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Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque, Discovery Size


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What: A 100 percent natural with organic ingredients exfoliation treatment.


Who:  All skin types;anyone who wants to start the day off smoothly.


Why it works: Move over cup of Joe—this gentle, everyday exfoliator is the new morning vice. Made with soothing silk peptides, milk powder and fresh pineapple enzymes, it polishes dead skin cells away and protects new skin in the process. 

What it contains: Organic Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Organic Pisum Sativum (Sweet Pea) Flour, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Organic Ananas Comosus (pineapple) fruit extract, Sodium Myristoyl Glutamate, proprietary natural and organic fragrance compounds.


What it doesn’t contain: Petrochemicals, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Harsh Surfactants, Chemical Additives, Preservatives, Synthetic Dyes and Fragrances, Phthalates, Silicones, Synthetic Vitamin E or Propylene Glycol.

How to Use It:

- Combine with warm water to form a paste.

- Wet face and gently massage onto skin using circular motions.

- Remove without water.

- For external use only. If skin or eye sensitivity occurs, rinse immediately with water and discontinue use.

Proven! Our team of chemistry whizzes has analyzed this product’s label claims, and the ingredients that deliver them. Here’s the science behind why it works.


The Claim: Heals
Ingredient: Rice Bran - Its big particles mechanically scrub away dirt and dead cells, rejuvenating skin. Read study.


Ingredient: Milk powder - Used for centuries to promote soft, healthy skin, milk powder contains lactic acid, which helps exfoliate skin by promoting epidermal turnover. Read trial.



About The Brand: One Love Organics

Born from the mantra “less is more,” One Love Organics promises 100% pure, organic, and preservative-free formulas. Finding just “one” to love? Impossible.

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Customer Reviews ( 12 )

  • Great product! by tiffany

    I really like this scrub. It made my skin feel really clean and smooth. A little does go a long way and it has a very pleasant smell. I will definitely reorder this! It is very much worth a try!

  • Great, but not fantastic. by fossj1223

    I wanted to love this, because I adore my OLO Skin Savior. LOVE it. This stuff is by no means bad--I'm just not sure it's for me. I have combination skin, so maybe it's just not quite enough in terms of exfoliation. Who knows. Every skin is different, and honestly I haven't mixed it with anything (for a different mask), so maybe that will be the trick!

  • Lovely by LDoelle

    I never used a mask product before, but this is very nice. I put honey in it, the directions suggested that. Left my face very smooth, no harsh chemicals of any kind. It's great!

  • Great for travel by relaxer

    This product reminds me of another brand that has a powdered type scrub, but I prefer this one better because it performs likes a stronger powder scrub, but is more gentle on the skin. Great for travel because it is not a liquid.

  • This is Amazing Love It- A Keeper by americangirl

    Like other reviewers I love this because it was so gentle on my sensitive,dry aging skin and it felt like a babies bottom when I was done. I really just kept touching my face it was so soft. So easy, yet so effective. This is my all time favorite find in the sample boxes I get regularly. I am definitely going to reorder this. The ingredients list is so natural too. They have a sample so do yourself a favor and order it. You only need a little bit too so it will last a long time.

  • LOVE THIS!! by erichardson2005

    I use about a nickles size, mix with a little water and feels sooo good. The grains are very small, and my face feels so soft after. I just love this little bottle. Then put on my regular lotion, while skin is still wet...oooh feelssss goood!

  • Great new product! by Casthom510

    I love this product, gentle and effective. I'm not a fan of scrubs because most are too rough and strip my skin but this is very gentle and doesn't feel like I'm taking off a layer of skin.

  • Try this! by chess pie

    I have sensitive but acne prone skin and this product is fabulous! It is non-irritating, not oily and luxurious.It leaves your skin in perfect balance and smells yummy!

  • Works without scratching delicate skin by holly

    Love the product. I have sensitive skin and have tried them all, but this product is a winner and a definite reorder. In fact I reordered immediately so as not to run out for a long time.

  • Works Gently! by georgiapeach

    I use this in the morning every other day to exfoliate in the shower. It's gentle yet feels effective. Occasionally I use it as a masque when I meditate and my skin feels very firm and lifted. It's an easy way to pump up facial care in the morning.

  • Don't Wanna Live Without by bdizz

    I absolutely L-O-V-E this exfoliator! Its gentle to use everyday. I actually mix this in with my honey face wash and it works great. The smell is delicious with the pineapple extract. I use about a teaspoon (sometimes less) amount, so this should last you a while. Its only $12 so don't think about purchasing it and just do it!

  • Gentle Skin Polish by whitesquaw7777

    I have very, very sensitive skin and I found this product to be very gentle, creamy and effective. I started with the smaller size to be certain it was agreeable and I'm very pleased. It is a wonderful polishing cleanser. I can use it daily without any problem. I highly recommend it.

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