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What: A fortifying base coat that nourishes nails while providing the perfect foundation for polish.


Who: Anyone who wants a truly safe and non-toxic alternative to traditional base coats.


Why it works: This water-based base coat significantly extends the life of Scotch Naturals WaterColors, by boosting adhesion and durability. It acts like a magnet to lock on polish for smooth and longer-lasting results and is completely free of the harmful chemicals often found in traditional base coats. Impressively, the bottle is just as eco-chic as the polish—it’s made of lead-free Italian glass and recyclable.

What it contains: Water, acrylates copolymer, ester alcohol.


What it doesn’t contain: Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, parabens and heavy metals.

How to use it:

-Apply a single coat.

-Wait a minute or two before applying color.

About The Brand: Scotch Naturals

Brand founder Ginny Cardenas was taken aback by all the bad ingredients found in the nail polishes her daughters liked to wear, so she created a line of water-based polishes. Scotch Naturals offers unbelievable payoff with none of the harmful ingredients, proving that you don’t have to compromise safety for beauty—or beauty for safety.

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  • Great! by valeriei

    Smells wonderful... I can't believe NAIL POLISH doesn't have to burn your nose! Goes on nicely, holds polish. Price comparable to most nail polish brands from Sephora. Can't ask for more.

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