A trip to the ocean can almost always clear your head. For ClariSEA founder Alison Carton, it also cleared her skin. Having suffered with face and body acne since her teens, Carton spent years consulting dermatologists and trying every topical and oral acne treatment she could get her hands on. But nothing worked—and her breakouts were getting worse.


That’s until she spent a month at the beach after graduating college. Her daily swims in the ocean actually began clearing up her breakouts, thanks largely to the salty sea water. Its antiseptic and soothing properties began washing her acne woes away.


It was so effective, that even after summer ended, she would make long weekly drives to the beach to fill buckets with ocean water, bring them back home and use them to soak her face. Obviously, that wasn’t a long-term solution. But when she realized that dissolving sea salt into water worked just as well, she knew she had discovered something life-changing.


Five years and dozens of sea-salt experiments later, she created the perfect blend of two precious salts that was gentle enough for delicate facial skin, yet strong enough to banish blemishes. Using this signature mix, she launched ClariSEA in November of 2009 in New Jersey. Thanks to the ocean’s healing powers, Carton has been riding a wave of skin-clearing success ever since.