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What: A salty hair spray that creates textured, surfer-girl waves.


Who: Anyone who wants beachy waves.


Why it works: This fine-misting salt spray contains a beachy brew of Pacific Ocean sea salt and Himalayan pink sea salt to add texture to the hair and create a tousled look. It’s also infused with nourishing organic argan oil to condition locks.

What it contains: Water (Purified), Sea Salt (Pacific Ocean), Mineral Salt (Himalayan Pink), Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil.


What it doesn’t contain: Parabens or fragrance.

How to use it:

-Shake well.

-Keeping bottle about six inches away from hair, spray onto clean, dry or slightly damp hair.

-Lightly scrunch.

About The Brand: clariSEA

ClariSEA founder Alison Carton never thought her incessant acne would go away—until swimming in the ocean began clearing up her breakouts. Harnessing the power of sea salts, she launched ClariSEA so everyone could combat acne from head to toe, naturally.

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Customer Reviews ( 2 )

  • Not enough hold by jl1399

    I found this product lacking. I bought 5 different beach waves products at the same time to test them out and this did very little in terms of styling hair. Even if you want soft beach waves, there has to be some amount of hold and texture. This did very little. The only thing that made this stand out among the others was that the solution really tries to mimic sea water, but again, not enough hold or texture from the formula.

  • Cool Clarisea by Kcookski1

    Beach wave sprays are my downfall. I love them. Every time I hear about one, I must try it immediately. Clarisea's version is clean — no nasty chems — which is very important to me. It also has a light, pleasant fragrance that doesn't linger, also important to me because I hate sniffing strong smells all day. It adds nice, gentle waves without crunch. Good stuff.

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