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What: An ancient formula that works like microdermabrasion (without the side effects) to bring on firmer, blemish-free skin.


Who: All skin types; especially effective for acne prone and aging skin.


Why it works: Crafted by the Yoruban tribe in Nigeria for hundreds of years, this African black soap is made from ash (hence its black color). It naturally dissolves dead skin cells, which decreases acne and visible wrinkling while leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

What it contains: USDA Certified Organic, Virgin Coconut Cream Oil, African Black Soap (Cocoa Pod Ash, Plantain Peel Ash, Palm Kernel Oil, Camwood), 24% USDA Certified Organic Shea Butter, Certified Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spring Water and Sodium Hydroxide. bar


What it doesn't contain: Dyes.

How to use it:

-Face: Lather bar in hand. Apply lather to face. For best results leave on as mask for approximately five minutes.

-Body: Lather bar on skin. For best results leave on a few minutes before rinsing off. Use daily for maximum results. Soap may be a little drying at times. Apply a moisturizing cream or oil after use for additional hydration.

About The Brand: Shea Terra

Seeking out little known ingredients in remote parts of Africa, Shea Terra founder Tammie Umbel is on a quest to reveal and preserve the region's ancient skincare remedies, while sustaining local economies.

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Customer Reviews ( 26 )

  • It's GRRRRRRReat! by LDoelle

    Love this soap. It exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling silky and smooth! I recommend this to anyone!

  • Flawless by ugomba

    Love this soap!! Will order again

  • Oh La La!!! by LDoelle

    Somehow my skin is so much softer!!! WIll continue buying this til the day I die..... hope to take it to heaven! ;)

  • AMAZED!! by TracyLRynne

    I received my African Black Soap 4 days ago...already I am seeing a NOTICEABLE difference in my skin!!! I am ordering more to share with my friends!!!!

  • Amazed by wildcat2903

    This is a wonderful product. Skeptical at first, but it does exactly what is listed on the box. Have used for a little over two weeks. First few days I did have a couple of white heads occur, but nothing large or major. Skin feels firmer, cleaner, and have been completely blemish free for a week. Co-workers have noticed and complimented on my nice complexion. I am 44 and have started to get hormonal acne within the last year. I used other products that were costly with okay results. This soap works miracles. Will remain a staple in my facial care. TIP: cut small quarter size pieces off the bar to take into the shower so the bar does not "melt". Have suggested this product to many friends.

  • Loveā€¦this product by Glorious123

    I have very sensitive skin and eczema. During the first use, I was surprised of how much it lathers and when I applied to skin; I felt an instant release. It is gentle on the skin and left my skin well exfoliated, smooth and radiant. This is definitely a product that I will keep as a Glo Fav!!!

  • skin so clean.. by summerfoster

    Love it

  • May be a Holy Grail by heathercrosier

    I am 41, oily/combination skin and suffer from adult cystic acne. I purchased this soap on a whim. In the beginning I broke out some and I am not going to lie, it bummed me out. I decided to give it a good enough go and stuck with it. Fast forward a few weeks and I am loving my skin. I mean, it's not perfect, but it is a heck of a lot better than it was and it is improving every day! After you use this soap your face feels super "clean" and there is no other way to describe it. I actually look forward to using this soap! Give it a try and I guarantee you are going to love it!

  • Really effective for super oily skin, DON'T store in the shower/puddle of water by maddie22

    Quality black soap. It foams properly (as opposed to the straight out of Ghana ones that can be rock hard) and I like the lack of preservatives, fillers and perfumes. Fair warning though, this means that there is a really earthy, "natural", "organic beauty product" type smell to it, which although doesn't linger afterwards, could be a problem for persons who prefer fragrance laden beauty products. (since I used to be that girl, my advice to you, don't use any artificial perfumes for a month, and I promise you will never go back). The other problem that having no additives entails is that if you forget it in the shower, it will disintegrate leaving a black mucky mess for you to clean. And lastly, I have to mention that the black suds get everywhere, so your sink might end up looking really gross every now and then. My experience is that at 27, combination skin (dripping oil on Tzone yet dry red patches on cheeks due to smoking), this was a little too drying. 4 years earlier this would have been the bomb, and at that price I would have saved a lot of money I wasted at beauty shops and giant green grocery stores on "natural" beauty. Most of the times it was fine, but right after microderm I could feel my cheeks peeling off when I used the soap. Therefore, if you like this soap but it leaves some dry patches, or it gets intense after a while, try the SheaTerra liquid black soap with Rosehip Oil. Same benefits, less of a mess, better hydration. (although the Rosehip Oil smell is something you might have to get accustomed to). Just to reiterate was it has already been said, this particular black soap and argan oil for 2 months have made my skin better, cleaner, more uniform and less zitty. Add another 6 months of using the liquid version, and I swear by the combination, at least for my skin type.

  • Awesome! by Rhineland87

    I will never use another soap on my face again! This soap makes my face feel AMAZING. Using for only about 2 weeks now and I swear it's starting to clear up my acne scars and helps with my redness.

  • Love.... by wenmicher73

    I love the way my face feels after I use it as a mask! Will reorder after I'm out which will be a while from now.

  • Loving this bar by joyjones32

    I will admit, I was a skeptic for using a bar soap- I was afraid my face would be super dry or even breakout. I am 30 and I have hormonal acne (not terrible) and I get oily. I thought, well I try everything else- why not this... so I gave it a shot. I am so glad I did. I have been using it for almost a week now and loving it. It takes off all my makeup, my face feels squeaky clean, but yet moisturized and my face is clearing up and not as greasy. The bar will last forever. I broke it in half. I do lather in my hand, and then I rub the bar on my face to exfoliate. Can't wait to see the effects after using it for a while.

  • best black soap by trishp47

    I love thisr soap.I love the way it makes my face feel, and the way it makes me look.I will definitely buy this again.I love love it a lot. I am 65years old

  • Love it! by KateFace22

    I am a licensed Esthetician. I ordered this product last week and noticed a huge difference. My skin is brighter and feels smoother. I am very pleased with this product :)

  • Really notice a difference by Lisa11548

    I am a 50 yr. old Caucasian female and I wanted to try this for its exfoliating properties. I found that this works really well. As I am getting older, I noticed small bumps on my face. Since I have been using this, the "bumps" are getting smaller and some have disappeared. For the cost of this soap, I will definitely continue to use.

  • WONDER BAR!!! by Koreanainabox

    I'm 26/F/KOREAN. I thought of giving this a try. I have heard of this product being very effective on acne, and scarring. I've never had much problem with acne, but the occasional zit here and there, and scars from my teenage years. This is my fourth day using this. It doesn't smell as pleasant but very effective on my skin. It exfoliates and keeps my skin smooth. I use this twice a day in the A.M. I use cold water, and my hands and then at night before I go to bed, I use my CLARISONIC Mia with this, and it removes my make up so QUICK without over drying my skin (I have oily/combination skin). I also heard that this soap, actually makes your skin break out, and then after a few days clears it up. So I got a couple of zits, but after 2-3 days of using it zits went away. Its suppose to bring the oils and dirt to the surface of your skin, and then clear it, skin just needs to get used to it too. So patience is key... but other than that, Its kept my skin smooth, I don't even use other cleansers or moisturizer anymore! I love it.. will get more!! :)

  • Cleared my son's acne by whitleyp58

    We received a sample of this through "The Clear Skin" sample box. My 16 year old tried several items in that kit and the black soap cleared his face better than the Easy Does It (also in the box) and better than Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, a recommendation from our dermatologist. The other product that worked nicely for him was the Deep Moisture Mask which was also in the same box. The acne had blemished his delicate, almost translucent Norwegian skin and several acne treatments had been too harsh for his skin type, too. I'm so happy we found this effective (and inexpensive) solution for him.

  • On the Fence by bdizz

    This was my first black soap purchase so I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. It has an earthy ash smell to it that dissipates immediately which is a relief because I wasn't particularly fond of the smell. I realized quickly that I couldn't use this daily. So I'm currently using this once a week. It cleanses nicely and my skin doesn't feel dry once out of the shower. It suggests to lather the soap in your hands but I actually like exfoliating my body with all the stuff in the soap. I'm not sure if its really making any difference and so a future purchases are iffy at the moment.

  • Excellent Cleanser by Swright

    I have used Black Soap by other brands, but this one is significantly better. I love how tight my face feels when I wash my face with this product. I also love the fact that it is all natural.

  • My New Staple for Toiletries by CKowal

    I received a sample of this song through one of the BeatySage sample boxes ( which are fabulous - btw). This soap leaves my face feeling clean but not dry. Between this soap and the ST Moroccan oil - my complexion and texture of my skin has actually improved. I see a noticeable difference in the decrease of blackheads around my nose and my hormonal acne is not as pronounced and heal quicker. This soap has replaced my Cetaphil in the a.m. (I still use it for the p.m. Until I go through all of my nightly moisturizer samples). Thank you and I will be re-purchasing this again

  • Excellent Cleansing Product for the Acne Prone by Ashlynnonetree

    I am 26 years old with occasional hormonal based acne and a very outdoorsy lifestyle and job that expose my skin to more sun and weather damage than the average woman. I went looking for a decently priced Argan oil and stumbled onto this brand and did some research on African Black soap and decided, for the price, that it was worth a shot. I have been using only this product and Argan oil on my face (and the occasional night cream with a bit of retinol in it) for well over a month now and my skin has never looked better. I leave it on, like a mask, for a couple of minutes at night, but in the morning I just wash and rinse. The bar seems like it going to last quite a while too, so definitely an excellent value (still have well over 1/2 a bar left after nearly two months of use!) This soap thoroughly removes make up, dirt, oil (and horse sweat, dog debris and all the other things my face has to encounter from a long days work), doesn't overdry my skin at all, and seems to really do the trick on any zits or cysts. I have had a few develop but they have dried up and healed remarkably fast, without any significant scarring. I have also noticed a tremendous decrease in the fine lines around my eyes and my frown lines on my forehead have softened a lot. A lot of the sun damage has faded as well. Hard to tell if its the soap or the argan oil, but I think the two products really compliment each other. I also like that if I do need to use a little "tougher" of an acne treatment product (like a bp spot treatment) I don't have to worry about a weird interaction since it is a natural product. I have noticed that due to the soap I have to use rough exfoliating products much less frequently, so my skin is much less red and irritated and the tone is much more even (I only use it once a week now). My t-zone is much less oily and overall texture is improved. The only down side is that if you get any of the soap in your eyes it's seriously gonna hurt.

  • Excellent Cleanser by whitesquaw7777

    although my skin is sensitive, it is VERY oily as well. This bar cleans thoroughly, rinses without residue and is not a bit irritating to my skin; as a matter of fact, I find that it's gentle and leaves my skin feeling very comfortable. I can't be without it.

  • Best Black Soap value by lulugirl

    I've used black soap for years, and have tried many brands. My skin is 47 year old Eastern European oily/acne skin. Black soap has really helped to control cystic type pimples that can leave scars. In my opinion, black soap is not for delicate or dry skin, it's for thicker oily skin. This bar is an excellent value for several reasons. It's a midrange priced black soap bar. You can find hard milled 2-3 oz black soap in stores for ethnic women at around $2 a bar. The hard milling makes for a longer shelf life, and hard milled holds up a bit better in showers where soaps might get wet and mushy. This Shea Terra bar is 5.2 oz, and for facial use can be cut into 3 smaller bars. Another reason this is a good value is the amount of shea butter and oils in the bar. My comparison here is with Lush's Coalface black soap bar, a 3.4 oz bar costing a hefty $13.95. You're getting more soap from Shea Terra, and Coalface contains detergent, a couple of other artificial preservatives, no shea butter and no oils. When cutting the two bars, I notice the Shea Terra has a more creamy consistency, a bit buttery, and the Coalface is a bit more waxy. Because of the high concentration of oils, if you use Shea Terra and plan to cut the bar, refrigerating the remainder is probably a good idea to keep the oils fresh. Aside from the value, the Shea Terra bar has no added scent and smells like other unscented black soap bars. I miss the licorice smell of Coalface and the little scrubby granules, but I don't miss the $13.95 price tag I'd have to pay for less soap and mainly the extra scent. Shea Terra has high quality ingredients and more soap for the money. A hard milled less expensive bar does the job just the same, I suppose, but I think the extra large size in Shea Terra gives it the heads up. Perfect, but I'd wish for a scented version. I've got the lemongrass liquid black soap too and plan to give that a review also.

  • MIracle in a bar by spudgy

    I am a 52 year old woman who has been battling acne and rosacea since my teens, and I have tried more skin care "miracles" than I could ever count. Nothing has ever worked for me as well as African black soap! My skin looks clearer, smoother, and is not dry. I absolutely LOVE this product

  • 100% natural Authentic African Black Soap by Krava

    I am honored to be a BeautySage Panelist. I am in my mid sixties, recently retired and enjoying my new found freedom. I live in hot, humid Florida. I feel that my facial skin type is sensitive and I do have Rosacea. My facial skin tone is medium. This is a great product and I recommend everyone to try it and see for yourself the amazing results you will get using this product over using a none 100% natural product. There are no artificial ingredients, fragrances, and coloring in the soap. Do NOT use this hard milled bar of soap directly on your face. Lather soap in your hands and apply the lather to your face. I use it as a mask and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off. I only used it once a day; in the evening before apply my Rosacea medication. My face and neck skin felt very smooth and a little dry after cleansing. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 stars is that the Rose Hips Black Soap liquid worked better for me. (Please see my review for that product.)

  • Great Soap for Very Oily Skin by Josefine

    I am a BeautySage Panelist, and this was the first product I tried. It is great! I am 19 with constant acne that I use prescription medication to control- it's that bad. I used this soap instead of my usual acne soap when I got this product about a month ago, and I have used it every morning since. This product is great at keeping my face from becoming oily again for HOURS without it feeling like my face has completely dried out. I did cut back from using it twice a day to only in the morning, and I only used it on my body once because it is so powerful. I would recommend this to anyone with oily skin, and maybe combination skin for occasional use. This is great for my skin type, and I will probably reorder when my sample runs out!

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