By: Jamie Park

I Will Wear Bold Lipstick

Our 2013 resolution is to feel confident about our makeup. We tapped our Education Specialist (and resident makeup artist) Jamie Park, to show us how to achieve our beauty goals this year.

red gloss bold lipstick

Staffer: Jennifer Appenrodt, Commerce Editor 
Resolution: I WILL wear bold lipstick!
Reason: “I’ve always wanted to wear bold lipstick, but never know how to choose the right shade of red for my complexion. Whenever I try on lipsticks at makeup counters, it somehow looks different on my lips than it does in the tube.”
Result: “I never thought to blot my lips with foundation before applying lipstick! Creating a neutral base really allows the true red hue to shine. I had never seen my lips drenched in such vibrant, rich color before!”

How Jamie Created the Look

Step 1: Prep the Canvas

Applying Balm Bold Lipstick

Avoid those tell-tale, dry lipstick bits (ick!) by exfoliating your lips first with a sugar-based lip scrub. No time to sit there scrubbing? Dab on some balm and let it sink in for a bit while you do the rest of your makeup first. Since lip products with stronger, longer-lasting pigments tend to be drying, you’ll want soft, smooth lips underneath. Wipe off excess balm with a tissue.



 Product Recap: What Jamie Used 

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   One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Multi-Balm, $68 

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Step 2: I See Your (Un)True Colors

Depending on your coloring, you’ll prove Cyndi Lauper right if you don’t cancel out your lips’ natural pigment first. For a classic, true red lip, neutralize any existing pink or red pigment on your lips by pressing a dab of foundation or concealer on and around them first. Blot and set with a neutral pressed or loose powder.



Product Recap: What Jamie Used


RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up - 22 Beige, $38

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Christopher Drummond Beauty Finale Finishing Powder - Neutral, $55

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Step 3: Color Inside the Lines

Let’s keep it classy, ladies (and keep the smeared lipstick for the morning after). Use a synthetic lip brush for the most precise line and use a cream lip product to paint the outline of your lips first and then fill in the rest. Start from the outward corners and draw towards the center of your lip.  (For longer staying power, line and fill in lips entirely with a matching lip pencil before applying lipstick. The lipstick will adhere to the lip liner and stay on longer!).


Product Recap: What Jamie Used


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Step 4: Gloss it Up 

Finish up with a swipe of matching lip gloss for high-impact, party-ready shine!

 Product Recap: What Jamie Used

Revolution Organics Lip Gloss -Freedom (True Red), $26

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