By: Jennifer Appenrodt

Recipe For Men: Swede & Simple

We recruited 5 guys, of various ages and vocations, to take the men's skincare line for a test drive.

It all started on the slopes. Three avid skiiers, and best friends, found their skin thrashed after years of braving Sweden’s harsh snow conditions.

Their dry, sun damaged skin thirsted for some extra nourishment, and those tubs of generic product were no longer cutting it. So they created a brand based on the science of a man’s skin, with ingredients that get results. Shiny forehead? Their blend of burnet, cinnamon and ginger will take care of that.

But don’t just take our word for it. We recruited 5 guys, of various ages and vocations, to take Recipe for Men for a test drive. Here’s what they found:

Charles, Advertising Exec, mid 30s
Anti-Shine Moisturizer

 “This stuff is great. It’s hydrating, not heavy, and I noticed my face wasn’t as shiny at the end of the day."

 Sage says: A man’s skin is twice as oily as a woman’s. This moisturizer’s proprietary blend guarantees a matte finish.


Peter, Healthcare Fund Manager, early 50s
Clear Shaving Gel

“This gel actually lifts hair so I could get a close shave. My skin’s dry and easily irritated, but this product was really moisturizing and left my skin soft and refreshed.”

Sage says: Shaving is rough on skin. This gel softens stubble so it’s easily removed with the least irritation possible. Plus, the menthol scent is a nice wake-up call.


Radan, Fitness Trainer, late 30s
Facial Moisturizer, SPF 15

 “I train outside a lot, so the SPF in this is essential since I always forget to apply sunscreen. And it’s not greasy or oily like some others I’ve used in the past.”

Sage says: This fragrance-free, non-greasy number is the easiest way to get him to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday.


Elliot, Founder of PR Firm, late 20s
Under Eye Patches

“When happy hour turns into 2 a.m. drinks, I rely on these suckers the next morning before a day packed with meetings. Transdermal science goodness gets rid of puffiness and dark circles so even if I feel terrible, I don’t look it.”

Sage says: Aqua collagen focused eye treatment deeply hydrates and reduces puffiness in undereye area. Unbeatable after a night out.


Paul, Financial Trader/Triathlete, mid 30s
Men Facial Scrub

 “I have a lifestyle of extremes where I spend most of my time either working on a trading floor or training and racing in all sorts of conditions. I started using this scrub a couple times a week to really clean my face and keep it free of build-up.”

 Sage says: Exfoliating microspheres tackle tough skin—for a fresh and youthful glow.