By: Beauty Sage.Com

Holiday Hangover Cures

Cure holiday hangovers, the proven way.

 Oh, how we love festive holiday parties. Oh, how we don’t love the day after—puffy eyes, haggard skin, headaches and overall exhaustion. We’ve pulled together an arsenal of products proven to fight the post-party uglies. They’ll have you looking and feeling better...just in time for your next shindig.

Treat headaches the natural way. This essential oil blend quiets, cools and relieves the blood constriction that causes them in the first place.
Recipe for Men - Under Eye Patches
Aqua collagen focused eye treatment deeply hydrates and reduces puffiness in undereye area. Unbeatable after a night out.

Dab a bit on lips and cheeks for a fresh coral pink glow. The creamy formulas will hydrate your skin and bestow a dewy luminosity.
Harness the power of bio-energetic flowers with this invigorating mist.
Historical Remedies - Pick-Up Drops
Get some pep in your step with these lemon-flavored lozenges that re-energize the immune system with natural homeopathic ingredients.
LiftLab - Lift & Firm Eye Cream
Depuffing NAB Arnica helps with inflammation and circulation-boosting Glucosyl Hesperidin deals with dark circles.
RMS - Living Luminizer
Nourishing oils combine with crushed mica to give all skin types an added boost of radiance.