the full effect. This really works!

  • amazing by Tami

    I purchased this, just like any other product I would try, with skepticism. I started on Sunday 9/1/13, because it was a work week and I didn't have any plans. On Wednesday, I noticed the peeling on and between my toes. On Thursday, after soaking my feet again, I noticed the rest of my feet starting to peel. Although it says do not peel, just rub, I couldn't resist doing one foot. AMAZING! I wish I could post pictures. I sent pics to my mom and niece. My daughter thought it was But the end result she couldn't believe. With this product, you will never need them to shave the dead skin again during your pedicure. I am truly a believer. OAN my husband loves the one foot so far... :)

  • Wow! by BriannaKankakee

    I was starting to think this wasn't going to work but then my feet started peeling like crazy. My feet are so ugly but its working so well! The skin is getting everywhere though, and my most calloused part hasn't started to peel but I can't really complain with the amount of work its doing.

  • Amazing product! by Evasmom

    I was anxious to get my little box with my magical bootys I had read so much about. It came and that night I slid them on for an exact 60 minutes. On the third day after I started almost to the hour, my skin was peeling off in sheets! I was so excited and amazed. This continued at this volume for the next 3 to 4 days. My skin was pink and baby soft. My feet were a little sensitive with my baby soft skin (think baby feet) so if you walk a lot or are a runner beware of this. I love the results. People say the calluses returned but I believe it's only because they were too thick to dissolve in one treatment. I am doing two for my initial treatment and will use after every few months for maintenance. The price is fine with me. I look at it as a pedicure extraordinaire! Nothing like this could ever be done at a salon, period. I'm hooked!

  • Pretty miraculous! by probnot

    This is an amazing product. I have really hard heels and this product peeled off the even the toughest layers. It took about a week to start working for me but once it started, I was sloughing off skin for another week. I did soak my feet every couple of days to loosen the skin and it rubbed right off in the water. My feet have never been so soft. I'm buying this for all my sisters and girlfriends for Christmas. Definitely soak your feet in warm water for about 30 minutes before the first treatment and soak them every couple of days afterward the same way. It makes a huge difference.

  • Works, but kind of weird by frenchiemae

    My feet started to peel after fours days and a long walk on the beach. The amount of skin that came off was amazing, but the peeling on the top on my feet has lasted another four days, very thin, flaky skin. Not attractive in sandals, it looks like a peeling sunburn! But the bottoms of my feet look fantastic.

  • What Everyone Else Says and... by strangevista

    All the 4-5 star reviews are accurate for me. Now i am looking for the kit/ or bottle of lotion without the booties. Found it on the Japanese site...

  • This stuff works by dhall823

    I bought this for my husband who has really bad feet. His feet were covered in dead flakey skin. He used it and in a couple of days, his feet started to flake. In about 2 weeks they were baby soft!! I'm just hoping it lasts a while since this product is pricey. I would recommend this to anyone who has dry flakey feet!

  • Amazing!! by Vickilee

    I have told everyone I know about Baby Foot! It took about 5 days for the peeling start and frankly I was ready to write a note and ask for my money back. That evening after work, I checked the bottom of my feet and wow! This stuff is amazing! I will buy it again and will buy it for my girls for Christmas! I would love to see them come out with a treatment just for heels. My heels are so much better than they were but could use another treatment that the rest of my feet don't need! I was skeptical about it working like it promises but I am a believer! It is worth every penny!

  • A lot of work but good results by mtf419

    After reading many reviews on this site and others, I was prepared for extra soaking time to speed up the peeling process. I soaked my feet for 30 minutes prior to application, kept the booties on for 1 hour, and then soaked for 30-60 minutes every evening for the next week. The peeling started within 24 hours and lasted about 2 weeks. The initial peeling was to the top of my feet, which was cool, but not really where my concerns were. There was a bit more peeling every day, mostly around my toes and soles; it took another week before the really rough spots (heels and big toes) started peeling. It didn't get rid of my calluses completely, but at the end of 2 weeks, they were noticeably smoother (I'd say about a 60% reduction). Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, they came back within a week of treatment, despite all of my efforts at soaking, scrubbing, and religious moisturizing. I would say that this treatment is great for before a vacation or big event, but too time consuming to do frequently enough to remain callus-free.

  • Amazine by dhall823

    My husband had the worst feet ever! I just wish I would have taken a before picture. His feet are baby soft now! Well worth the $25. My daughter is now going to try it.

  • Not happy by YogaDiva

    I purchased Baby Foot after reading all the reviews and thought Wow, that sounds great. Used it exactly as the directions said and this is now Day 7 and absolutely nothing has happened. I'm very disappointed and feel that I threw away $25. I'll know better the next time. I'll go back to my tried and true method of using lotion and wearing socks on my feet to help any dryness. Definitely not a fan. The only thing I can say is that it's easy to use and smells nice...that's why the one star.

  • This Works! by meese

    It definitely helps to soak your feet in warm water (just take a bath!) a few time 3-4 days after the initial application of this product. I actually did the product twice in the last month, and I love what it has done for my feet. Baby soft!

  • WOW!!! by bamurphy

    This product worked GREAT!!! Having read some of the reviews, I soaked my feet for 15-20 mins then put on the booties. I put socks over them to keep them snug. After 1 hour, removed the booties and washed my feet. 3 or 4 days later, feet started to peel. It had been 3 months since my last pedicure, but still, the skin that peeled was unbelievable!!! Will definitely use again!!!

  • Baby Foot by mtatters

    Works exactly as described. Couldn't be happier with the results. Reasonable price. Great product.

  • Exactly as Promised! by chess pie

    cool and comfortable to use. Peeling started after 3 days. Took off callused skin I couldn't get off any other way.I will use this on a regular basis now!

  • Not what I expected by Susan1015

    After reading the many reviews on this product I decided to try Baby Foot. I followed the directions and wanted for the pealing process. After 10 days or more I finally began to peel. Peeling lasted a couple of days and I did see some minor results.

  • AMAZING product. by karakobak

    Most product claims are exaggerated. This one does exactly what it says. I had callous removal done at a pedicure about 3 weeks beforehand, and it was so-so, as usual. I used this product by soaking my feet, then keeping the booties on for about 90 minutes, then soaked again. It took about 5 days before I started peeling a lot, but when I did...WOW. I feel like a thick layer came off my entire foot, even the parts that I didn't think needed it. Peeling lasted for about a week, with most in the first few days. My feet are still perfectly soft 3 weeks later, and have never looked better. After seeing the results, my friends have been snapping this product up and have all been fascinated/thrilled/grossed out just like I was. Buy this won't regret it!

  • Great Product by Ariesmel

    Does what it says. You tube this product - add cozy socks to the foot bags. I would say it's a two week process. Highly recommend.

  • COOL N FUN!! by spclbm

    Really cool stuff n so fun peeling the yucky old dead skin, even tho I know you're not supposed to! Took about 3 days to start, after much grumbling that this stuff doesn't work!! And it felt soooo good relaxing with the booties on at the start. I left mine on a little over two hours and tried to make sure the gel was evenly distributed over my entire bottom of feet by squishing it around. This is definitely a rebuy and will be giving it as gifts as well. Love it!!!

  • GOOD STUFF by Dantjohns

    Amazing, it took time to peel, started on day 3 or 4 and have been peeling every day since...Advice of a user is to soak every few days and it helps. I also keep my feet moisturized with A&D ointment and wear cotton footies to bed.........Which I remove after a hour. I will be purchasing BABY FOOT again as a 2 to 3 year used product. Yet I had a few problem areas of my feet(inner big toe, outer heels mild callus from wearing my work boots) that wasnt really bad. So depending on the condition of your feet, determines the result. So if you have thick callus feet, you will need more then one use of BABY FOOT......Again GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Product! by ashleyshane406

    I am currently on day 6 of the process. It has been pretty cool to see the results slowly unfold. I have thick dead skin on the inner side of my heels on both feet, so I am waiting to see if I get more and better peeling in that area. But so far... great product! I will be buying this much more in the future to keep my feet at their best!

  • Babys feet by Beautysharon

    I gave a review earlier today and boy was I very wrong, I took a shower and wow this product is working, guess I just did not give it enough time. I will certainly reorder again and spoke too soon. Great product.

  • Layers come off, but.... by Zell.O

    I can't say it's better than a pedicure. It is rather odd/grossly fascinating to see thin sheets of your skin come off.... But I can't say this is a miracle that left my feet like a baby's. A good old fashioned pedicure will give you the same results, in less time and zero shedding all over your sheets.... Shaking out my sheets was disgusting!!

  • Baby Foot by karenduckyhenry

    This is the most amazing product. I have used it twice and have been very pleased. It does take a few days to start and more days to finish but totally worth it. My feet are so soft. Great for those who do not care or are not able to have pedicures. Really removed all dead skin including between toes and cuticles.

  • My feet haven't looked this good in a long time by BarHarbor

    I saw a column in a magazine about Baby Foot which included the Beauty Sage website as a source to get the product. My feet were an embarrassment, cracked heels and thick callouses. I followed the directions and wore a pair of socks over the booties and left them on for 2 hours. At first, I noticed the tops of my feet peeling. Then days later, the bottoms started to peel. The peeling lasted for 10 days or more. I was amazed that the nasty thick callouses on the balls of my feet were gone. I've had many pedicures, but the skin on my feet NEVER looked this good. I'm so glad that I saw the article in the magazine. I was introduced to Baby Foot and Beauty Sage.

  • Amazing stuff by Barbara Caye

    I have used the product twice-I had really bad calluses with cracking that never peeled completely the first time. Everything else and I mean *everything* did. This stuff is amazing! I will definitely use it again when dead skin builds up, already told all my friends.

  • I was skeptical.... by arosenbe

    I read all of the reviews and looked up tips and tricks before buying and again before using. Soaked my feet, left the "socks" on for the better part of an hour, and washed thoroughly after. 2 days, nothing. 3rd day was walking barefoot in the house and thought I stepped in something...later realized it was me. The peeling is really cool in a gross sort of way. I'm almost 2 weeks in and the peeling is almost done. Feet aren't perfect, really thick calluses are still there, but a lot better. I plan to buy again this winter and repeat the process...maybe twice. Will wait and see. Overall very pleased.

  • Very good but not perfect by dandelion3

    I followed the instructions and the peeling started about the third day and went on for 4-5 more days. The bottoms of my feet had the best results. I had some calluses and built-up dead skin on my toes that look a lot better but dead skin not totally gone. My heels were very dry with thick cracked layers of skin... They have improved a lot but still need more work. Maybe if I tried a second applicaton? Maybe I will... Or maybe I'll just go with pedicures for the rest of the summer and try again in the cooler months.

  • Works For Awhile Then... by Mcw0984

    The product did exactly what it said it would do. A few days after using the product, soaking my feet every other day, and not putting any lotion on my feet began to peel. Layers of skin came off and my feet became more sensitive to touch (which was a good thing!). After a few weeks and I was able to put lotion on I thought I would have a new start with my feet. However the dead skin came back even with me maintaining moisture and buffing every other day in the shower. It isn't a cure it is an on going process. I will probably buy once more when sandal season is over. Glad I waited to write my review later because right off the Baby Foot product it would have been a 5 star product.

  • No Complaints by bonie

    I have read all the reviews before purchasing. I think the price is great considering what a pedicure cost and doesn't work as good. I received baby foot in just a couple of days. Started on Monday with 20 minute long foot soak then put on the boots. waited 1 hour 15 minutes then washed feet as directed. Every day I soaked my feet and I wore socks. Wednesday my feet were a little itchy and by Friday they were slightly shedding between the toes. Saturday I took a hot long soaking bath and boy was I in for a surprise. My feet started shedding the old layers off and I was aggressively rubbing with my hand and washcloth while in the tub. Still not all the way done, Sunday I soaked my feet and rubbed the worst part of the skin from my heels and toes with hand and washcloth. There is still a little peeling to do but I am truly amazed at how this product works. I ordered two when I first ordered and I am so glad. I will repeat this whenever necessary to keep my feet soft and dead skin free. Thank you Baby Foot.

  • It Works! by DorothyV

    Like others, it took about 4 days or so, but the peeling continued well over a week. I needed a pedicure, but held off till the peeling was about finished. It does just what it claims & I'll buy it again....once sandal season is over so my peeling skin is not there for the world to see! Try it!

  • UNBELIEVABLE by Dawsyngmamababy

    This is a AWSOME product, it really works. Instead of going to get a pedicure twice a month. In spending $ 25.00 . I rather buy this product monthly and do it myself.

  • IT REALLY WORKS by Dawsyngmamababy

    After reading all comments I decided to give this product a try. All I can say is the result are UNBELEVIABLE.

  • Cost Effective Product by ramsey66

    This product is cost-effective because a spa visit would be at least $25 dollars or more and would only get a few layers off your feet. It works. I spend two hours every two weeks soaking and exfoliating my feet. I am an OR Nurse and on my feet hours each day. Pedicures do not get rid of the callouses on the heels and this product does. I got it as a gift from a friend and now I am ordering it. I will be giving this as a gift as well for my mother and sisters.

  • Fantastic Results!!! by rocklobstertina

    My Heels wear soooo dry they cracked and would bleed:( It took about 6/7 days to really see the peeling and boy was it gross! but man the results are amazing! i still have i little bit of old skin on my heels but it's 95% better. Even my toes look fresh and soft. My husband couldn't believe the results! He wants to try it. Def. worth 25$ will buy it again. and crazy fast shipping!!

  • Didn't work for me by Halifax5

    I bought two and have only used one. I had no peeling until day 5 when the tops of my toes (!) and sides of my feet started to peel. But the heavy callouses on the ball of my feet and the thicker skin on my heels never peeled - it's now a full 3 weeks later. I left the booties on for 1 1/2 hours. I will try the second set for 2 hours and see how that goes. My sister had great results after 2 hours on her feet, but not so much for me. :(

  • Stand back!! by Chmart

    Baby feet s accurately named, my calloused feet keep pealing and it's been 1 week. I'm in the pool an hour a day, and after minor peeling, the fifth day I could feel skin flipping on my feet. Sure enough, I looked like some creature from the deep with large 2" strips of skin ci Moving off my feet. Everyday since it continues to o the same thing! I'm now down to baby skin, tender to walk on, and still peeling!! In a couple days ill be shorter too!,

  • It works! by rexv

    I, too was skeptical, especially when it did nothing for 3 days, then the 4th day, my dead skin peeled off like a sunburn. I really loved this product and it worked!

  • Unbelievable!! by deejay4543

    Okay, I have to admit this worked better than I thought it would but it didn't totally take away the cracks in my heels. I read the reviews before I purchased the product and listened to the advice from others before I started. I washed my feet first, kept the boots on for 1 1/2 hours then soaked my feet after for 15 min. I soaked my feet every other day for 15 min. nothing happened by day 5. Needless to say I was disappointed, I thought maybe I washed off everything by soaking my feet the first night. By day 6 I started to see some small areas starting to peel...okay I thought maybe some parts will peel. By day 7/8 all I can say is WOW!! What transformed in the next few days was amazing. My feet had layers and layers of skin coming off and nice pink skin showing underneath. My feet were so bad before I started...I had dirt that was embedded in the cracks and the cracks were so deep I could put my fingernail in and then some. Years going barefoot has taken a toll on my feet and they were bad...what a difference. All the dirt and thick dry skin is gone and the cracks in my heels are so much better, cracks are not totally gone but I used a pumice stone and filed them down and my feet look great. I am going to do another treatment later this summer because the peeling is such a mess I can't go that long covering up my feet in the summer heat. Wonderful product...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  • Amazing by Barbara Caye

    I've had bad calluses for years. Not only does my job entail lots of walking, I dislike wearing shoes when I don't have to. This stuff caused all that dead skin to peel off in sheets, with no discomfort at all! The only negative thing I can possibly say is that the uncarpeted floors in my house feel incredibly cold! Will definitely use this again.

  • WOW! Just WOW! by Poodlemom

    IT WORKS WONDERFULLY! Like most of you I am overly skeptical about "the perfect products" out there, but must say - Baby Foot is the exception to the hype. It works, and does it quickly and painlessly. I have a spinal injury that allows me limited flexibility to reach and work on my feet. In addition to that, my feet are overly sensitive and I hate for folks to touch + massage them - so no pedicures for me. Long story short - they were neglected and with my limited flexibility had become neglected. Baby Foot to the rescue! I took an extra long shower prior to applying the booties, and left them on longer than the recommended hour [figured I needed it and I wanted to give it the best chance to work]. Washed off the gel, put a thick foot lotion on over the next 3 days, as I am wearing socks and snake boots for work, and on day 3 [long day in 90* weather outside] when I took my socks off in the evening to take my shower - entire sheets of thick skin came off with it. My feet totally peeled last night with a bit of help and are pretty much done, other than between the toes and a bit more to go on top of the feet. Truly amazing - I expected to muck around with this for 2 weeks or more considering the poor condition of my feet, and it only took 3 days for me. I expect the last thin shreds to come off within the next day or two. I will definitely be doing this again in a few months and be glad to recommend it to my friends too. This is a perfect gift to give to someone who already has everything and whom you are struggling for finding a little something to pamper themselves with. 5 Stars for me!

  • Five Stars from me! by Mommalaux

    This product is amazing! It was a process though so be prepared. Day 1-4 my feet just dried out and the bottoms started to crack. Day 5-8 intense peeling. I tried not to pick as I was afraid I would peel away too deep so I tried to just brush them off. Days 10-14 were just very light flakes. By day 14 my feet were like brand new. No pain what's so ever!!!

  • It REALLY works!!! by telisha38127

    I saw someone do a review of this product on YouTube and I just had to try it. My feet started peeling on day 4 and by day 7 they were definately in peel mode. I did mine in the summer, so I had to wear closed in shoes for about a week after the peeling began, but it was well worth it. I will be ordering this again!!

  • it works, but don't expect miracles. by jleighk

    I soaked my feet in warm water first then wore the baby feet booties for a full hour. The first few days my feet became very dry and cracked. On about day 5 they started to peel. They peeled for about a week and then it was done. I have to say the my feet are much smoother except for areas where I had already had callouses. The usual suspects....on my big toe and heels. Although those areas are improved they are still rough and calloused. I suppose I would be willing to try a second go round with baby feet to see if it would help because it did work, but I would not say that it gave me baby feet.

  • AMAZING by monroedj

    After reading the reviews, I just had to try this. I am in my barefeet most of the time I spend at home. I loved the scent of this product and it did an amazing job on my feet. Once the dead skin all peeled off, they were so smooth. THey feel just like baby feet now. Would recommend to anyone who loves smooth pretty feet.

  • True! True! True! by Tausha19

    This product really work!. First, I read the reviews which were really informational. I made sure I soaked my feet first. Actually I took a nice hot bath then I wrapped my feet in the product with a pair of socks. Then I fell asleep! Yep! I feel asleep.(I was very tired) Any way when I woke up the next day I thought I had ruined my feet. They looked like I had sat in water to long(wrinkly and pale) By the way I'm African American. I oiled my feet with Vaseline because my feet were stinging a little. I'm not sure how long it took because my feet went back to looking normal. Then the peeling started on the top of my feet first(it was probably 1 week to 2 weeks). Next it started underneath. WOW I felt like a snake shedding its skin. On the left side of my foot by my heal, I have this white callus discoloration, the size of a nickle, I tried e-ver-reething to get rid of it but NOTHING worked! Until Baby Foot! The white callus peeled off and I haven't seen it since. Honestly people my feet feel like a baby's feet. I recommend this product! The bottom of your feet have been reborn.

  • It Works! by Janicet35

    It took 6 days, but the skin honestly started peeling off. It was not a quick or a pretty process. I am glad I was still able to wear closed shoes but feet look and feel great. I still have a thick sole, but substantially less.

  • nice product by lonnie

    Bought this to take the dead winter skin off my feet and it did a good job. It works just the way the package said it would. It took about 6 days to start to see any change and then over the span of about 2 weeks, peeled off a lot of dead skin. I think I could use a second round of this product soon, but right now my feet look pretty good! I would buy this again. 4 stars only because it is a little expensive

  • Surprise actually does work by peruviaprincess

    I was very skeptical if this would work or not. I always think reviews are from people that work for the company but I do not! This product works so good. My feet are so soft. Some people may think the peeling part is gross. I thought it was pretty cool. Day 3 nothing was happening. Went to work that day on my feet all day so they were sweaty. When I got home and took my socks off there was the dead skin hanging off. You do have to soak your feet though to get them to really peel. But its great. I'm gonna order one for my boyfriend and another one for me when I need it in thefutfuture.

  • Best of the Best by JMichael

    I have always had a problem with callus on my feet, and have tried various products in my life , but until now I have been disapointed. This product does exactly what it claims to be able to do, and that is to remove dry skin and callus and leave your feet baby soft. My wife was amazed at tyhe difference that it has made. I have told some of my friends about it and they are excited. This product worked for me with my troubled feet and I know it will work for you, whether you are a man or woman give it a try and feel the difference in your feet.

  • Who knew?! by fridaatbrooklyn

    I stumbled upon this product, and the funny thing is I don't remember how it happened lol. But it is amazing! It really really works. The package states peeling lasts 2 to 7 days, but I guess it depends on the individual because my peeling lasted about 12 days, but worth it. Just don't plan on wearing flip flops out for those days, cause looks yucky, so plan accordingly. Will definitely by again and also makes a great gift. But wish it was less than $25. I only knocked off one star because of price.

  • Unfortunately it did not work for me! by Rita_M

    So excited when I purchased this product and very disappointed that this product did not work for me. Used it as directed and nothing happened.

  • Peeling, Schmeeling, What's the Deal(ing)? by Reesy

    This is not the product to use in late spring or summer...While the gel is ultra cool and soothing to the feet, the after effects left me wasting a lot of time in the morning peeling off exfoliating skin...OMG...I couldn't wear sandals in 80+-degree days this week in NYC because my feet looked horrid...I don't disapprove of the product but I think it's better to use in the fall and winter...Spring and Summer---NOT!

  • Love It by Barbaraf219

    This stuff is amazing. I tend to have very dry heels and my feet have never been softer. It took about 3 days to start peeling and about 2 weeks to completely peel but worth it.

  • Such a Disappointment by gd35

    I was very excited about this product after reading all the reviews. I used it 11 days ago and had no results at all. What a colossal waste of money.

  • The Name Says it All! by PMJ4LA

    My BFF, Marty, told me about this product, and it really sounded too good to be true. But knowing Marty, I ordered it right away. This "stuff" is amazing. My feet have never been softer, and it lives up to it's claim. All I can say is try it, follow the directions and you, too, will be amazed. It's easy, painless and fabulous! I told several girlfriends about it, and they (and their husbands and/or significant others) have tried it and had the same experience that I had. I recommend this product 100%!!!

  • Sooooooo love Baby foot by morena

    I just recently used my baby foot. I have had it for about two months since I was pregnant. I put mine on and by the third day I started peeling and am currently still peeling at my ankles. I plan to buy it again if needed. One of my kids would call me witch feet thats how horrible my feet were. I really didn't think it would work and it did. Sooo love it. So worth the money

  • Nothing by kimberlyakelly

    I can't believe it. Nothing. Used the product and absolutely nothing happened. I followed the directions exactly as written. A waste of money.

  • worth it! by caralmp

    I was skeptical, I admit. I have tried so many products and I refuse to get a pedicure done in a salon as I just don't like my feet touched by other people. I broke down and bought it, figuring what did I have to lose? I followed the directions and by day 3, I was peeling. By day 7, I had lost the crevices in my heels and my feet were the smoothest they had been in years. I am ordering again since it's sandal season! I am a believer!

  • Unbelievable Product by AZGAL59

    I was very excited to use this product. I followed all instructions and did not see any peeling for two days. On the third day my feet were looked like a snake shedding it's skin, this continued for over a week. I am very pleased with the results. It is money well spent and it also banished the cuticles on my toes, so now I just need to polish my toes and I am ready for sandals!! I will be purchasing this again.

  • poor results by kimberlyakelly

    I recently tried babyfoot with great expectations. Only had very light flaking after 6-7 days on the tops of my feet and nothing on the bottoms of my feet where I still have callused areas. Totally disappointed.

  • Great Addition to Foot Care Routine by DirtyLaundry

    I am pretty meticulous about taking care of my feet via weekly at-home pedicures [I am very paranoid about getting pedicures done publicly as a service due to potential hygiene issues, re-using equipment, bacteria, etc.]. I soak my feet, use a pumice stone, and apply a foot scrub before tending to my cuticles and nails. This routine keeps my feet looking very well-tended, but there are always those rough spots that never quite go away no matter how aggressively I pumice [bottom of heels and outside of big toes]. So, before the advent of open-shoe season, I decided to try Baby Foot. I used one application, waited three weeks, and then used another application - just to see what would happen. The product definitely sloughed off lots of dead skin from the bottoms of my feet both times, and even clarified the skin around my toenails [peeling started on days 4-5]. I will not tout this as some "miracle" cure for my rough spots; although it softened them considerably, they did not vanish and give me "baby feet" again. [There's simply no way that would be possible unless I never wore shoes again, period.] But all in all, I am very pleased with the results since my feet look and feel great. I will definitely be using this every few months for added maintenance, and I'll probably be "doubling down" again at the end of future Winter seasons to have super-fresh feet in time for Spring every year!

  • Amazed by charnv

    I am so convinced by this product. I am defiantly going to do this again. My feed were so bad I was embarrassed to show them. I would walk across a rug and they would catch they were so dry and just gross. I was skeptical at first with this product and really didn't think it would work. After the first 2 days and nothing happened I was like oh well at least I tried it but wow by the 3rd day and soaking my feet the skin began to peel and even though they felt like they were dryer then they were before I was excited when I say underneath the skin coming off. I haven't had feet like this in years, they are so smooth and the cracks are gone. I am so bought by this product. Thank you Baby Foot and Beauty Stage. The shipping was unbelievable, I couldn't believe how fast I received it. I ordered it on a Friday and had it on the next Tuesday, now that's service :)

  • Did not work for me by criess

    I wore this product on my feet per the enclosed instructions. I did not put any other product on my feet afterward, and I waited. And I waited. It has been 11 days since and my feel never peeled. I am very disappointed. I still have the rough dry skin on the back of my heels.

  • Seriously? by Jenprado

    I was excited to try this since there are so many 5 star reviews.... Sorry to say, but this product did NOTHING. I waited and waited... NOTHING... A bit expensive for a crappy product.

  • Works like it says but uncomfortable by DenverAli

    Maybe I'm a wimp but I found the process to be uncomfortable. There was initially a cool, tingly sensation during the treatment that continued for several hours. The drying sensation that continued over the next 5-6 days before my feet started peeling was more than I expected. I'm a peeler/picker (sunburns, scabs etc) so when my skin started coming off I couldn't help but help it along so I did have some sensitivity. It worked though & my feet look great & are soft so I guess I shouldn't complain but all the other reviews said it was painless & I had a little different experience that was worth mentioning.

  • works like magic by bibi

    OMG i am so buying this product again and again and again. This is a life saver. At first i wasn't too sure if it really works but after i tried it i was amazed a week later. This product does what it says. For $25 my feet feel like a new born baby feet. A+ AMAZING....i am a very satisfied customer and btw their shipping is super fast....Thanks beauty stage

  • Love it! by BewetifulEwe

    Winter always takes a toll on my feet living in such a cold area and having hard water. After so many horror stories of infections, I stopped going to salons for pedicures and did them at home. That meant sore feet from scraping and scrubbing. I toyed with the idea of getting Baby Foot for a few months and finally caved. I'm glad I did. It took about 3 days to start working, but once it did - WOW!! The process is still going, but the rough areas on my heels and everything have improved significantly. For most of the foot the best way I can describe it is - it's like when you were a child and put school glue on the palm of your hand and let it dry then peeled it off. That's how the skin peels of. Not pretty, but so worth it. I will be ordering again and recommending.

  • Amazing Product!!! by Blakqueen 49

    I decided to try this after seeing a youtuber talk about how good it is. Well I am here to say that this product is awesome. It took six days for the peeling process to start but once it did, it was amazing. My feet are so soft now. For those that say it doesn't work or that it didn't do a good job--try it again. You may need more than one application but trust me--this product does work and it is AMAZING!!!

  • We Both Love It!!!! by Nice lady

    I used it first and my husband was so impressed with how soft and smooth my feet were that he had me order a Baby Foot kit for him. His feet have never looked so good. I told my friends and co-workers about it and they also are ordering kits for themselves.

  • 100% improvement by sistersings13

    My heels are very calloused...I stand a lot and have been walking consistently for exercise in 2013. I am so self-conscious about my feet that I pre-pedicure before I will even let anyone near them! I tried Baby Foot and followed the directions fairly well. I have another two containers and I will put socks (and maybe shoes) over top the next time, will soak daily, and be patient while Baby Foot works its miracle. It took six days to begin, but my feet are 100% improved. If you're on the fence, go ahead and order it! We only have another few weeks until sandals are the everyday foot wear choice. :)

  • Amazing by Chandra

    I bought 2, one for my husband and one for me. I must admit we both laughed when we received it in the mail. We both have pretty bad looking feet and felt like we should have been the test dummies for this product. Well we're not laughing anymore, this product is truly Amazing, it really works, my feet are Pretty ( softer than I can ever remember )and so are my husbands. All the dead skin is gone. I'll definitely be using this again.

  • ***** by jblaize828

    Great product my feet came out lovely. I recommend to all my family and friends. I couldn't believe it. I am amazed. No more pedicures for me. Thank you baby feet

  • EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!! by teresa64

    Totally, recommend to friends and family!!!

  • Your feet will love you! by Victoria S

    After reading all the reviews and walking barefooted most of my life, I realized I needed this product. I soaked, put the booties on for two hours, washed it off and waited. And waited, and waited. It took me 6 days to start the peeling process, but then WOW!!!!! Sheets of skin came off! What was amazing was that the skin underneath wasn't the least bit sore or red. This is an amazing product! I had such bad calluses from always being barefooted that I need to do it again, and maybe again. But who cares, this really works.

  • AMAZING (and kinda gross in a good way) by Brittany_1

    I take very good care of my feet with monthly pedicures and daily exfoliation and moisturizing. When I received BabyFoot as a Christmas gift I had pretty low expectations, especially since I don't consider my feet dry or cracked. Boy was I wrong! Around day 3 they started peeling and continued to for almost 2 weeks. It was fascinating. I was like a snake! Every time I took my sock off I has to turn it inside out and dump the dead skin that had collected in the trash. My feet are softer than ever. I'm addicted.

  • This works! by phylgerb

    I've used this twice now. It works as described. It takes about a week for the entire process, and when it's done, your feet are soft and smooth. No worries about possible infections from communal tools, no sore feet from too much scraping-- just 2-3 days of ugly feet and you're done.

  • excellent product! by felieke

    I followed the directions on the website, I did the treatment on Wednesday and by Friday night peeling had started.15 minute soaks daily, it is now a week later and mypeeling Is almost complete. A winters worth of neglect completely wiped away. This is far better than any pedicure I've ever gotten and I am so looking forward to sandal season.

  • Wonderful Deep Exfoliation by nsanoir

    I have used everything imaginable and nothing has worked until now! This product is amazing. I started to peel 5 days after the application. I am very happy with the results. I needed the peeling more on the top of my feet than on the bottom. I have so much dead skin that I will do another one in about a week or so. I just want to know when there will be something for hands, knees, and elbows.

  • Miracle Worker by bell

    My feet were dry and cracked. It did take 7 days for my feet to start peeling, but the results were amazing.After all the dead skin peeled away, my feet are soft and have stayed that way for over a month now.

  • AWESOME!!! by ecarde

    I honestly did not think there was any hope for my feet! This is a miracle product!

  • Amazing! by rangerswife

    I read the reviews, bought it to try, but was still skeptical...I followed the directions, but remembered something I read from another review elsewhere, which said to soak your feet in warm water for 20 min before hand, and continue to soak your feet every other day- it absolutely works! My feet were in bad shape, and I wasn't expecting much- but the results were more than I had hoped for. Yes, it's gross when it peels, but that's the point isn't it? I will continue to use Baby Foot for maintenance, especially since summer sandal weather is right around the corner!

  • My feet look great by Marcia

    It doesn't take away all of the callouses but a lot of dry skin did flake off after 5 days and my feet look great. You can't fix years of wear and tear in 1/2 an hour!!! I think it is worth it.

  • Great product !!!!!!!! by Nabou1

    Prior to discovering this product my feet were hopeless I had callus dry feet you name it After using baby foot my peel started on day 4 and still is right now peeling I do have few days to go but I just love the results so far so good Best product $25 I ever spent will most definitely recommend it

  • Amazed but...... by Summerlish

    At first I thought nothing was going to happen but then WHOA!!!!! my feet began peeling like crazy by day 3!!! My feet haven't been this soft ever. However, where I really needed it to work it didn't do much, on my heals. Maybe I need to repeat the process over again to get my heels together. I do wish that there was a way to target certain areas of your foot. The top of my feet peeled as well. Kinda creepy:)

  • Great product by fordgirl2003

    I was skeptical at first and then I received one as a gift. I had my husband try it as my test subject and WOW. He's never had a pedi and when the skin started sloughing off after about 4 days, I was impressed! The end product was super smooth feet that looked great! I have since purchased my own to use and just love this product. I'll be using this again!

  • Light Peel Only by wineaux

    The peel started 5 days after using the product and only targeted a thin layer of skin. Did not tackle the thicker callusus.

  • Awesome Exfoliator by dg687

    I am a big fan of this product. My feet tend to be very dry and calloused with ugly chapped skin around my heels. I use foot scrub in the shower, a heavy moisturizer on my feet and get regular pedicures - my feet still look dry and unatractive. I used baby foot for the first time last weekend and have had great results! The skin on started sloughing off 4 days after application. It has been 7 days since I used it and have minor sloughing. My feet are so soft and smooth - i can't remember the last time they were this nice! There are still some callouses on the ball of my feet but they are much thinner than before and much softer. I look forward to using this product to keep my feet looking great during sandal season.

  • Awesome! by tiffachelle

    I was pretty skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I tried it! So much skin came off, which I thought was pretty awesome! haha I will probably do another application, because I still have some skin up there. But that's to be expected since my feet were super rough. This product is simply ah-mazing!

  • easy and wonderful. better than a pedi by naturegal

    i love this product. it’s 10x better than a pedicure to remove my callouses and rough skin. and in response to the previous reviewer, the instructions to use this product couldn’t be easier or more foolproof. I totally don’t understand the confusion. if you know how to wear a sock and wash your feet and read, you can be successful using this product. seriously! get a grip.

  • Not quite... by Carol Ross

    Just discovered that there are much more detailed instructions (previous post) that I didn't have when I used Baby Foot. It took 7 days for the peeling to start and it lasted several days. But where I have heavy calluses, it wasn't effective at all. Disappointing :(

  • Works as promised by Dellz11

    This took a little longer to work for me than stated on the package. Instead of 7 days it took about 14. The first 3-5 days the bottom of my feet felt like sandpaper on about the 6th day the skin started to peel/shed. It really does look quite scary but it doesn't hurt at all. The shedding lasted for about a week. My feet are the softest that have been in a very long time. It's only been a week since the peeling stopped; but I am very happy with how soft & smooth my feet are. I hope the results last at least a month or two.

  • Worked the first time--not the second by Lynn23

    I was excited to try this product. The bottom of my feet have always been dry and an embarrassment to me. I tried Baby Foot and was very happy with the results, so I bought two more to use later. The second time I used Baby Foot--nothing happened. No pealing, NOTHING. I don't know if the ingredients have changed, but because of my last treatment, would definitely not recommend this product. I would not even give it one star!

  • Great! by MelNava08

    Simply amazing.

  • Baby Foot Really Works by Tamalaj

    On day 5 I noticed the top of my foot began to peel so I decided to assist the peeling by taking a foot bath on day 5 and began rubbing and peeling off the dead skin. There is still a little dry skin left on the bottom of my feet which will be removed after my next treatment. I am very happy about this product and plan on using this treatment every few months to get rid of any dead skin.

  • Complete Directions Not on Package by Tip23

    This was an okay product. Dry skin came back less than one month later. Directions on package aren't nearly as thorough as the website.

  • Wow! by MaryBB1961

    Seriously, it really works. Took a bit longer for me - still peeling after a couple of weeks, but it's amazing. My only wish - the booties have the gel completely surround your foot so I'm peeling on top of my foot where it's not necessary. Would be nice to have a way to just distribute the gel where it's needed. But seriously, even between my toes and around the nails. It's amazing!

  • Follow Directions by soundslikechina

    You must read all of the fine print in the directions...... 1. Wash feet with soap (to remove lotions) 2. Soak feet for 15 minutes 3.Use Plastic Booties ( Place socks over plastic booties) 4.Wash feet with Soap 5. Soak feet for 15 minutes 6. Soak feet everyday for at least 15 minutes I gathered this additional information by looking at the baby foot website and reading the fine print.

  • It works by questlove21

    At first I was like some of the reviewers, I thought I had wasted money on this product because I saw no peeling. Oh boy was I wrong during day 5 I saw amounts of excess peeling.. Ive had rough feet ever since I was little. So my feet were really rough and now they are soft. I do have to do a follow up treatment bc I had a lot of dead skin from over the years but it is worth it to finally have nice feet that pedicures couldnt even get close to.

  • Greatest foot care product on earth! by dixiebelle347

    Oh the money, effort and hours I have spent, trying to regain the heels and soles of my youth! Baby Foot is the ticket to soft smooth feet. My heels had crevices that I battled for years and, now, I could not be more pleased. Sock weather is the perfect time for using this product because the peeling does persist for several days. My feet are ready for sandal weather. Thanks BobyFoot!

  • Oh baby! by Otis

    This is simply amazing! I dies exactly what it says. You think it isnt going to work then about day 5 starts working and you end up with baby feet!

  • Wow! by Regalrose

    I was a runner for years and my feet took a beating!!!! Dry cracked heels and callouses were pretty much the norm for me. I was a bit dubious about this product but decided to give try. I am so glad I did! Be will take several days before you see any peeling...5 days for me. I have spent lots of money on creams and pedicures and this product was superior to any other treatment I have tried. If you are on the fence about this product you should order really works. I even recommended it to my sister who ordered it too!

  • Baby Foot by bklynqn

    I really liked this product, it did what it promised to do. Get all the dead skin off my feet. I had dead skin come off that I didn't even know was there. I would recommend this if you nice smooth feet!

  • AMAZING by Quess

    Let me start off by saying I never review products but I had to for this one. I have been wearing heels almost constantly for about 8 months so needless to say my feet have been taking a beating. I take pretty good care of my feet but the rubbing of different shoes has given me calluses. I wasn't sure how this product would work on them but I figured it couldn't hurt to try and to at least get the dead skin off of other areas. It has been one week since I did the treatment and the calluses are almost completely gone and the skin hasn't even finished peeling yet!!!!!!!!! Even though I am now in love and would recommend Baby Foot to anyone, I would just like to warn everyone the peeling process is GROSS so be aware. I've been wearing socks constantly since the peeling began and whenever I take them off it looks like dust is flying off my feet o.0

  • This product really works. I am floored! by MelodyAnn

    I wore the Baby Foot booties on Sunday night. Absolutely nothing happened for 4 days. Then on Thursday evening my feel started to peel like crazy. And it is completely painless. My feet have been transformed. I know it is hard to believe that a mail order product could work this well. You have to try it. I am recommending it to all of my girlfriends!!!!!

  • Wow! by mlmama

    I got one of these for my husband - who has really, really knarly feet. It is 5 days since he used it & the transformation is almost complete! Huge flakes of dried, dead skin are almost completely peeled off. I am very jealous because I have to wait to use mine! I'm currently breastfeeding & it has salicyclic acid (aspirin family). To the other reviewer who complained about the lack of warning - products don't put warnings on for this otherwise safe ingredient & SO many products contain salicyclic acid - it's up to the consumer to read the ingredients & decide if they want to use it! Anyhoo - fantastic product...

  • excellent by Tipping

    After all the pealing, so worth it. It's like I have brand new feet!

  • Really didn't think it would work....and I was actually WRONG! by spajunkie

    I am VERY SURPRISED to say that this product ACTUALLY says what it does. I bought it the beginning of December 2012, but didn't use it till a few days before Christmas. Five whole days passed and not a thing happened. I figured total waste of $25. Then I awakened the next morning and was TOTALLY FLOORED. My feet peeled for about 4 more days, tapering to completion by day 6. I go to the Bliss Spa at a W hotel for my mani/pedicures. I usually get the Foot Patrol. This product has killed the results I get at Bliss. And trust that's a very good pedicure. I couldn't believe how soft my feet were. It was insane. I am no longer going for a pedi EVER AGAIN. I can paint my own darn toenails. But BabyFoot is my newest Pedicurist. HANDS DOWN!

  • Da Bomb! by KDL165

    This stuffs works just like advertised. I followed the directions as listed on the box and after about 5 days I had major peeling. I would guessamate that five or so layers came off of the bottom of my feet and about two layers from the top and sides of my feet. Oh I actually left the booties on for more than the directed one hour time. It was closer to two hours.

  • The one product that actually states the truth by Windsor

    Love, love, love this product and I am totally a product snob! Works great. Just remember it takes a couple days for the skin to start peeling! Leaves your skin feeling great!

  • do not use if pregnant by katie

    Really disappointed! Bought this for my sister for Christmas but she is 4 month's pregnant and can't use it. NOWHERE in the description online does it say that you can't use it if you are pregnant!! Only gave it one star due to the lack of information given online.

  • Crazy Good!!!! by Lamington

    Okay. Baby Feet is not necessarily for the faint of heart as after 3 days your feet will start peeling until they resemble a shot from the Walking Dead. So you must be prepared to keep those puppies under wraps so avoid doing this in sandal weather; however, once the process is over your feet are brand new!!! Years of abuse through high heels and barefoot walks left my feet calloused and leathery. But Baby Feet came through! Love my baby feet!!!

  • Goodbye nasty feet. Hello pretty feet by rebecca_b

    I'm pleasantly surprised. After using the product for a couple of days, I thought that it didn't work, but by day 3 the skin on my feet started peeling and exfoliating like crazy. My disgusting feet were literally transformed almost overnight. The nasty skin is gone and my feet are now soft and pretty. I'll need to book a vacation so I can wear sandals and show off my new feet!

  • Amazing how this really works! by adtramel

    So, I am a male and tried this product not knowing what to expect. You read about all natural ingredients and think "how well could this work?" I don't know from spa treatments and other ways to smooth feet, but saw this and thought it was worth a try for $25. After using this product my feet literally look 10x better than they have in years. I also bought one for my wife and she was thrilled with the results and thought her feet looked way better than after expensive pedicures. I highly recommend you give this product a try.

  • BabyFoot Rocks! by N2Beauty

    I have had rough feet for as long as I can remember and thought there was nothing that I could do. I wasted more money than I would like to admit on lotions and creams which simply made my feel feel smoother for the day. BabyFoot, put simply, just works. It is one of the most amazing products that I have ever used. I would recomend BabyFoot to anyone who wants Baby Soft feet.

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