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Z_Finale Finishing Powder White


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What: An all-natural, vegetarian-based finishing powder.


Who: All skin types; ideal for fair skintones.


Why it works: The pure and natural ingredients in this finishing powder diffuse imperfections in the skin—making it the perfect “save the best for last” step in your daily routine. Organic arrowroot provides optimal hydration, while silica powder helps to control excess oil.

What it contains: Sericite, Silica, Arrowroot and Mica From Oxides.


What it doesn’t contain: Toxins, Petrochemicals, BPA Or Phthalates. 

How to Use It:

- Lightly apply over the whole face and neck.

About The Brand: Christopher Drummond Beauty

A former model, makeup artist and licensed esthetician, Christopher Drummond knows beauty and glamour. So no wonder his natural, organic, and vegetarian-based beauty products are beloved by some of the biggest celebrities in the business.

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