By: Jennifer Appenrodt

Beauty Terms, Explained

Common phrases you think you know, but you really have no idea.

Many words on beauty labels are thrown around as common knowledge. Antioxidants, essential oils, even moisturizers…you hear them so often, you think you know what they mean. But you probably don’t.

In the process of proving the products we sell deliver on their claims, we’ve gotten some Q.T. in with our cosmetic chemists, who have set us straight on what, exactly, common beauty terms mean. We wanted to share, so, next time you’re talking ingredients at a cocktail party (because we know you do!), you’re the smartest beauty sage in the room.

Antioxidant: This is actually a very sweet story. You see, all day we’re surrounded by these hungry free radical molecules. They come from the streets, the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke (eek!)—and they’re ravenous! They’re missing an electron, and they spend all their time searching for their missing link. They’ll nab that extra electron from anywhere, like your DNA, your collagen, your elastin—basically anything that is essential for healthy, youthful skin. This is where antioxidants come in. They bind with (or stabilize) free radicals by selflessly offering up one of their electrons, throwing themselves in the line of fire so your skin remains intact and undamaged. Sigh, we just love a hero.

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Moisturize vs. Hydrate: Um, aren’t they the same thing? No. But you can’t really have one without the other. When a product “hydrates” it’s delivering water to the skin, pumping up those cells with H2O! When it “moisturizes,” it’s keeping that water from escaping the skin, so it doesn’t creep out through cracks and crevices, leading to dryness.

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Essential Oils: In its most basic definition, an essential oil is a liquid that is distilled from the parts (leaves, stem, flower, etc.) of a plant. A flower actually gets its scent from what eventually becomes an essential oil. And guess what? They aren’t even oily. They’re super light, super concentrated and water-y. They’re different from a perfume or fragrance oil, which contain artificial substances, because they’re derived from true plants, with lab and clinical research revealing their remarkable healing benefits. The chemical makeup of essential oils is very unique, and  though some modern medications try and duplicate these compounds, Mother Nature cannot be cloned (in this case). This “uniqueness” doesn’t come cheap: An ounce of Jasmine essential oil will set you back $200!

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Collagen: It’s not just what fake lips are made of. When it comes to skin, collagen is the main structural component of the dermis, our inner-layer of skin. Collagen is very important when it comes to the overall appearance of our skin: it controls the strength, structure, and firmness. As a natural result of aging (which normally begins in our mid-20s), collagen production slows and wrinkles and sagging ensue. In addition to aging, external factors such as UV rays from the sun, smoking, and chlorinated water also increase collagen breakdown. So, in the name of youthful skin, protect your collagen!

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