Branche Beauty Sleep

In the mid 90's Donna Hinds Gaynor, a young designer busy at work on her line of eco-friendly women's clothing, was desperate for a way to shorten her hairstyling time. With a hectic schedule, she dreaded rising at the crack of dawn to revive her bed-head and refresh her pillow-creased face before morning meetings.


Inspired by the satin pillow slip her mother would sleep on to maintain her hairstyle, one night, Donna tied a piece of silk charmeuse around her pillow. When she awoke, not only was her blowout intact, her skin was noticeably less crinkled. So for the next ten years, Donna traveled the world selling her fashion collections and sleeping a little later—when one morning she had an epiphany: Why keep this beauty secret to herself?   


Branché Beauty was born in 2006. French for 'in-the-know', Branché is centered around a single ingredient: 100% pure mulberry silk. The brand's two signature products, the best-selling Charmeuse Case and the Belle De Nuit Eye Masque, are designed to harness the material's healing powers and put the beauty back in sleep.


Silk has a bevy of beauty benefits. Not only is it hypoallergenic and full of naturally occurring, skin-benefitting nutrients like amino acids and copper, the silky soft surface is excellent at smoothing the hairs’ cuticles, increasing its elasticity and luster. It’s also used in post-surgical healing and for rapid recovery from trauma. While on a trip to China, Donna discovered a state-of-the-art weaving process that could spin silk into a durable and luxurious, 22 momme weight (think 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton) thatcould withstand years of machine washing. It’s this technology that makes Branché silk so unique.


The line of luxe pillowcases and sleep masks—used in luxury spas and adored by beauty editors—are as pampering and as pretty as they come.  Available in a rainbow of beautiful colors, each one offering the same skin-boosting and hair-style-preserving benefits, Branché is a nightly indulgence that saves face, time and water, making every morning a little more beautiful.