Bayberry Naturals

Mom knows best. In this case, because she created it. Bayberry Naturals is the ingenious creation of Nancy Liddell, a new mom who wanted non-toxic products for her twin girls, but could never find it. She decided to create them herself, and in 2011 her all-natural (and often vegan and organic) line of skin, hair and body care (for the entire family!) was born.


The beauty lies in the basics here. Every skin or hair product features direct and minimalist labeling and houses a formula that does exactly what it promises. No gimmicks, no confusion, just USA-made products using nature’s very best.


Babies aren’t the only lucky ones; men and women of all ages adore the line, which caters to every skin and hair type. The love for easy beauty is universal, after all, and Bayberry has made things all the more pure and simple.