By: Jennifer Appenrodt

Sage Staff Tips & Tricks

Our little beauty tips that make a huge difference

Recently in the office we all started chatting about different ways we use our favorite products. It was interesting (and inspiring!) to hear the creative ways we’ve been getting good use out of these essential items. Whether it’s adding a secret sparkle to eyes or spiking shower gel with an aromatic pick-me-up, these tips and tricks are about making your beauty work best for you. 

Here are some of our tips and tricks:

Jennifer Appenrodt, Commerce Editor
Sachajuan Volume Powder
I spritz this on before bedtime to wake up with extra-plumped strands. I'm not sure if it's all that tossing and turning—or the fact that the product really has a chance to soak in—but either way I'm just loving this voluminous bedhead! 



Laura Kenney, Editor-in-Chief
RMS Living Luminizer
This is the perfect product for those who, like me, prefer their eyeshadow to be a secret. I pat it on my eye lid for a subtly-sparkly, stay put shine that makes my eyes sparkle, without looking made up. 




Letitia Wells, Director of Buying
One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque
When I really want my skin to glow, I mix Brand New Day with some natural greek yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. I smooth this over my face and leave as a mask for ten minutes. When I rinse it off, I’m left with baby smooth and clear skin. It’s an incredible treat!


Megan Scott, VP of eCommerce
Feed Your Roots Mousse
I use this mousse on my dry hair to add texture and volume. Many mousses I’ve used in the past on dry hair get clumpy, but this just adds an incredible fullness to my fine hair.




Jamie Park, Education Specialist
Kneipp Valerian & HopsKneipp Eucalyptus
“Depending on my mood, I’ll mix a drop or two of one of these bath oils into my shower gel. The Valerian is nice and soothing before bed, and the Eucalyptus is an invigorating wake-me-up for those slow mornings!”




Julie Giusti, Social Media Manager
Green Babies Tearless Smooth Me Detangler
“This doubles as the most gentle leave-in conditioner ever—it's so lightweight and makes hair feel silky. I use it a lot during the winter months when static is an issue.”



Valerie Fischel
LaRocca Champagne and Shimmer Body Due Creme
“I put this around the corner of my eyes, on the temple region. The shimmer brightens up my eyes and makes them pop!”