Scotch Naturals

Believe it or not, but the name “Scotch” is named after the liquor—yet it’s derived from a children’s line of nail polishes. How is that possible? Back in 2009, brand founder Ginny Cardenas was taken aback by all the girly and sparkly makeup her daughters loved, specifically the ingredients inside of them. Reading those labels prompted to her to start a non-toxic, water-based line of nail polishes, which she named Hopscotch Kids WaterColors. It wasn’t long before her phone starting ringing—incessantly—with people begging her to create an adult line of water-based polishes.


So in 2010, she did. She named it Scotch Naturals, a truncated version Hopscotch, with all the shades named after cocktails made with Scotch whiskey. Tongue in chic, yet totally chic, Scotch Naturals offers premiere non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional polishes. The water-based products offer unbelievable payoff with none of the harmful ingredients, proving that even girly girls don’t have to compromise safety for beauty—or beauty for safety.