Kneipp’s beginnings sound like a legend. It all started in 1891—in Wurzburg, Germany—when naturopath and priest Sebastian Kneipp cured himself of tuberculosis using natural herbs and hydrotherapy (i.e. jumping into the icy Danube River).


This success motivated him to push his tried-and-tested water treatments further, so he partnered with a like-minded pharmacist. Using natural plant essences and other pure ingredients as a base, they created formulas that—still to this day—are the basis for many of the current Kneipp products.


Generations later, Sebastian Kneipp’s holistic healing philosophy is very much intact, thanks to the use of raw plant materials and the scientifically proven efficacy of the formulas. Whether you’re putting their all-natural concoctions in your bath or on your body, reaping their benefits is easy: All you have to do is breathe it all in.