Historical Remedies

What do you get when centuries-old remedies, vintage-inspired packaging and modern-day indulgence melt together? Historical Remedies’ lozenges. Robert Cohanim created the first Historical Remedies homeopathic remedies in 1989 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in an effort to make homeopathic medicine more approachable.


Today, these sweet treats, packaged in irresistible boxes, continue to inspire a positive experience in self-healing. From lack of energy to lack of sleep, sore muscles to mood swings, the lozenges treat and prevent everyday ailments.


Cohanim consults with pharmacists and naturopathic and homeopathic physicians to ensure his remedies heal holistically—mentally, physically and emotionally—and therefore address the whole lot of causes, not just one or two. Pop one in, and suddenly your problems will start to dissolve.