By: Jennifer Appenrodt

Oil Change!

Discover the beauty benefits of facial oils.

Facial oils are big news in beauty right now. Experts tout their ability to balance and heal the skin, and argan oil (which launched the trend a few years ago) is still flying off the shelves. Yet some still consider them taboo; something seems wrong about rubbing oil on your face, especially if you're acne prone. 

Well, we’ve done the research and a high-quality formula will pull and dissolve sebum from pores and balance oil production—making facial oils not only ideal for aging skin, but a must for breakouts, too. They’re also great emollients and can repair skin barrier function, meaning youthful, glowing skin for you.

Shop our favorite facial oils, below, each packed with ingredients proven to help deliver supple, clear, younger-looking skin. 

Marula Oil: The Leakey Collection

When you hear Dr. Ashton Kaidi talk about the benefits of this East African oil, you immediately want to smear it all over you face. Marula contains 70-80 percent Omega 9 fatty acid—meaning the skin absorbs it quickly and there’s never a greasy after feel. It boasts more antioxidants than argan or grapeseed oils, and is being touted as the next big anti-aging oil.

RMS Beauty Oil

This concentrated beauty oil contains the highest quality ingredients (all made in-house) to revive and preserve the skin. It’s loaded with antioxidant, vitamin-rich oils, such as Buriti, Jojoba, Rose Hip and Tamanu, which nourish the skin while protecting it from the free radicals (sun, pollution) that penetrate the skin to attack healthy cells.

VMV Hypoallergenics Know-It-Oil

When it comes to beauty benefits, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more power-packed option than virgin coconut oil (VCO). That’s because the coconut’s unique chemical compounds allow it to quell a whole slew of skin issues. It’s great for moisture, acne, anti-aging, and for conditioning hair and nails. Learn more

Sophyto Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate

Our editor-in-chief swears this product is life changing, and our cosmetic chemist preaches the power of tocotrienols. So what are they? They’re a component of Vitamin E, and are powerful antioxidants proven to inhibit UV and environmental damage, which break down collagen and bring on wrinkles. CoQ120 also helps fight off harmful free radicals and naturally derived phospholipids hydrate and smooth skin texture.

One Love Organics Supercritical Chia Oil

Clinically proven to moisturize even the driest skin, Supercritical Chia Oil is packed with omega-3s and antioxidants to achieve and maintain a healthier, younger looking complexion by protecting skin from outside elements. There’s tons of research surrounding this “superfood” and its ability to increase skin hydration and barrier function. Translation? Smooth, glowing skin for you.

Om Aroma & Co. Red Raspberry Day Organic Serum

This super-antioxidant serum protects skin from the environment while boasting SPF protection with red raspberry seed oil, which provides broad-spectrum UV protection. It also enhances radiance with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids while repairing the skin with a high level of vitamin E.  

BeautySage Sample Boxes Oil You Need Deluxe Box

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