By: Mari Tzikas

Skin Condition: Combination Skin

The how’s, the why’s and the best proven products for balancing combination skin.

We know our T-zone is named after the “T” shape our forehead, nose and chin forms. But for those with combination skin, that “T” might as well stand for “temperamental.” That’s because combo-skin types have a T-zone that doesn’t want to cooperate with the rest of the face; while it’s oily and shiny, the cheeks are normal or even dry.

What causes combination skin?
So, what makes our T-zone more susceptible to oiliness? “Our glands and pores are more concentrated in those areas,” says beauty chemist Ni’Kita Wilson. That means our T-zone produces and stores more oil, making it look and feel greasier than other spots on our face.

Meanwhile, because our cheeks don’t have nearly as many glands or pores, they tend to dry our easier. This combination of oiliness and dryness is known as combination skin.

How to treat combination skin:
Controlling combination skin is a bit of a balancing act—but totally doable. Wilson suggests spot treating your skin: “Use a heavier, more hydrating product on dry skin and vice versa on oily parts,” she says. “Humectants like urea, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, glycerin, polyglutamic acid and trumella extracts are ideal for combination skin, too.” They can create a happy medium between the conflicting areas.

Intuitive formulas also exist—they add moisture where it’s needed and absorb oil in slick spots. Of course, purging pores of oil and bacteria will keep your T-zone less temperamental, too!

Proven Products for Combination Skin
Our team of chemists check the claims of every product we sell, making sure its ingredients do what they say. The below products contain ingredients that are proven to treat and prevent combination skin woes.


VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser for Combination Skin
What: This smart cleanser caters amazingly to combination skin because it both whisks away oil and adds hydration to dry spots.





Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Cleanser
What: Willow bark helps prevent breakouts by eliminating unwanted blemish-causing bacteria, while Argan oil leaves skin supple and hydrated, never tight.





Shea Terra Rose Hips & Pink Clay Facial Cleansing Bar
What: This cleansing bar that helps clear pores and gently exfoliate, without drying the skin.







VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Smart Cleansing Scrub for Combination Skin
What: This smart exfoliant helps control combination skin on both fronts: first it clears away dead skin cells and washes away oil to reduce shine, then it moisturizes with nourishing vitamin E and virgin coconut oil.





VMV Hypoallergenics Superskin 2 Primer
What: This refreshing toner whisks away oil and shine, dissolves the build up of sebum and dead skin cells, and lets your bright, fresh skin underneath shine through.





By Nieves Face Fix
What: While jojoba beads gently exfoliate skin and unclog pores, organic grapefruit peel powder acts as an astringent to help clear skin, and organic lavender flower powder balances out oil production.





VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Smart Moisturiser SPF 15 for Combination Skin

What: This daily hydrator with SPF that intelligently delivers deep hydration to dry spots and lighter hydration to oily areas.






Snowberry Nourishing Lite Day Cream
What: This everyday moisturizer hydrates the skin, but never leaves your T-zone feeling heavy or greasy.






Snowberry Bright Defence Day Cream No. 2
What: This brightening day cream for combination skin adds youthful luminescence while hydrating and preventing free-radical damage.