Like many brands destined for greatness, Beecology has humble roots. The all-natural beauty line, made from bee-derived products like beeswax and honey, started with some bee babysitting on the farm where it’s still produced today. 


Founders Amy and David Rzepka generously agreed to keep a coworker’s beehive at their place—a farm in Ohio, not an apartment, don’t worry—knowing very little about bees. When the original owner couldn’t take it back, the Rzepkas became permanent beekeepers. And soon, it became a life-altering experience.


Fascinated by the bees, the family started researching the science behind bee culture, and attending workshops about agriculture and the like. They were enamored—literally, busy bees. They began to reflect on the foods we eat, and the chemicals we ingest, realizing the power of a natural and healthy life.


Thus, Beecology was born. Named over a family dinner—an ode to the word “ecology,” the blend of people and environment—the line includes everything from lip balms and hand soaps to body washes. Every ingredient is made with natural ingredients that work with our bodies and environment to produce results—a philosophy as inspiring as that original little beehive itself.